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Spartacast 12

Spartacast 12

War is really, really stupid

Hey everyone, Spartacus here for a twelfth Spartacast.

I said something in the last Spartacast that may have sounded a bit contentious. I referred to soldiers as people who get bitten with a patriotism bug and go overseas to murder people they don’t know. That was a bit harsh, wasn’t it? I know, I know. A lot of people in the dissenter movement come from military backgrounds. They’re probably thinking I overdid it. Well, no. It’s actually not harsh enough.

I’m going to explain why military service is a bad thing.

Full disclosure, I come from a family of conscientious objectors. The basis of our objection is religious in nature. I won’t bother to specify the denomination. However, this has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on my actual opinions on warfare. Those opinions, I formed over many, many years of studying war, geopolitics, conspiracies, and so on.

Throughout human history, the instigation of war has been the responsibility of the uppermost classes. In other words, the nobility. Vultures with no moral authority to command their poor subjects to kill other poor people and loot their belongings. War is theft. It pulls money out of a nation’s accounts and gives it to arms-makers, so that they may arm a giant pack of bandits and thugs to impose the will of the rich of one nation over the poor of another. This pack of bandits and thugs is drawn from the ranks of the best and healthiest stock of a nation, its young men who would otherwise be childless and restless and rowdy, eager to displace the nobility and take their wives and their money for their own. These young men are physically and mentally abused, their bodies put through the wringer and their heads repetitiously drilled with cultish jargon until they are broken enough to commit murder on command.

The true reasons for engaging in warfare are always unjust. War is never, ever justifiable, for any reason. There is no such thing as a humanitarian war. Warfare always reduces the living standards of ordinary people in conflict zones. It starves small children and subjects women to rape and men to murder and banditry. It creates a flourishing black market for the arms trade and the slave trade. This has been the case for thousands of years. It’s not any different today.

During the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, people were dragged from their homes, raped, beaten, murdered, and sold into slavery, with the conquerors parading around with their victims’ jewelry draped around their necks in a mocking caricature. When Berlin fell in 1945, the Soviet troops grabbed every woman and girl they could get their hands on, from children to the elderly, and systematically raped them by the thousands. Right at this very moment, there are women and girls who are fleeing from cartel violence on-par with a civil war that is being sustained by the ATF, FBI, and CIA funneling arms and money into Mexico. These young women hire professional human smugglers known as Coyotes to guide them over the border. They have little to no money to pay the Coyotes with. What is their price of passage? Being raped dozens upon dozens of times. Between 60 and 80 percent of women and girls who make the border crossing from Mexico to the United States are raped in the process. At least two out of three. After the various NATO coalition wars in the Middle East and North Africa destabilized several governments there, millions of refugees fled across the Mediterranean into Europe. When they couldn’t afford to pay the smugglers, what did they pay with? Their lives and their internal organs.

Every time war is successfully waged, a country is busted open like a piñata, its inhabitants are turned into trafficking victims, and the spoils are handed to the Overclass to distribute to their chosen subjects at their leisure.

The way they convince young men to get in on this scheme is by lying flagrantly to them. They fill you full of all sorts of sweet-sounding lies to appeal to your nature as a social animal, telling you all about how you’re doing this to protect your country, your family, your neighbors. As a soldier, you aren’t doing anything for your country. You are signing up to receive a salary in exchange for participating in an act of large-scale banditry, or desperately staving off the same from an aggressor nation and their hired bandits. That’s all there is to it. That’s all it has ever been. There is no adventure, unless your idea of adventure is for every day to consist of twenty-three hours and fifty minutes of mind-numbing drudgery and for the other ten minutes to consist of being hopped up on adrenaline, deafened by gunfire, fearing for your life and watching your friends die gruesomely.

Militaries, the world ‘round, use weird, cultish rituals, like wearing special uniforms, marching around and shouting, and holding one’s hand up and saluting a piece of cloth, to convince their members that it’s perfectly okay to go out and kill other people who salute a differently woven piece of cloth. After these deceived men return home from war, their minds and bodies destroyed, they are abandoned and left to rot in ditches. How many homeless veterans froze to death on a park bench last year? It’s probably more than you think.

Military service is extremely hazardous to one’s health. You’d think that would be a no-brainer, with all the explosives and all the bullets flying around, right? Well, actually, the most common sources of injury in modern military service are not from being shot or blown up. They’re from blowing out your knees carrying more weight on your body than a pack mule and being exposed to loud noise, carcinogenic chemicals, and diesel exhaust. Go look it up right now. The most common injuries are lower extremity sprains, strains, and fractures due to excessive load. Every year, between two and three US Army servicemen die of heatstroke while marching around loaded up with a load-bearing vest and so much Kevlar and spare magazines that they look like a penguin. How many subacute cases does that come out to?

Even when they’re not being shot at or subjected to repeat mild traumatic brain injury from blast overpressure, soldiers are cartilage salesmen, selling their kneecaps to the Overclass. It’s pathetic. Imagine if Army recruiters were honest. You’d walk up to them and be all like, “Hello, I’d like very much to sell my kneecaps.” The recruiter would pull up your pant legs, take a look at your knees, dust them off, maybe tap your tendons with one of those triangular reflex hammer things, and then, they’d be like, “Nice legs. We’ll take ‘em.”

What do firefighters, coal miners, soldiers, and prostitutes all have in common? They are all selling their bodies. US Navy SEALs make six figures nowadays, but for how long? Think about what special operators do that make them so special in the first place. How long can the human body withstand being physically exerted beyond an Olympic athlete level for money? All those ruck marches and SCUBA dives, and before you know it, you feel like an old man at forty and your knees and shoulders no longer work.

Meanwhile, the rich bankers and hedge fund managers and CEOs and their nepo baby kids are kicking back, enjoying their veal and fine wine, not exerting a single muscle in their bodies. Those are the people who command you to kill, using their hand-picked political puppets in government as their mouthpieces. Those are the people who, throughout all of recorded history, have always commanded poor people to murder other poor people and destroy their homes for their amusement and enrichment.

Have you ever seen Wikileaks’ Collateral Murder video? A dozen people in a suburb of Baghdad, including two Reuters news staff, were turned into fish food by an Apache’s chin turret. The M230 30x113mmB cannon on an Apache is known as the Area Weapon System. Do you know why it’s called the Area Weapon System? Because it is not designed for point targets. The gun on an Apache is stabilized, but it’s not extremely stable. It’s a lightweight mount. The barrel shifts around a lot and the point of impact changes significantly during a burst. This is actually on purpose, to create a large spread. You see, 30mm rounds don’t have much explosive in them. They’re like teeny tiny grenades. You need them to saturate a large area to kill enemy infantry. If they all land in the same place, you don’t get nearly as large of a kill radius.

Imagine you’re a cameraman for Reuters, just minding your own business, filming in Baghdad. An Apache pilot and his gunner confuse your camera for a shoulder-fired RPG or MANPADS. A few moments later, you are surrounded by a cacophony of rapid popping noises, followed by searing pain, terror, and then darkness. Man, what a way to go, huh?

Over 7,000 US Servicemen have died in post-9/11 wars, as of 2019. These wars also directly killed 432,000 civilians, indirectly killed a few million more through disruption of logistics, services, and infrastructure, and driven millions of children to the edge of starvation. Imagine if the entire population of Oakland, California was killed. Boy, I’m sure these people had something to do with bringing down the Twin Towers, didn’t they? I bet all 432,000 of them worked in box cutter factories while chanting death to America under their breath.

You tell people this, and they just stare at you with this blank and stupid expression on their faces, their eyes glazed over. Those numbers just don’t mean anything to them. You may as well tell them that growers harvested 432,000 oranges yesterday. They can’t even visualize it. I’m going to help you. The Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee holds 156,990 people at full capacity. Imagine three of those, mostly full of people, side by side. Fathers, mothers, children, janitors, taxi drivers, students, all of whom disappeared off this Earth in a fireball. Meanwhile, Larry Fink and all his Wall Street friends took more money fresh off the money printers, and they bought our ancestral homes, and then they kicked back, ate and drank, and laughed at how gullible we are.

Conscription exerts dysgenic pressure on a nation. It takes the strongest and heartiest specimens of humanity and sends them to be physically maimed and psychologically brutalized, leaving behind the weak, the slow, the dull, the conquerable. No tyrant could ever possibly think of a better way to dispose of his rivals than by filling their heads with thoughts of patriotism and sending them off to bleed and die. Who ran the draft boards in World War II? How many combatants and civilians died? By pure numbers, who was genocided? The war killed between 70 and 85 million people, many of them soldiers, and far more of them civilians. Ukraine is no different. As I speak, Russians and Ukrainians are being driven to kill each other gruesomely, depopulating both Russia and Ukraine in the process, and our leaders are supplying them with the arms to do so.

Putting a gun in a man’s hands and compelling him to travel to the other end of the planet to murder people should be recognized for what it is; a form of deliberate democide, disposing of the combatant and his victims both. War has always been a convenient human-shredder for the Overclass. It has always been that way. If, in ancient Rome, they did not conscript the excess unmarried men, they’d need some way to furnish them with enough wealth and creature comforts to keep them from revolting against the state and politically destabilizing it. War was simply the most expedient means of disposing of this excess while having them retrieve more wealth for the Overclass to enjoy. It’s a scam. It has always been a scam.

Why are people so surprised that states would murder their own citizens with a virus scare followed by a poisoned vaccine? I’m not surprised at all. States have been using messier, more overt methods to murder people for centuries. A poisoned vaccine is a clean method. It leaves the infrastructure intact, only disposing of excess human livestock. You didn’t care when they blew up Baghdad on live television. Like everyone else, your eyes glazed over, the rational part of your brain shut off, and you enjoyed the pretty fireworks. Why would you care when your nine-year-old son collapses from cardiac arrest right in front of you? It’s the same thing, with the same motives behind it; getting rid of people that the economy has no further use for. Does that sound harsh? Am I getting through to you, yet? Is this thing even on?

I remember the tail-end of the subprime mortgage crisis. People were picking a fight with Wall Street, and it was bipartisan. Right-wing, left-wing, Tea Party, OWS, it didn’t matter. We all recognized that we were getting a raw deal, and we named those responsible. What happened right after? The Overclass started rolling out waves of postmodernist critical race theory and gender garbage to ensure that a unified Worker’s Bloc would never emerge, and that lower and middle-class people would keep squabbling over petty domestic differences while the rich psychopaths in charge of our political leadership, our military, and our intelligence community kept prosecuting their unwinnable wars.

Michael Lind published a book recently entitled Hell to Pay: How the Suppression of Wages is Destroying America. Do you have any idea how much of our money the Wall Street psychopaths are pocketing, and then buying our birthrights out from underneath us?

A lot of former US Servicemen these days don’t want their kids to have anything to do with the armed forces. Why bother? Why go fight and die for Wall Street, for ESG investing, and for Net Zero and SDG and lab-cultured cancer cell burgers? We don’t want the crumbs. We want the steak. It’s just that simple.

People are so heavily bamboozled, they care more about who a beer company picks to act in an ad campaign than they do about who our spy agencies put six feet under the dirt today with no press releases and zero accountability. Our fiction has become political, and our politics have become entertainment. People tune in to presidential debates with a bowl of popcorn like they were game shows, but they have lengthy, passionate arguments about the appropriateness of cleavage on a Marvel comic book cover, or the personal opinions of Harry Potter’s author. Everything is absurd and ass-backwards. Everyone is being gaslit constantly, made to care intensely about trivial things while feeling absolutely nothing about the things that actually matter and have a measurable impact on their quality of life. Everyone around us is clutching their electronic devices, dazed and traumatized like torture victims due to media-induced doom fatigue. Only the Amish got out of this one. Not a single thing changed for them.

It is only when you recognize the virus, the vaccines, the lockdowns, and all the other ham-fisted interventions for what they really are—the imposition of tyranny through mass psychological torture—that they even begin to make sense.

A part of me simply cannot comprehend how people could look at this giant mess we’re in as a species and actually want to work for the government. They look at this giant heap of dishonesty and perfidy we call government, and, like Prendergast in Falling Down, they admit that the system is unjust and dishonest, but shrug their shoulders and want go work in police departments or corporate or public administration anyway, because they still trust in the system more than they do in their fellow man.

I know this one guy in real life. This five-foot-nothing little Frenchman with a PhD in Physics. A mincing technocrat who ducked out of the scientific world and wanted to go into administration, to the point of applying to get into ENA. He once told me, point-blank, he wanted to go work for the Deep State. That’s who you have running the show, now. These little rail-thin, five-foot-nothing, finger-steepling, prancing Keebler Elves who play a few rounds of Hearts of Iron IV or start a nation in NationStates and think, “Yeah, I should be in government.”

You look at Booz Allen Hamilton and the RAND Corporation and the CIA, and when they’re not hiring on diversity, they’re hiring these weird little nerds who think they’re the next John Nash. “Oh, I know statistics!” Please. Give me a break.

These managerial-class people have replaced the Church. They’re acting as intermediaries between the rich and the poor; a new clerisy, putting all of us under a microscope, like we’re a curious sort of microbe for them to classify and poke and prod this way and that. That’s why, after COVID-19, when you saw people engaging in mass vaccine refusal, instead of people’s individual choices and agency being respected, you have these little mincing, effeminate technocrats writing these papers to publish in psychology journals about how vaccine refusal puts you in a particularly leprous, uneducated, unintelligent category of person, meriting further abuse and manipulation by government until you comply. Your individual agency and human dignity were never part of the equation, only your unflinching obedience.

They do that with everything, now. Every time a group of people collectively make a choice that runs counter to what technocrats want, they commission studies to determine how best to manipulate people toward the other outcome. People think that the biomedical security state is the first time the State has engaged in practical biopolitics, but it isn’t. It’s just one of many absurd, degrading, dehumanizing biopolitical interventions in human life, from conscription, to indentured servitude, to the creation of court eunuchs, to psychosurgery, to algorithmic policing. It’s just one of many. Governments have reserved the right to dispose of their own people’s bodies as they see fit for millennia. The Enlightenment was one of the first times that large groups of people outside the aristocratic caste actually started seeing themselves as the sole owners and proprietors of their bodies. Before that, slavery was normal.

If we don’t start asserting our rights to bodily autonomy and cognitive freedom right this instant, we are screwed. For all time. Why? Because all of the aforementioned functions of government are being automated and integrated into human bodies. The managerial class are only in charge of a transition period between governance by RAND Corp and CIA contractor Keebler Elves and governance by AI, and after that point, there will be two classes of people; the rich immortals—the homo deus of Yuval Noah Harari’s tyrannical wet dreams—and the five hundred million 6G-nanotech-lobotomized bio-mechanoids who wait on them hand and foot. Picture the movie Elysium, but worse.

We are fast approaching the point where a mass revolt against this intolerable state of affairs will become physically impossible. No one will own homes. They’ll rent capsule hotels from Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street. No one will own cars. They’ll hail driverless robo-taxis owned by giant corporations, their accounts debited automatically through RFID implants. No one will ever have to go to the therapist again. Their brain implants will moderate their personalities and make sure they don’t stray too far from conventional thinking patterns.

Our lives, our bodies, our very existences will become dominated by bionanotechnology integrated into us on a cellular, genetic, and germline level that is physically impossible to remove from us without killing us. At that point, the Overclass will no longer have a use for war. Instead, when there are an excessive number of people on this planet, they’ll simply flick a kill switch and have a few million people seemingly expire of natural causes.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. DARPA’s nanotransducers, such as the ones being developed under the N3 program, are not just mind control devices. They are nervous tissue control devices. If you can manipulate someone’s brain by affecting the membrane potential of neurons and depolarizing them, you can do the same exact thing to the nerves that control the heart. By depolarizing all of the sinoatrial node pacemaker cells and keeping them that way for an extended period of time, you can make someone drop dead immediately from fatal cardiac arrhythmia. This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky thing. Again, these nanotransducers have been tested in animals, and they work. Last year, Rice University implanted fruit flies with nanotransducers and forced them to spread their wings by hitting them with fields from an electromagnet. How much longer before the tech’s good enough to use in people?

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, your government does not have a right to rob you of your health and wealth, be it by sending you to die in war, or by coercing you to inject yourself with poison. That mindset, that government owns our bodies and is the ultimate arbiter of what those bodies are used for, is something that we should be fighting tooth and nail against.


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