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Spartacast 09

Spartacast 09

In which I finally, thoroughly lose it

Hey everyone, Spartacus here for a ninth Spartacast.

Things have been kind of hectic for me this past month. On top of some pressing real-life obligations piling up one after another, my main desktop PC went down with a component failure. I was down to tweeting on my phone for a little while, there. Back up and running, now. Some rather interesting things happened in the past few weeks.

Jikkyleaks called out Bryce Nickels for refusing to condemn the vaccine. I’m kind of ambivalent on this one. On the one hand, it’s great that Bryce Nickels is calling out EcoHealth Alliance and pushing for their funding to be cut. That’s a great thing, and I encourage it. On the other hand, it would be nice if the Biosafety Now people came around to recognizing that SARS-CoV-2 was not the product of either natural zoonosis or a lab accident, but a deliberate act of fraud and racketeering by a vast criminal network that includes the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

What do Moderna, EcoHealth Alliance, and their affiliates have in common? DARPA, DTRA, In-Q-Tel, USAID. Read Whitney Webb’s report on how a CIA-linked company called Resilience was manufacturing the mRNA for Moderna’s booster shots. Read Andrew Huff’s whistleblower report that Peter Daszak was a CIA asset. Read Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova’s breakdowns of the bizarre legal frameworks that were used to justify the military-like deployment of medical countermeasures as prototypes under an Other Transaction Authority, without proper testing, as revealed through Brook Jackson’s lawsuit against her former employer, Ventavia. They are dosing people with so-called vaccines that are not even legally considered pharmaceuticals, with the FDA providing them with the false appearance of an Emergency Use Authorization under color of law. Again, I must stress this, SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccines were both products of the same exact military and intelligence racket. The reason why Bryce Nickels and the rest of the people aligned with Biosafety Now like Edward Hammond and Richard Ebright don’t see this yet is because they still think this was a mere lab accident. It wasn’t. It was rehearsed. Planned. Deliberate.

Go to the Political Moonshine blog and read the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct timeline article. Read it from end to end. Now, tell me, with a straight face, that COVID-19 and the lethal vaccines that accompanied it did not both constitute a singular act of bioterrorism by the Biodefense Mafia.

Also, Kevin McCairn debated the Mutton Crew on a Twitter space, where they spent most of it talking over him and not letting him get in a word in edgewise. The Mutton Crew don’t have an argument. We have definitive evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause amyloidosis and severe inflammation. Arne Burkhardt and others have done the histopathology examinations of tissue slides and Congo Red staining and found Spike distributed throughout the body, as well as evidence of amyloidosis. COVID-19 vaccines can potentially elicit such a severe immune response to the cells all over the body generating Spike proteins, lymphocytes will actually try and bore a hole through the aorta, and then someone collapses to the floor with aortic dissection and that’s all she wrote.

The most common pro-vax argument is that the Spike protein is a two-proline substituted laboratory construct locked in the prefusion conformation. Their argument is that the amyloidogenic peptides of SARS-CoV-2 Spike can never be revealed by cleavage, because this modification makes it so that the protein can’t be cleaved proteolytically. This is an absolutely asinine argument, tantamount to suggesting that the Spike protein generated by the vaccines is not digestible by enzymes in the body. News flash, it is, and if it comes in contact with trypsin, neutrophil elastase, or cathepsin, guess what? It’s getting busted into amyloidogenic peptide confetti. QED.

Jikkyleaks also posted today about an article on the Broken Truth blog entitled NIHGate, about how a paper entitled SARS-CoV-2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro was deliberately suppressed by Eric Freed and Oliver Schildgen, and how HHS rejected the author’s FOIA requests by claiming the information constituted trade secrets. Trade secrets of whom? Whose trade secrets? Which companies? Absolutely galling.

As I walked through a Lowe’s Home Improvement store yesterday, hypnotized into whatever the shopping equivalent of White Line Fever is by the endless aisles of smart thermostats, Flex Seal, and paint rollers, my trance broken by the occasional march of a serviceman in full uniform taking advantage of sweet deals, I had a strange epiphany. Why do we work and pay taxes, just for our leaders to give that money to CIA-affiliated NGOs who fund PLA-associated biolabs to concoct artificial microbes to murder us with? We live in a system that is a lie, layered atop another lie, spackled over yet one more lie. It’s like an onion of lies. You peel it back, layer by layer, and all you find is another, older, more deeply entrenched lie underneath.

Everything is, in some sense, fake. We’re raised to believe in the prosperity gospel, that hard work is rewarded with wealth and health, but it isn’t. There is no reward. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only a pot of feces, and they make you kneel and eat from this pot of feces in some awful humiliation ritual, again, and again, and again.

People are in denial about how viscerally disgusting our society is, on every level. Our leaders mutter insipid bromides about democracy while they join hands with big tech to datamine us, and censor us, and cage us in one globe-spanning totalitarian techno-corpocrat hellhole. People are taught to believe that if they work hard, pay their dues, and abide by the law, they’ll be entitled to some small fraction of this disgusting racket’s wealth. To receive this share of blood money, they have to agree to be indoctrinated into the cult of the professional-managerial class, where they are taught to accept that some degree of managerialism—and, by extension, classical cybernetics fetishism—is necessary in everything, and that participating in bureaucracy and working through mountainous stacks of paperwork is a sacrament that is intrinsically valuable in and of itself. It’s like the movie Brazil, only real.

There are other cults. Some kids are raised on a diet of insane militarism. When they grow to adulthood, enlist in the military, and have the rituals of the cult of militarism pounded into their heads, they then participate in meaningless wars where our treasure is wasted bombing and drone-striking people we’ve never met. When their service is up and they’re traumatized and used up, they’re left homeless and destitute on our streets. The footage from this conflagration, from this brutal public human sacrifice, is played in living rooms for entertainment and further indoctrination, when it’s politically convenient to do so, like in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they could use the Pearl Harbor-like public outrage from 9/11 to stoke a murderous fury against people who had absolutely nothing to do with it. When it isn’t politically convenient, like Yemen or Somalia, they don’t even talk about it at all. There isn’t a peep about it in the news.

Some people work vitally necessary but dead-end jobs in the trades, unseen and unheard, a faceless multitude of linemen, plumbers, truck drivers, plant operators, mechanics, road crews, and construction workers. We are surrounded by the fluorescent glow of modernity itself, provisioned by their able bodies. What is their reward? If they’re lucky, five figures and an apartment close to the slave-master’s beckoning hand.

There’s an app for everything. We have smartphone apps like carnival claw games, designed with cutesy graphics and microtransaction stores that deliberately swindle small children out of their parents’ money. Right next to those apps, we have microblogging and short-form video sharing services where teens can do inane dances in front of a camera, practically prostituting themselves for free and volunteering themselves to TikTok’s market share.

The Overclass have us fighting a brutal, no-holds-barred class war the energies of which they’ve reoriented and dissipated into a pointless race, gender, and sexuality war that is ripping apart the fabric of society. It’s a distraction. Do people really care that Dylan Mulvaney was in a Budweiser ad? Why? Why would they care about something so trivial? Do they care about the marketing of cheap, disgusting, flavorless piss water more than they care about the lack of good, paying jobs, the rising homelessness and drug addiction, and the dilapidated infrastructure that surrounds us? Think about it. If people care more about the marketing of a light beer than they do about the hollowing-out of the most vital, foundational aspects of our society, it’s only because they’ve been indoctrinated in the cult of consumption, warping their priorities to the point of unrecognizability. If only people could muster the same outrage over things that actually affected our lives in a tangible way.

Occupy Wall Street had the Overclass running scared. People were sick and tired of not being able to make ends meet. Recession after recession. Debt bubble after debt bubble. Banking and investment firms and asset managers running off with all our money. The winners of the 2008 bailout bonanza reinvested that money in hard assets, like housing. This artificially inflated the value of a hundred million piles of medium density fiberboard and toxic, offgassing Chinese drywall. In 2022, over 2000 new millionaires were minted every single day in America. Does this reflect the prosperity of the average American citizen? No, it does not.

In the US, we clearly possess insane wealth if you go by our Gross Domestic Product figures. In reality, GDP is just a number. It doesn’t reflect the actual quality of life that people have. We have dual-income households in the US, with two harried and stressed adults working full-time jobs, never seeing their kids, if they have any kids at all. They do this for a decade straight, and if they’re lucky, and if they scrimp and eat the nastiest, cheapest processed foods, spend no money on subscriptions, no Netflix, no Hulu, no avocado sandwiches or twelve-dollar lattes, if they conserve utilities, and if they drive a ratty old five-hundred-dollar Craigslist Special—that 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais that grandma can’t cruise around the neighborhood in anymore after she slipped and busted her hip in the driveway—they’ll save just enough money to buy a tool shed smack-dab in the armpit of America with paint peeling off of it.

As I’ve said before, people are missing basic life milestones. Marriage, home ownership, vehicle ownership, children. What is the alternative offered by the State? Don’t get married. Don’t breed. Don’t own anything. Don’t have any friends. Just draw the curtains, sit paranoid and alone in your hovel, rack up credit card debt buying Funko Pops, work your dead-end night-shift job in silence, and, at the end of the day, treat your lonely, discarded, abused flesh to a pitiful orgasm into a silicone toy. This obscene system doesn’t care about you, it doesn’t want you, and it doesn’t need you, except as a pliant debt slave, milked like livestock. If you do have any kids, the system wants to seize them and make them into wards of the state. Another product, to be eventually consumed by someone else.

These unfortunate people—my fellow countrymen—work and pay taxes so that in the end, at the dawn of AI and the sunset of the petrodollar, the CIA can enforce austerity in the face of populist dissent by executing them and their elderly parents with bioweapons and lethal injections disguised as vaccines and shoving the survivors into open-air digital prisons, with CBDCs and implanted surveillance devices, all in order to preserve the wealth and power of a criminal Overclass that never deserved it in the first place.

This may all seem very new to us, but throughout history, nothing has actually changed about the way our societies are run. Rich people were drafting and throwing innocent young men into meat grinders to seize territory from other rich people centuries ago, and they’re still doing it today. The central lie, once you peel back all the others, is that all human beings have equal moral worth that stems from our capacity to reason, and that you are your own sole proprietor, and that you own your body. It’d be wonderful if this fanciful notion was actually the case. In practice, this is a carefully manicured illusion, an idea only ever seriously entertained by the most committed of Enlightenment liberals, who are slowly losing ground to totalitarian megalomaniacs of every stripe who want to return human bodies to being caged and kept things—if not covertly, as slaves to their jobs, then overtly, as digitally branded slaves in actual fact.

There is a long-running site called NationStates, which is a multiplayer government simulation game you can play in your browser, where you invent a state with the properties of your choosing and compete, or cooperate, with others. On that site, there’s a nation that’s a perfect satire of how the Overclass actually think called Resilient Acceleration. Imagine if someone read Harari’s Homo Deus and Schwab’s The Fourth Industrial Revolution and distilled the elitist, paternalistic essence of those books into a country. The factbook for this fictional country is probably one of the best tongue-in-cheek primers on technocratic tyranny I’ve ever seen.

The worst part is, it’s not even fictional. It’s exactly what’s happening to us. We are being targeted for depopulation and economic disenfranchisement, and for those of us who survive, the Overclass basically intend to confiscate our bodies as their own property and datamine us and our children, sacrificing us to feed their AI gods who they fully expect to grant them immortality. That’s not an exaggeration. These Davos people have said it openly. We have them on camera bandying about words like useless class, and surveillance under the skin. It’s not a secret. They just know, for a fact, that nobody will take them seriously, because the enormity of their crimes would make the average person’s mind shut down if they even came close to comprehending them.

Pretend that there’s an alien invasion on, except the aliens aren’t aliens, and they aren’t from another planet. They’re human, to be sure, but they’re also extremely rich, extremely entitled psychopaths who have drifted so far from the mainstream of humanity that they think you and your progeny belong to them. These elites dream of a world where working-class humanoids are a product. Not born, but manufactured, in great big baby factories full of gestation pods, to the exacting specifications of the Overclass, to perform specific tasks and then be used up and recycled. Perfectly obedient biomechanical slaves, never once reaching out their hands and asking for a larger slice of the pie.

Again, this is not science fiction. Every single component of such an unthinkable regime is under active research. Biodigital convergence, the Internet of Bodies, human engineering. It’s not even a secret. It’s right on these sick Davos freaks’ websites. Article after article.

They’re not trying to figure out a way to augment us into better people. They’re trying to figure out a way to augment us into better slaves. The transhuman modifications that they’re pursuing are of the variety that force eusocial, cosmopolitan, passive behavior. Not competitiveness, not individuality, not intelligence, not anything that could threaten the Overclass. They don’t want any Khan Noonien Singhs running around, threatening the status quo. All it takes is a few tweaks to the germline here and there. Make a few changes to the genes that regulate monoamines, catecholamines, serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and so on, and add one of DARPA’s wireless neural laces, and you can make a docile humanoid soft robot that obeys your every command. This is what Klaus Schwab means by the Fourth Industrial Revolution changing you, physically.

Turning human beings into robots is the logical endpoint of the managerialism and classical cybernetics fetishism that is poisoning society. Read Norbert Wiener’s The Human Use of Human Beings. Literally all of the problems of social management come from the complexity of humans. The objective of all modern management theory is to simplify complex problems, and if people are the problem, then people must be made simple. This is, of course, why our schools have knowingly and deliberately raised an entire generation of debilitated simpletons.

If you need any proof of how simple people have become, just look at the green energy debate. Any pretense of replacing all cars on the road with electric vehicles and all grid power with renewables falls apart under the slightest scrutiny. Where will the minerals come from? Copper, nickel, niobium, tantalum, cobalt, lithium. Where? Where? Where is it? Where are the mines? They don’t exist. They’re going to need to open dozens more to supply the future that the Machine Greens want. And in all of these mines, the Caterpillar excavators, enormous off-highway Liebherr earth mover trucks, the locomotives and container ships that move vast amounts of raw materials, the refineries, everything, all of it—all of it is powered by petroleum. All our plastics are made from petroleum. Look around you. Look. Look in your room. Count the number of objects made from plastic. You can’t have modern society without petroleum. If you’re one of those people who is still entertaining the fantasy that everyone in America is going to be driving an electric car by 2050—one of those grotesque five thousand pound grand tourer sedan things sucking down thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity just to move itself—then you’d better acquaint yourself with the works of Linkola and buy yourself a good bicycle, because you’re going to be riding it to work every single day.

The people who preach the end of petroleum are the same people who are bringing back the concept of hereditary aristocracy, only today, they call them private-public partnerships. They’re bringing back city-states and fiefdoms, but they’re calling them fifteen-minute cities. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will consist of us backsliding into a medieval, pre-industrial condition of life, where a small, elite minority of humans, having utilized the majority of the species as a stepping-stone to inconceivable wealth, will have finally finished tossing the rest of us into a wood chipper and turning us into fertilizer. We are already in a battle for our lives. Most of us are sitting around, traumatized and blinkered. A sessile mass of sea anemones. We can’t afford to grow complacent. Whatever concessions we receive, whatever temporary relaxation of tyranny seems to be in effect, it isn’t enough to make up for the past few years of diabolical behavior and deliberate malfeasance from our leaders. The situation that we are in right now demands continued action.

The program put forth by the Davos technocrats requires concerted, aggressive refusal from private citizens worldwide. Protests, freedom of information act requests, lawsuits, open-source intelligence, uncensorable distributed communications channels. We must use every legal method at our disposal to counteract this agenda. Awareness and understanding of the threat posed by technocracy requires that one possess a very broad knowledge base. Hit the books. Encourage others to do so, as well. We have a lot to do, and limited time to do it.


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