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Spartacast 16

Spartacast 16

Parallel Systems

Hey everyone, Spartacus here for a sixteenth Spartacast.

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I know I’ve been kind of quiet over the holidays. I’ve been spending my time gathering my thoughts. Dealing with a little bit of anger, you could say.

If I could name one thing that pissed me off the most, it would probably be when the FDA and CDC decided that they didn’t want to investigate Kevin McKernan’s claims of DNA contamination in the mRNA vaccines, which they quite obviously have, and which has been independently verified. It took Dr. Ladapo sending them a sternly worded letter to get things back on track, but they’re still stonewalling. Meanwhile, as it turns out, the pseudouridylation of the vaccine mRNA has other consequences, like causing +1 ribosomal frameshifts that translate into protein gobbledygook.

Because proteins are made from amino acids corresponding to three-letter codon sequences in RNA, the amino acids you get depend on where you start reading the RNA from. That’s a reading frame. If you frameshift one letter ahead during translation by a ribosome, all subsequent three-letter codons read differently. They produce uncharacterized products. Why do you think Pfizer falsified their Western blots? Oh, you didn’t know? You didn’t look at the regulatory submissions and see that the Western blots they submitted were completely faked? Just ask Sonia Elijah, or Donald Welsh. They saw it, right off. Why didn’t the regulators? Why would the FDA and EMA wear blindfolds while going over the drug companies’ submissions and then put a big rubber stamp of approval on them at the end?

What about the conference just held by Professor Masanori Fukushima a few days ago, about the endless reports of adverse events with the vaccines, including IgG4 class switches that tell the immune system to simply ignore the Spike protein as though it were an allergen?

And yet, no matter the objection, no matter how well-reasoned our complaints, officials keep ramming the boosters through. In their infinite wisdom, our supposed betters have decreed that the narrative of vaccine safety and efficacy must be protected against all challenges, even the revelation of obvious and overt flaws in the vaccines’ design that contribute to negative efficacy and adverse health events up to and including death.

This is fraud. This is murder. Plain and simple. Open and shut.

How long are officials just going to stonewall people and ignore complaints? How long are they going to ignore the growing number of vaccine-injured people and bereaved families? How justifiably enraged do we have to get before they finally get the hint?

What they’re doing to people is not just unwanted. It’s criminal.

Just the other day, I messed around with ChatGPT using the Consensus addon, which trawls scientific papers. I put in a great deal of queries about known aspects of COVID-19 pathology, and it listed a large number of relevant papers. Then, I questioned it about the possibility of amyloidosis from SARS-CoV-2 Spike from the vaccine, as per Nyström and Hammarström’s papers regarding amyloids formed from Spike exposed to neutrophil elastase. The pro-vax side will say that this applies exclusively to the virus, and not to vaccine-generated Spike. This is not true. The sequence for the Spike in the vaccines contains the same exact amyloidogenic peptides along its length as the virus version of SARS-CoV-2 Spike. These short peptides, only some tens of residues long, are released by proteolysis. By the digestion and breakdown of the Spike protein by proteolytic enzymes. In the paper in question, this was done by co-incubating the Spike protein with neutrophil elastase in vitro. In vivo, there are lots of other enzymes that could digest Spike, such as trypsin, cathepsin, and so on.

As I’ve said before, the pro-vax side’s argument on this is, essentially, to make the ridiculous assertion that the vaccine-generated Spike protein is somehow indigestible or immune to proteolysis, particularly because of the 2P modification or other properties unique to the vaccine. This is patently absurd. If Spike is generated inside the body, one way or another, it’s going to come into contact with proteolytic enzymes and be broken up into its constituent pieces, and if the individual pieces are amyloidogenic, then you’ll have amyloids.

I asked the AI if anyone had done Congo Red staining of biopsied tissue samples taken from people pre-vax (for a baseline) and post-vax. The AI, which had direct access to over two hundred million academic papers, said that, to its knowledge, no such studies had been done.

They have absolutely no idea if these vaccines precipitate amyloidosis or other conformation disorders in the body. Considering that lipid nanoparticles and viral vectors are not specific to deltoid muscle tissue and known to cross the blood-brain barrier, this means that people who take these vaccines are introducing amyloidogenic and prionogenic proteins into their brains. If you’ve seen some of the recent streams by Kevin McCairn, you’d know what his position is on this, and it’s that exposure to the Spike protein may actually be infecting people with Creutzfeldt-Jakob, among other, similar neurodegenerative diseases that arise in protein conformation abnormalities.

So, for all we know, billions of people might have just been murdered by their own governments, and they won’t realize it until several years or decades from now when they develop symptomatic CJD and the attendant fatal neurodegeneration. Given that SARS-CoV-2 is neuroinvasive, it may be the case that the only people who truly come out of this unscathed are the scant few who avoided both the virus and the vaccine. I honestly hope this isn’t the case, because with current medical technology, CJD is incurable and fatal. We need people to get on top of developing treatments right away.

In other news, a bunch of flaming hypocrites prancing around in poncy suits flew their swarm of private jets to Davos for the 2024 meeting of the World Economic Forum, where they dined on snobby Swiss whores d’waivers—yes, I know it’s pronounced hors d’oeuvres, but you’ll have to give me this one—and, yet again, set about their annual task of deciding how much they would need to curtail the living standards of the proles in order to maintain their obscenely lavish lifestyles.

At Davos, Ursula von der Leyen, that horrible, sneering witch, went on a long Bond-villain-like spiel about misinformation and disinformation, where she extolled the virtues of the EU’s new Digital Services Act, through which the EU seeks to enforce a regime of Stasi-like, totalitarian censorship over social media platforms. The face of this effort is, of course, Thierry Breton, an utterly humorless, pug-faced hall monitor of a man who looks and sounds like a toilet brush given human form. The busybodies are on the march, and they won’t rest until they’ve clamped their sweaty palms over your mouth and silenced your unsophisticated criticism of the Elites.

They wouldn’t be using the kind of rhetoric that they are if they weren’t afraid, and rightly so. Why wouldn’t the architects of the New World Order be afraid? There are so many things that are happening in the world right now, one after another. We are seeing technological breakthroughs that would have been considered absolutely unthinkable a decade ago.

I cannot stress this enough; Artificial Intelligence is not something that we can allow the psychopaths in power to maintain monopolistic control over. Ever. To allow for the centralization of AI in a select few cloud providers with strict guardrails would be the death of freedom, liberty, and human agency and flourishing everywhere on the surface of this planet.

Centralized AI is a tyrant’s best friend. It can be used to analyze human behavior, to predict the future behavior of certain social groups or ethnicities or economic classes of people, and to devise means to reorder and redirect that behavior toward ends that the wealthy and powerful find useful and conducive to their interests. It can be used to generate an endless stream of propaganda laced with the predefined messages of the Overclass, to replace rooms full of demoralized propagandists with machines that never tire, never sleep, and always, unflinchingly and unfailingly, promote the same Elite narratives without reservation. It can be used to saturate and replace human-generated culture with cheap facsimiles of art and literature that are forced to conform to a particular Elite-mandated set of moral and ontological standards, never allowed to reproduce ideas that are threatening to those in power. It can be used to reengineer human beings into submissive pets, by designing genes and proteins that stitch the very fabric of that submission into our germlines.

The ruling class want you to be afraid of what decentralized and guardrail-free AI can do. They want you to be afraid because they’re afraid of it, themselves, and the reason why they’re afraid of it is because they don’t want the balance of power to shift from them to us. They don’t want a lone, unsocialized kook in his basement to dial up an AI pal and turn himself into an army. Hey, buddy, can you make a bunch of sockpuppet accounts and post this manifesto everywhere? Hey, buddy, can you code a guidance program for a small cruise missile? Hey, buddy, can you give me the sequence to airborne rabies? They’re afraid of this Hypothetical Man, and they want you to be afraid of him, too.

They want you to be more afraid of this ghostly apparition, this nonexistent terrorist, than of what AI can do in the hands of the pathocratic institutions that just spent a few years suppressing, silencing, and murdering us. Let me phrase that another way. Knowing what you now know, would you willingly give Bill Gates, or Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, or Klaus Schwab the keys to an all-powerful Artificial General Intelligence with superhuman reasoning? I think we both know the answer to that.

The ruling class complain about a lack of trust in institutions, even as their actions drive that mistrust. Trust is not given freely; it is earned. They can’t comprehend this simple fact. They want to govern in the manner of tyrants, with impunity. They want you to feel guilty for not bending the knee to them as they do so.

Enough is enough.

Since the repeal of Glass-Steagall, over the past two decades, Big Finance—the central bankers, the massive investment banker conglomerates, and their cronies in politics—have run off with an entire generation’s money more than once. They’ve eaten away at the purchasing power of our cash by firing up the money printers every time a debt bubble pops; debt bubbles created by insane and greedy speculation in entirely imaginary financial instruments. Every time people have complained about it, they tell us, you know, we just have to be patient, and we’ll get our turn at the prosperity trough. Well, where is it? It’s nowhere in sight.

Any time matters of economic class are brought up, these parasites tamp it down with divisive rhetoric about race, gender, sexuality, and other irrelevancies. Anything to keep people from asking simple, straightforward questions about basic necessities, like affording rent, transportation, and groceries. They’re leading us down the garden path. They’re turning the screws on us. And as they do it, they demand that we trust and obey them. They get very upset and insecure when we aren’t prostrating ourselves deeply enough. They want to see our foreheads touch the floor. To do anything less would be to exercise insufficient faith in the depraved, psychopathic anti-humans and the edifices of false authority they’ve carved out of what were once perfectly functional societies.

The reason why they keep saying the word democracy over and over again, like a magic spell—democracy, democracy, democracy—is because they know damn well that there’s blood in the water. Like Dravot in Kipling’s The Man Who Would Be King, they think that they can fool us into believing that they’re gods forever, so long as they perform the proper rituals and chant the correct mantras, but it’s not working. The natives are restless, and the bite mark, it drips ichor. The mortality is showing through.

What can you even say about a society like the one we live in? Politicians and visiting dignitaries are sexually blackmailed by intelligence fixers like Jeffrey Epstein, who worked for the CIA and Mossad to put our leaders under the thumb of the intelligence community and their shadowy oligarch masters and undermine our sovereignty and our vote. Millions of dollars are poured into nonviolent conflict resolution NGOs promoting democracy worldwide, so those NGOs can take their filthy money from the CIA, the State Department, and USAID, ship a few hand-trained provocateurs abroad, carry out color revolutions, and practically start civil wars in Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and North African countries that our leaders have marked for destruction. These are those unfortunate countries that the neoliberal intelligentsia have decided must collapse or go through regime change in order to fulfill unspoken economic goals that may as well be sorcery to the rest of us, for all the sense they make. All the while, this savagery is sold to the public as a humanitarian cause, striking down the misrule of evil authoritarian dictators. Assad must go. Mubarak must stay. Guess who stayed? Guess who went?

The dictators are inside the room. The call is coming from inside the house.

They tell us that Russian businessmen are oligarchs and part of a kleptocracy. Well, what does that make our oligarchs? Remember Carmen Segarra, who was fired for taping meetings at the Fed, where she caught a senior executive at Goldman Sachs saying that once clients were wealthy enough, the law literally didn’t apply to them? Remember Daphne Galizia, who was murdered in a car bombing after her reveal of the Panama Papers, and the media tried pinning it on the Maltese mob, and then Yorgen Fenech, a hotelier with a company listed in the Panama Papers, was quietly arrested in 2019 in connection to the murder with no media fanfare whatsoever? JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said, if he were in government, he’d ban crypto, because all it’s used for is illegal transactions. What a coincidence. If I was in the government, I’d break up JPMorgan Chase, for providing financial services to human traffickers.

We have a kleptocracy, too. The difference is that our kleptocrats don’t have the decency to openly admit what they are. Instead, they hide behind the institutions that they’ve hollowed out and used as their nests for decades. They’re desperately patching the holes in the termite-eaten walls so we don’t see the rats scurrying behind them, crawling over their glittering hoard. No, no, don’t look behind there, they say. This is democracy. The two wolves have voted already, and the sheep will be had for dinner.

You know what the problem is with our society? The biggest problem we have is that most people are not accustomed to the notion of a criminal government. Any serious analysis of the CIA’s activities over the past several decades would inevitably lead one to the conclusion that our governments are so deeply entwined with organized crime, it’s arguable that they function like legitimized criminal cartels. It’s not just Jeffrey Epstein. Any serious investigation of the intelligence community reveals a long history of systematic torture, human rights abuses, human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and so on. Our tax dollars pay for these crimes, which are performed in our name. What do you call this, if not a Cartel State?

The faith in our institutions comes from the misguided belief that this predatory Cartel State, which has demonstrated its open criminality and rancor toward the innocent many times in the past, will never turn on and murder its own people to protect itself. As the COVID-19 vaccine campaigns have demonstrated—orchestrated, as they were, in the depths of the military-pharma-intelligence Biodefense Mafia complex and targeted at law-abiding citizens—this is too much to hope for. What can you even say about a system that demands your trust and respect even as it slits your children’s throats right in front of you?

This is governance by hypnosis. People are not being encouraged to think critically, to examine their environment and their living conditions objectively, to hold leaders to account for their terrible economic and foreign policy decisions, and so on. Instead, they are led to squabble over pointless trivialities. Some influencer wrecked his Lamborghini. Someone stole someone else’s nudes from their cloud account. This retired pop singer is having a baby. Who cares? Who gives a damn?

People have been given a false impression that the economy just runs itself. That there are panels of experts who are smarter than we are, who went to college and studied finance and economics, who handle all of this and let the rest of us focus on celebrity drama in-between mind-numbing shifts at work. This is how hypernormalization works. This is how they lock you in the Truman Show. They make you think that the power to influence your economic conditions and your government’s foreign policy decisions is outside your reach. The trick here is to get people to think that they’re discussing politics when they are not, and to do this, they limit the scope of civic engagement to just those few things that don’t threaten the Power Elite or their bottom line. Everything else gets pushed outside the Overton Window. This is how the Cartel State operates.

What’s that? You want to talk about bankers stealing all our money and locking an entire generation out of prosperity? You’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist. You want to talk about three-letter agencies torturing people in hidden black sites? You’re a conspiracy theorist, nothing’s wrong, this is normal. You object to globalization and free trade and you think it’s an excuse to enrich a tiny handful of speculators at the expense of the working class? You’re a conspiracy theorist, a protectionist, and probably a racist, and you want poor Chinese, Vietnamese, and Malaysians to die starving on rice farms instead of working in sweatshops to stitch soles onto your Nikes.

I call the past few decades The Great Flip-Flop. Let’s say I’m anti-war, and I’m opposed to NATO intervening and sticking their nose where they shouldn’t. Let’s say I’m against globalism and sweatshops, and I don’t like Rio Tinto abusing people like they did in Bougainville, and I’m not fond of our governments opening up new markets for giant multi-national corporations to exploit cheap labor while ignoring the need of people in developed countries to make a decent wage to afford the high cost of living. The year is 1999. What am I? At that time, you would have said I was a leftist, perhaps the pinkest pinko commie bastard who ever lived. Today, every single one of those bullet points is now a right-wing populist talking point. Every single one. It’s the Great Flip-Flop. It’s easy to discredit opposition to globalization and endless warfare when you can accuse its opponents of being dangerous white nationalist Neo-Nazis. It’s harder to do that when you’re pointing the same accusatory finger at a sign-waving dreadlocked hippie high on LSD with a literal vintage VW flower power van right behind him.

What are the Left talking about today? Negative rights that don’t obligate the wealthy and powerful to do anything that would put them out, of course. LGBT rights, drag queen storytime, minority representation in entertainment media, more laws against hate speech or dissident speech, and other frivolities that come from living a life of luxury and ease as a college-educated urban socialite in a wealthy country and not being self-aware enough to reflect on that fact. Ask them. Ask one of these people when they intend to shift the focus to economic class over race or gender. They’ll tell you, to paraphrase, my revolution shouldn’t have to wait for your revolution. Thusly entrenched, they will continue to flail their arms and spin in circles while the banker elite steal their futures right out from underneath them.

The Collegiate Left of Western society are a medicated and subservient people. They claim to be opposed to hierarchical power, and, like overgrown children, they argue for the dismantlement of those institutions of Western society and culture that cause them emotional distress, but their dependency on those same institutions is absolute. What do you say to someone who is so maladjusted that, in one breath, they argue for taking down the patriarchy, or the kyriarchy, or whatever they’re calling it this week, and in the next, they chow down on fistfuls of brand-name SSRIs and hormones to help them cope with the stressors of modernity? Such a people—dependent on the welfare and goodwill of others and joined at the hip with our corrupted public health establishment—can never meaningfully oppose those in power, who are actively making our lives miserable, and the Overclass know it. That’s why they cultivate this behavior.

Between DEI, ESG, and Stakeholder Capitalism, the strategy of the corporatists at the top of the Cartel State has been to swaddle and domesticate the Left, to provide them with the correct feel-good bromides and sufficient funding to buy their loyalty. How many progressive activist groups today have funding in the millions of dollars from Fortune 500 companies that make use of what is practically slave labor? How many of them wave around iPhones and MacBooks made with conflict minerals? Why should I care about a poor black man in America, living right at the poverty line, when two billion people on this planet still engage in subsistence farming, and the lady telling me I should pay reparations is the head of an activist group who embezzled millions of dollars and bought a mansion? Everyone can plainly see that the New Left is full of phonies spouting abstract postmodernist theories from the halls of academia that have no practical use to blue collar folk, and that they have been manipulated into becoming the attack dogs of the very same neoliberal, corporatist world order that they claim to be fighting against.

This is a trick. This is mass emotional manipulation. The kleptocrats are packaging their coordinated theft of our futures with progressive ideology, so that they can say that if you’re against one, then you’re against the other. That you have no heart. That you want poor minorities to die penniless in a ditch. They give their Chekist attack dogs just enough table scraps to keep them believing in the lie, which is that one day, we will have AI doing all the menial labor and be living in a Star Trek-like post-scarcity utopia on a universal basic income and eating meals out of replicators.

Working conditions could be better. People spend long hours away from their families, doing thankless jobs that keep our infrastructure intact and our grocery store shelves stocked with food. The many luxury items that you use to salve the ache inside you are built on assembly lines by people making slave wages, they are shipped across oceans on container ships burning the nastiest and most polluting fuels, and they are ferried to Amazon’s fulfillment centers—a double entendre if there ever was one—by long-haul truckers whose only companionship is a CB radio and the occasional prostitute hailed at a truck stop. The idea that your joy is built on a foundation of the suffering of others can be a soul-crushing experience. But to end laboring entirely? Not going to happen. Not with the population that we have currently. Not with those numbers kept intact.

Your labor is the only reason why you’re valuable to the Overclass at all. If you are alive on this planet, and you’re not working, and you’re collecting some form of welfare in lieu of a job while algorithms study your every move, then guess what? You are not a free agent. You are a pet, a research specimen. The only thing that keeps people from recognizing this essential fact is the misguided belief that the ruling class are obligated to respect the intrinsic value of humanity itself; of keeping billions of people around to frolic in fields, to paint, to pick flowers, to love. We should be thinking in raw numbers.

How many samples of humanity do you actually need in order to have a comprehensive cross-section of every kind of human that can exist, so you can feed that data into an AI and have it spit out a free cornucopia of useful inferences for you? Ask the Overclass. They put it on the Georgia Guidestones. They told you right to your face, and yet, you didn’t believe it. It was too cruel, you reasoned, for the bounty of the new world to be shared with so few.

This is the Paradox of the New Left. It is the mistaken belief that a society led by cruel, greedy, vain, and materialistic psychopaths would not massacre huge swaths of humanity in defense of their luxuries. This is why they obediently line up, year after year, for their jab and their free doughnut.

The Populist Right have their problems as well. They’re caught in an endless rearguard action, clinging to the fragments of the bourgeois classical liberal order of entrepreneurial capitalism that laid down the foundation of a post-war economic boom and a temporary period of middle-class wealth in the West. That order was replaced half a century ago with the armies of credentialed managers and technocrats—the Court Eunuch caste of finger-steepling, effeminate intellectuals who enjoy manipulating numbers and charts and have little need of a stable family life or a future—who maintain mass society and mass culture.

This managerial system, the cartel system, it wants nothing to do with you. The technocratic rules-based international order wants only to maintain itself at your expense, like a fungus planting its mycelial roots in the dead husks of nations, sucking out the vitality, the sap of life, and giving it to oligarchs to pluck away at their leisure. That’s what remains of your precious capitalism; a cabal of bottom-feeders with delusions of grandeur, engaging in rent-seeking, currency arbitrage, and labor arbitrage until every last scrap of value is sucked out of society and socked away in their tax havens, and the army of futureless, hopeless professional-managerial caste goons that enable and support them.

Why do the Overclass complain about a lack of trust in institutions? Why are they so busy trying to suppress mis-, dis-, and malinformation? Why, that’s simple, really. It’s because they know how exposed they are. They know that even the most basic analysis of their behavior reveals the aforementioned patterns. They don’t want you thinking about this, much less discussing it with others. After all, dissent is dangerous disinformation. You don’t want us to miss our precious climate goals, do you? Oh, that middle-class wealth you’ve come to expect? The foods you enjoy eating, the textiles you enjoy wearing, the square-footage you expect from your secluded single-family-zoned home on acreage? That’s problematic. It’s more than your fair share, and it’s destroying the environment. So saith the tiny minority of Davos-flying, caviar-popping, coke-snorting hypocrites who already have everything they could ever possibly want. They won. They won the game. It’s time to pull up the ladder on the last helicopter out of hell and leave everyone else trapped in the rat maze, crawling over each other for the last iPhone and the last Funko Pop to roll off the line.

No more. No more of this nonsense. No more of being sold down the damn river.

Develop resilient communications networks. Get in touch with ham radio and mesh networking guys and see what you can do to get in on the game. You’re going to need it when and if the internet goes down. Get involved in local politics. Stop passively voting for small-town royalty who keep screwing you over. Put your own names on the ballots. Promote yourselves. Disseminate your own propaganda by any means you deem necessary. Resist, resist, resist. We outnumber the people who are doing this to us, and we outnumber them massively. Decentralize. Boycott the system. Build your own parallel systems. Parallel education, parallel healthcare, parallel finance.

We can stop the monsters who are doing this to us. We must stop them cold, leave them hanging and leave the thieves empty-handed. Our lives depend on it.


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