Behavioral control through involuntary BMI or other biological methods is menticide, the killing of a mind, equivalent to murder and genocide. It would also enable any other crime imaginable. It means the abolition of humanity for the pleasure and ascendancy of the worst of us, the psychopaths.

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Doesn’t anyone else recognize the analogy and see what is happening?

mRNA is the New Microsoft 2 - by The Aging Viking


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I struggle to find any hope after reading this. Can we do sth about it?

My best guess is just starve the beast by moving to a rural community and start a simple life. I am honest to myself and I understand this is not a fight but rather an escape. What are your thoughts?

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The thought that plagues me as I read this:

If this plan works, nobody will know its there and everyone who tries to tell the truth will seem insane.

And in a broader social context, they will arguably BE insane.

"But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

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What they ultimately want to achieve is behavior control and behavior modification via the use of technology (wearables and injectables) and pharmaceuticals. Read this fascinating article from 1974:

"Genocide of the Mind" by Joe Heath, 'Science for the people' Vol. 6, No. 3, May 1974, p. 8-15


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A world without meaning and the beauty of living alongside nature where you dip your toes in to feel the water before the plunge or your feet bare on the grass to have the sensitive taste of a morning dew is a dead world as the bare thought of doing these things is what freedom is to man.

Humankind are free thoughts without interference from psychopaths that wants to mess with the delicacy of our brains and steer those mysteriously neurones put together and make them into a made-up shitload of Metaverse to give docility a new low.

No to Musks Starlink, no to UBI and what is connected to that.

F… off all of them.

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Spartacus, I can’t thank you and ICENI enough for all the research. Man is unfortunately suffering from sin and free will. We are headed in the wrong direction. An older salty urologist and I were scrubbing our hands at the operating room sink a few years back, he made comments about a few residents and said to me “we are lost as a society… there is no humility, humbleness or kindness left in these kids we train.” To Pervert truth and knowledge will destroy our world. What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. It’s a damn shame.

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Great post, wealth of information! The end of this BCI saga leads us directly to "Matrix" where no "surrogate activity" is necessary.

This is the most rosy of scenarios. I could conjure up many more (like stimulating despair or pain instead of happiness), and none of them would be so benevolent. Considering the satanist inclinations of the eugenicist cabal, these are more plausible though. The problem of the discourse above is the lack of the spiritual aspect. And I see no escape, as Ted Kaczynski's abject failure despite the accurate prediction of the current state of affairs 50 years in advance has demonstrated, without the hand of God and his Divine Intervention on behalf of Humanity. If Satan is real, as we all see now, so must be God. We truly live in biblical times once again. To despair or to rejoice? Depends on one's faith in God's plan.

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An amazing post! I have stumbled across the "Manifesto" two-three days ago by accident just as you published your post which I have discovered only now. Is it a hive mind or what?! I feel like spiraling down the ever-tighter loop onto the black hole of truth. Or peeling the onion of the wrath of God. All dominoes fall into place.

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Wow, what a masterfully written piece. Thank you.

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Brilliant analysis. Thank you.

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What happens if someone takes out the 5g towers?

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“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” —Viktor Frankl, neurologist, psychiatrist, philosopher and Holocaust survivor, author of Man’s Search for Meaning.

The technology programs described threaten to take away even this last, most basic freedom.

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OK, is that the next true conspiracy: that it was the combination of 5G and vaccines that would produce this result (global mind control with a vaccine formed Neural Lace BCI)?

Yes, the 5G propaganda x Censorship has the same smell as the Zoonotic CoV2 Lab Leak thing, the January 6th thing, the Safe & Effective thing, and the Ukraine Good x Russian Bad Story.

But, lots *have long* imagined. That's what tin foil hats are for. + all the stories about COVID jab magnetic arms, or vaxxed walking with a MAC address, generally considered hoaxes & lunacies.

SO, have you not captured a 5G Vaxxed borg & run an Android network discovery app on it? They're supposed to be some 75% of the population.

Wouldn't that be possible, in an unintrusive way, at any US Walmart?

Or is that part V?

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May 23, 2019


DARPA, the Department of Defense's research arm, is paying scientists to invent ways to instantly read soldiers' minds using tools like genetic engineering of the human brain, nanotechnology and infrared beams.


"When you try to capture brain activity through the skull, it's hard to know where the signals are coming from and when and where the signals are being generated. So the big challenge is, can we push the absolute limits of our resolution, both in space and time?"

[Genetically tweaking human brains]

To do this, Robinson's team plans to use viruses modified to deliver genetic material into cells — called viral vectors — to insert DNA into specific neurons that will make them produce two kinds of proteins.

The first type of protein absorbs light when a neuron is firing, which makes it possible to detect neural activity. An external headset would send out a beam of infrared light that can pass through the skull and into the brain. Detectors attached to the headset would then measure the tiny signal that is reflected from the brain tissue to create an image of the brain. Because of the protein, the targeted areas will appear darker (absorbing light) when neurons are firing, generating a read of brain activity that can be used to work out what the person is seeing, hearing or trying to do.

The second protein tethers to magnetic nanoparticles, so the neurons can be magnetically stimulated to fire when the headset generates a magnetic field. This could be used to stimulate neurons so as to induce an image or sound in the patient's mind. As a proof of concept, the group plans to use the system to transmit images from the visual cortex of one person to that of another.

"Being able to decode or encode sensory experiences is something we understand relatively well," Robinson said. "At the bleeding edge of science, I think we are there if we had the technology to do it."

published May 23, 2019 !!!

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Having read all of this and having read the original letter, and having carefully monitored the pandemic since the stories first started coming out of wuhan in 2019, I have a few things to say.

I would appreciate insight and improvement into my attempt to make some positive recommendations on my own personal COVID-19 protocol located at tiny.one/clotstop.

I have a few comments about the substance of the Spartacus letters which I will share in brief along with my own conclusions.

I would not personally call it sepsis. I would call it acute endothelial disruption, and say that endothelial function disruptions cause cascade effects all the way up to organ failure. It may simply be a case of semantic preference, but I'll make another controversial statement: I think Marik is full of shit.

There's a lot of good logic that goes unused in critical care which would support the full integration of an antioxidant and pro-nutrient battery right into the IV drip. Holistic therapy seeks to support the body, which must ultimately recover on it's own. All we can do is influence it and feed it at a molecular level. Medications do not heal the body, they suppress abnormal conditions and disrupt vicious feedback loops, but the body, if it is to survive in the long term outside of the critical care ward, must repair itself, and what an amazingly capable system it is. Yet our science is focused on the latest pharmacological synthetics and not on the biological pathway, of, for example, the citric acid cycle. Money drives medicine.

But Marik also doesn't focus on the citric acid cycle despite proposing infusions of ascorbic acid along with a handful of other ingredients. His protocol is virtually unfounded- even without him showing his work, I have followed the logic and I don't see the benefit. It would be probably better to examine the pathology and attempt to treat it rather than shotgun tons of some unquantifiable good substance right into their arteries, which is a logic straight out of veterinarian science. Given this to be the case, I am hurt that you reference his work authoritatively. It reduces the credibility of your own.

I am surprised there is no mention of CD147 receptor activation when discussing the spike proteins.

The conjectures here pointing to the Wuhan institute don't have any evidence backing them up. We have literally found no proof any proof of work research into SARS type viruses happened there. I understand the logic suggesting that the virus, which was released there, was developed there, but I wish to point out some problems with this:

I want you to pick any two of the following three things. The other one cannot be simultaneously true.

Firstly, we must assume that we have zero allies in any chain of power under the 45th american presidency or in any other intelligence service in the world with insight into chinese proof of gain research secrets who had subsequently or concurrently obtained both the knowledge of this work and the strength to use whistleblowing/wikileaks type systems to disseminate it to us.

Secondly, we must assume that our enemies are either stupid or bold enough to deliberately do this in a way which would risk becoming publicly visible.

Thirdly, we must assume that the development of the virus was to create a biological weapon.

In other words, it is illogical to assume they were intentionally sloppy/didnt believe there was a risk, were intending to make a biological weapon, and there was also simultaneously nothing leaked to connect the dots- that would be magical thinking.

Our enemies only engage in magical thinking on television. They actively work to undermine institutions and public opinion and are intelligent enough that it is clear they are not so stupid as to intentionally commit crimes in broad daylight and it is clear that if they were, they would be detected(have been detected), otherwise one of two things is possible:

Either they didn't make this virus in Wuhan

or our intelligence sources are not capable of providing credible information

Either way, Spartacus, my conclusion is this wasn't made in Wuhan. It was planted in Wuhan, intentionally, to give the impression it was funded and developed through the channels you are aware of, but they are all a smoke screen- their research was borrowed by another group acting independently, yet on the same side, and their work and existence was used to keep you from looking harder. You believe you have found the enemy, and you are satisfied.


I have a different postulate I'd like to propose, completely unfounded:

SARS-NCOV-2 was first evolved in animals using a variety of techniques, some of which we know about, others we may not. From this "natural" process we have Lineage A, a fully "natural" strain, I shit you not, which we were expected to swallow as the evidence for animal origin. By this I am referring to the original A strain from the fish markets, not the A/B19 or A/B20, which confuse everything.

They worked on this further to produce B. B was the variant family responsible for all of the clusters of more intense symptoms, visible lung issues, etc. B then spread and mutated to form all of the wonderful thousands of variants we have today.

B and A were released at the same time, and intended to spread simultaneously, to create confusion. The "FISH MARKET! IT WAS THE FISH MARKET!" narrative was the propaganda. China? Simply the victim of this work, as they were also doing proof of gain research at the same time. A useful scapegoat.

The real question here, the ultimate end of this commentary, which is probably wearying you already, isn't where the virus was actually designed. It might have been kenya or ukraine. We will likely never know. What you are, however, suggesting in these later posts, and what I am here to comment on and am making these statements in support of, is that they had a motive.

I disagree with your beliefs regarding their motives. I frankly don't believe that there is such a great and grand plan going on here. Here is what I see: I see greedy, clever, secretive people who dont care about anyone but their income excusing their wicked deeds with neo-malthusianist glee and then rubbing their hands every time someone comes to them for their botched attempt at a "cure" for the common cold jacked up on gene transplants. There's no big picture evil here to talk about. The reason why we have no consensus on this as a world, the reason why your blog takes no traction and the FBI does virtually nothing is that humanity is on the same boat. Everyone is looking down, tired and stressed, feeling cornered and compressed by the weight of swelling humanity. Everyone's behavior has been shifted into antisocial realms by soybean oil poisoning, hypersocial public opinion critics, and resource limitations. Really? Nobody cares. Everyone suspects this to be the case, everyone I know, and many of them silently agree that this is just as good as anything of a way to go. The consensus is people need to die. Now that's a radical revelation.

What's important about this situation is not to be afraid, and not to look to see a conspiracy where no conspiracy is needed. Never suspect malice where incompetence and greed will perfectly suffice. If we really want change, we will need revolution.

And believe me, Spartacus, revolution is coming. Pandora's box is being opened. In 20 years the average terrorist will be able to make SARS-COV-2 look like a simplified lego house. He'll be able to create an aerosolized virus that specifically targets certain cells and causes them to manufacture acutely toxic molecules which harm every other kind of cell in the body causing cancer, tumor formation and acute necrosis within months with no other indication of infection. He'll be able to do things that will make you shudder in terror and wish you were never borne, all because he can, and because we have given him the tools to do so.

Information CAN kill, and specific instructions that kill life are no less deadly than any nuclear weapon, but considerably easier to replicate and conceal. As time goes on, it will be easier to make even more capable instructions, but because humans are play-dough creatures we fear only the substance and not the identity of the threat.

The time is coming when a luddite revolution will be necessary. We will have to choose between species extinction or going back to the dark ages. Science will be censored, it will be placed under watch and in an off-world sanitary dish, and if we do not, life will inevitably destroy itself.

If it is necessary to achieve behavioral control means in order to enforce this change, then I suppose I would be for such measures. We're coming for you, a full army of Malthusian reactionary medieval role-players, we're coming for you with pitchforks and brain implants, you brave and free spirit, and we're gonna get your little dog Toto too@@!

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