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Spartacast 05
Spartacast 05
The sabotage is decades-long

Hey guys, Spartacus here, for a fifth Spartacast.

I recently did a couple livestreams with Dr. Kevin McCairn, where we discussed a graph I’ve been making on Graphcommons of the Biodefense Mafia and their connections, among other things. Check back through the archive for details.

During that livestream, I kind of stumbled over my words while talking about ESG investing, because I was so angry that I temporarily lost the ability to form coherent speech. There is little on the topic that I can say that Vivek Ramaswamy hasn’t already said, but I’m going to try.

Larry Fink and Blackrock have built a corporate hegemony on a foundation of political correctness. Everywhere you look, companies have come up with these so-called trust and safety and diversity and inclusion divisions. Let’s face it. These people just sit around ticking boxes and sending memos and they don’t provide anything of value to society whatsoever.

You want to know what real work is? Real work is taking a piece of sheet metal and an English Wheel and building a car body from scratch. Who can do that anymore? If America entered World War III tomorrow, where would we get factory workers and metal fabricators? Where would the experienced personnel come from? Our schools used to teach machine shop classes. Now, they teach learned helplessness. Granted, many of the things that used to be done with welders and lathes are now done with precision casting and multi-axis mills. However, that’s no excuse not to know the fundamentals of the craft.

There was a video clip recently of an older couple driving a Tesla and attempting to top off the air in their tires with a nozzle for filling propane tanks. This is more than garden-variety stupidity. Our technology is being walled off from people’s understanding. Smartphones are presented as magical do-everything rectangles, and car engines are hidden beneath plastic shrouds, and everything is proprietary with electronic safeguards and end-to-end control to prevent tampering—or repair. Some think that big, monopolistic corporations are trying to make scads of money off unwitting consumers by making their tech non-serviceable, and there is some truth to that assertion. However, I think there’s something more insidious going on, here. It is as if the Overclass want people to believe that technological artifacts are a form of magic that cannot be rationally interrogated.

If you can crack anything open and go to work on it with a soldering iron, that shows that you have mastery over it. Modern devices have teeny tiny hyper-complex components that are permanently mounted and designed never to be replaced. This creates tremendous waste. Every year, the world generates 50 million tons of electronic waste. That’s a very large number. So large, it’s difficult to put it in terms that the human brain can readily comprehend. Wolfram Alpha says it’s half the estimated dry biomass of all humans alive, but even that doesn’t quite capture it, so let me put it in a way that’s easy to visualize. A Nimitz-class aircraft carrier has a displacement of a hundred thousand long tons. The E-waste the world produces yearly is 492 times that mass. A tiny fraction of this literal trash mountain is recycled, while the rest is landfilled or illegally dumped.

It really shows the stunning hypocrisy of the Davos elites, how they sit around discussing carbon emission trackers for their customers. They profited immensely from business practices that discouraged repair and reuse and encouraged wasteful consumption. They created a throwaway society by encouraging consumerism through relentless marketing and brainwashing, and now that they’re sitting on giant piles of money because of it, they want to put the genie of industrialization back in the bottle, pull up the ladder, and deny the rest of civilization access to our share of the enormous wealth that our technology generates.

It's a decades-long process. You can’t even see what’s happening unless you’re willing to examine things on very long time scales. People across the entire Anglosphere are being both subtly and not-so-subtly conditioned to view themselves as the powerless and mindless subjects of their reality rather than its masters and architects, and it shows in the sort of jobs that people increasingly do, which mostly consist of things that I, personally, would classify as non-work. What Klaus Schwab’s so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution proposes is a digital economy that consists principally of non-work; of information for the sake of information. That is, an information-based economy which does not pertain to any real facts or transform any real matter into useful goods. An industrial revolution without workers, for a world without people. In his books, Klaus Schwab extols the virtues of Airbnb and Uber, and how they—and similar digital platforms—were able to create more value than the industries they replaced, using fewer employees.

This is presented as something positive, a way to save labor and provide more advantages to the consumer. But what does it do on the other end? Let’s get real, here. Who actually likes working for Uber? Precarious employment on an on-demand basis, with no pension, no benefits. It’s less like you’re genuinely employed, and more like mommy’s giving you an allowance for driving drunk and irate people home from parties. People only do this sort of thing for a living out of necessity. Millions of people stand to be pushed beneath the poverty line by vanishing employment opportunities. The paradox here is that people want to work, and companies are complaining of being short-staffed, but nobody is hiring. Word on the street is, you can put out your resume to fifty different places and not even get one call back. What gives?

The answer to that question is quite simple. The owners of capital want to hoard it. Employing people is a terrible investment. Why pay someone’s wages when you can buy an asset that will appreciate in value faster and provide a greater return than the productivity your would-be employees would provide you? That’s the dirty secret of today’s labor markets. It’s why the pandemic was used as an asset grab opportunity by investment firms like Blackrock and Vanguard. From their perspective, they’re not doing anything nefarious. They’re just providing value to their clients.

Thomas Piketty wrote Capital in the Twenty-First Century, where he claimed that the return on capital investment was greater than wage growth. Bill Gates’ response to this, back in 2014, was to make a post on his personal blog, GatesNotes, entitled Why Inequality Matters, where Gates wrote, and I quote, “I fully agree that we don’t want to live in an aristocratic society in which already-wealthy families get richer simply by sitting on their laurels and collecting what Piketty calls ‘rentier income’—that is, the returns people earn when they let others use their money, land, or other property. But I don’t think America is anything close to that.”

Mind you, this is the same Bill Gates who continues to purchase hundreds of thousands of acres of American farmland, hoping to collect rents from it. And he’s not alone. Billions of dollars in investment funds are pouring into American land and housing. The world’s economy is collapsing into America. Who benefits from this? Institutional investors first, and American citizens last. What these investors experience as a profit, the average American experiences as an increase in the cost of commodities and housing. Eventually, the bubble pops, as it always does, when people finally realize that nobody is actually buying these houses because no one can afford them. It’s like that old Bird and Fortune skit about the subprime lending crisis. The problems always start for the institutional investors when the excitement wears off and actual professional appraisers are brought in. So long as no one ever actually checks on the real value of these investments, speculation-mania is allowed to persist.

Really, this is the crux of the problem with managerialism. It takes real commodities, real property, real resources, and it virtualizes them. There is no concern whatsoever for the fundamental physical reality and utility of goods and services, only raw numbers, spiraling endlessly into fantasy. This attitude towards finance and the economy, that only numbers matter and not the average citizen’s quality of life, is destroying our communities. People feel it instinctively, in their guts, but they’re unable to give voice to what they feel. They’re unable to articulate the nature of the problem. We have become a deeply divided and polarized society, not just in terms of ideology, but in terms of class. Class divisions are more than financial. They’re geographical. Everywhere you look, populist movements are sprouting up from rural areas, giving the mostly urban ruling class quite a scare. The yellow vests in France, the trucker protests in Canada, red hats in America. Why? Simple. The managerial system, in its obsession with paper-shuffling and artificial financial prosperity, has left millions of people behind.

The ruling class have constructed a model for an ideal society, and it’s centered on the elimination of the suburban middle class and its replacement with urbanism, neofeudalism, and serfdom, with a caste system consisting of property-owning rentiers who lease everything to commoners. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating; the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset are a massive rent-seeking exercise. All of this is fundamentally about who gets to control resources, us or them. What is the most basic difference between someone who’s wealthy and someone who’s poor? A wealthy individual controls more resources. It’s just that simple.

Money, on its own, without the presence of a healthy primary sector to mine resources and a secondary sector to turn them into useful products, is utterly meaningless. If you don’t believe that, then take a briefcase full of hundred dollar bills with you to a desert island and see what it buys. What money represents, ultimately, is the ability to control and direct some quantity of resources. Normal people don’t buy four-hundred-foot yachts. In order for someone to have a four-hundred-foot yacht, they need to be able to pay a shipyard for laborers; welders and pipe fitters and the like. The shipyard pays steel mills for steel, and the steel mills pay mines for ore. Ultimately, what every purchase represents, in the end, is the extraction of some quantity of a physical resource from Earth’s crust and its eventual refinement into a manufactured good.

A lot of the people in power don’t make money from labor. They make money with money. They shuffle paper. They exploit people with debt servitude. They speculate on housing and drive up its price. They do a thing called fractional reserve lending that is basically legalized counterfeiting, where a bank loans out ten times more money than they hold in actual deposits. Ultimately, this money created through the magic of high finance represents an unfair claim—invented from thin air—over some quantity of labor and/or natural resources, because it raises inflation and defaces the rest of the currency in circulation. They pull money right out of your pocket with inflation, and give that money to rich people as a massive loan, who then go on to pay for raw materials and labor, which constitutes people’s wages, and so on. They don’t teach people this stuff in school. Our money is basically an IOU backed by absolutely nothing.

The purpose of the throwaway economy, with its planned obsolescence and conspicuous consumption, with millions of people buying new iPhones every year to show them off to their coworkers, is simply to get people to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t actually have. That is, our bloated consumer goods market, with its labor arbitrage, its sweatshops, its environmental devastation and resource waste, ultimately serves only one purpose, and that’s enriching banks and huge tech companies.

A little over a decade ago, sixteen-year-old Chinese girls who lived in factory dormitories ringed by suicide nets made under a couple dollars an hour working sixteen-hour days with mandatory overtime. The goods were packaged up, shipped overseas on container ships spewing literal metric tons of carbon and sulfur into the air, and trucked from ports to big-box stores. They lined our Best Buy and Walmart aisles with toxic plastic junk that smells like VOCs, and then, to paraphrase George Carlin, we went to the mall and took our credit cards out of our fanny packs to buy a pair of sneakers that light up. Consumerism in America has transferred billions and trillions of dollars of wealth to would-be financial despots who now want to monopolize all resources, all property, and collect rents from them from now until the end of time, all in the name of sustainability.

The ruling class don’t believe you’re entitled to actually own a piece of the Earth. That’s for them to own, and for you to pay them rent to briefly fondle, before you shuffle off this mortal coil and let one of your descendants rent it from them, too. Basically, they don’t like how wealthy the average person is, especially in the West. Everything you’ve seen happen in the past couple years has been a deliberate attack on the health and wealth of the middle class. The Overclass want to lock us all up in a globe-spanning surveillance state that protects their property from us, the serfs.

Ida Auken, a former Minister for the Environment in Denmark and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, was filmed saying that every product is a service waiting to happen. She asked her audience why they feel like they need to own their smartphones, their washers and dryers, their refrigerators, et cetera, when they could just lease them all from a giant corporation that holds those assets in trust for rich people, instead. Well, I can tell you why we don’t want to do that. It’s because, in the long term, we’d end up paying vastly more for the same individual unit of production, increasing the already obscene wealth gap even more, and because, more importantly, private property ownership is the only guarantor of freedom and of human rights.

If you rent everything to live, then what happens if the bank freezes your accounts? We all saw what happened to the trucker protestors in Canada. If they say you’re a dissenter, or a terrorist, or whatever charges they feel like fabricating for your non-compliance with their disgusting, cowardly, tyrannical behavior, they can make your money go poof. If you leased everything to live, then you now have the shirt on your back and a burlap sack with some dirt and weeds in it. You have nothing. You’re homeless. Forcing citizens to lease everything to live is a cynical, tyrannical form of social control. It means that when you’re unemployed, or frozen out of the financial system, you have no assets, no property to fall back on, nothing you can pawn, if need be. It means no inheritance. It means your family can’t pass down valuable heirlooms and assets to your children, or your children’s children, nor can you receive such from your parents. Basically, the arrangement of rentier-overlord and helpless serf reduces you to an isolated consumer-unit, constantly throwing money uphill and into the pockets of the rentier class.

It’s cynical and insane of the Overclass to try and force this intolerable arrangement on millions of people who are acclimated to freedom. They know this. That’s why they want comprehensive electronic mind control. It’s why they want mass immigration from poorer countries to more affluent ones. They want society to be composed of people who would not object to the notion of becoming obedient serfs in the dystopian cyberpunk surveillance state with smart cities and biometric implants that they’re trying to build. The rentier class attack the family as an institution because it represents a bargaining unit with interests diametrically opposed to theirs. They want you single, isolated, cut off from support, cut off from community, just another face in the crowd, just another cog in the machine, like Metropolis.

This isn’t fiction. This is quite literally the Davos Men in their own words. This is their explicitly stated agenda. They want absolute control of the narrative because they know that the populists are correct about how globalization has enshrined our disenfranchisement in law and in our institutions, and without that absolute, despotic control over what people are allowed to say about this on social media, the globalists fear the attacks on their stranglehold over humanity will intensify and they will lose their grip.

Releasing an engineered virus and mandating a lethal vaccine to consolidate their power is not a depth of depravity that these people would be in any way squeamish about stooping to. We already know all about Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book, and how none of Ghislaine Maxwell’s clients were charged with a crime. There are a large number of pedophiles in power who have taken over many of our institutions from the inside, slowly, over many years, by installing figures sympathetic to their blighted cause.

The stuff that these people do on a regular basis is quite frankly so evil that it beggars belief. Even cartoon villains have more scruples. Really, it makes it difficult to wake people up about what the Overclass have actually been doing, because it’s so audacious and evil, people’s brains just shut down when confronted with this sort of thing. If you’re still on the fence about elite pedophilia, look up the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium and the X-Dossiers. Look into the Finders cult and the Franklin coverup. It’s a consistent pattern. So, no, these people would not feel morally conflicted in the least about releasing a bioweapon on the world’s populace, or poisoning people en masse with a lethal vaccine. They’ve already done plenty worse in private.

If you don’t realize the level of evil we’re dealing with right now, let me make it clear. You are dealing with full-fledged psychopaths who believe that they are fully entitled to your body, to your children’s bodies, for labor, for sex, for internal organs, for literally anything that pleases them. The Overclass are directly involved in human trafficking for all three of those things; labor, sex, and organs. They see you as things, not people. That’s the game that we are playing. If you aren’t in that mindset, if you don’t start off with the assumption that our enemies wish us to forfeit all agency over our lives to them and treat us like things, like slaves, then you will lose, and the reason why you will lose is because you are assuming a basic level of human empathy in your adversary that does not exist. Only psychopaths would order the engineering of a virus to clear out pension and Medicaid rolls and pocket the difference. Only psychopaths would order the practical extermination of the elderly in nursing homes. Only psychopaths would suppress Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other readily available repurposed therapeutics, hoping that more people would die. Only psychopaths would inject billions of people with an untested gene therapy drug miscast as a vaccine, which causes myocarditis, amyloid fibrin clotting, and autoimmune disease, and is killing doctors and athletes before our very eyes. Only psychopaths would then proceed to control the media and invent fictitious causes for these mass deaths while suppressing all alternative narratives.

The first premise we must accept, therefore, is that our opponents are psychopaths, and that our governments and institutions are chock-full of them. Is it really any surprise? We have created a system of government that selects for the most psychopathic, not the most empathetic. Our elections are an exercise in egotism and self-aggrandizement, raising to public office the most vicious self-promoters, not the most qualified people. Our bureaucracies full of unelected appointees are even worse; these people are indoctrinated in game theory, psychology, and management cybernetics so they can weaponize it against the public, stripping people of political agency for the managerial system’s benefit. Our leaders conduct brutal wars of aggression that have killed millions of innocent people in the Middle East and North Africa, and then cloak their acts of wanton mass murder in soft, humanitarian language. For years and years, people didn’t care. They looked the other way, or even cheered on the carnage because they were under the spell of patriotism. Trillions of dollars thrown down a hole, for nothing. For what the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine have cost us, we could have had high-speed rail, fiber optic networks, repaved roads, and rebuilt bridges. What ever happened to home and hearth? Why do our leaders permit us to live in squalor, while they launder billions of our tax dollars and funnel them straight into the pockets of their cronies? How many briefcases full of cash are leaving Ukraine as we speak?

Let me tell you what a true patriot would do. A true patriot would evict these monsters from our power structure, cut off their finances completely by ending the system of central banking, dissolve our corrupted intelligence agencies, reform our schools, establish stiff tariffs on foreign-made goods, and empower our workers and families. It’s only fair. They’ve robbed us, spied on us, miseducated our children, liquidated our productive industries, and ruined our communities by permitting rampant unemployment, drug abuse, and homelessness. We may complain that the coronavirus has sabotaged our societies, but since when have we not been subject to sabotage? It has been a decades-long process, one which is only just now becoming evident to a larger portion of the population.

The ruling class are afraid of losing their grip. They’re afraid of us throwing off the mental shackles they’ve placed upon us. That is why it is imperative that we do so, as quickly as we can.


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