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Spartacast 04

Spartacast 04

The rage grows

Hey guys, Spartacus, here for a fourth Spartacast.

I’ve spent the past few weeks working on various projects while growing increasingly enraged at the reports I’ve seen. The vaccine-injured are growing in number. They are being given very little consideration by public officials, the vast majority of whom seem eager to sweep everything under the rug and pretend it never happened.

This is infuriating. We were already at a tipping point, months ago, where the number of vaccine-injured should’ve been obvious enough to force the immediate cessation of the vaccination campaign.

And yet, governments worldwide are persistent in their use of coercion to try and convince people to take unproven nucleic acid vaccines with a laundry list of horrendous side effects.

The ruling class are at war with humanity. The Pirbright Institute, the Wellcome Trust, the Tavistock Institute, Sequoia Capital, Rosemont Seneca, the CIA, USAID, DARPA, DTRA, EcoHealth Alliance, Metabiota, Labyrinth Global Health, the so-called One Health initiative and the Global Virome Project; all are linked together in what I’ve come to call the BDM, or Biodefense Mafia.

In the US, they’ve greatly expanded civilian biodefense and then outsourced it to foreign countries while letting military biodefense spending remain static. For years, USAMRIID and the like were in a sorry state. They just don’t need the military labs anymore. Not when they can do the same work in dozens of civilian labs on the other side of the planet where the money is funneled in by Quasi-NGOs acting as front organizations for spying agencies, none of the lab technicians speak English, and no one will blow the whistle. Our governments have sought zero-accountability, zero-transparency biolab capacity for years. There have been very little in the way of watchdog organizations to try and root this out and get these people to explain why they’re doing this in secret, in utter contempt of the public and our safety. Ed Hammond and the Sunshine Project tried to shed light on it, but they went under in 2008 because they couldn’t get enough funding. Did the expansion of the biolab capacity stop, in the interim? On the contrary. It increased.

Mark my words, the Round Table and the Olympians were responsible for all of this. Everything I have seen so far points straight back at the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee of 300, and their many front organizations. Their specific goal in mind is undoubtedly mass mind control, likely patterned off DARPA’s wireless BCI research. The virus is a ruse. A bit of misdirection. It exists to justify the shots. The endless vaccines and booster shots, in turn, give the ruling class a foot in the door to inject basically anything into anyone, anywhere, at any time, including cutting-edge nanotechnology that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Their agenda is hidden in plain sight, between DARPA’s Brain Initiative, bioethicists openly discussing “Cognitive Warfare” at West Point, and the World Economic Forum casually posting articles on the Internet of Bodies and human augmentation. The aim here is, quite clearly, to violate people’s right to privacy and human autonomy in an unprecedented manner. Outside the context of total war, citizens have a reasonable expectation not to be the target of military action. Information warfare violates that expectation. Private citizens are targeted relentlessly with propaganda and bot-driven narratives on social media. Those who fail to conform are singled out as “information terrorists”, as if writing a blog article was morally equivalent to setting off a bomb in a crowded market, or “infodemic spreaders”, as if ideas were a form of disease.

What we have witnessed over the course of the past two years is the implementation of a comprehensive system of social control founded on a set of particular ideals that have gained prominence and power over the past century, particularly technocracy (or Saint-Simonianism) and the closely related managerialism. Governments and private firms worldwide have adopted managerialist tenets, from top to bottom. Scientism, or the worship of science (with credentialed experts functioning as clergymen), is an offshoot of technocracy and managerialism. In other words, it is the application of a faith-based system as a means of social control in a broader managerialist context.

What these people have tried to bring about over the course of the past century is an allegedly meritocratic rule by experts, who, in turn, are controlled by aristocratic dark money networks. In other words, they have pushed for the diminishment of the power of elected officials and sovereignty of local governments and their replacement with societal control and gatekeeping of knowledge by credentialed experts, as well as administration by way of supranational institutions instead of national ones. These experts and unelected bureaucrats are applying techniques from cybernetics and game theory to implement broad social control. To put it bluntly, they view society as a machine, with discrete inputs and outputs and signals, which can be programmed, like a programmable logic controller, using behavioral science and propaganda to nudge people this way and that.

This ideology is fundamentally at odds with entrepreneurial capitalism, the Enlightenment, and classical liberalism. It doesn’t view human beings as enlightened free agents acting on accurate information about their surroundings, but rather, as a horde of dim-witted animals to be penned in, classified, cattle-tagged, and cattle-prodded from one paddock to the next. To that end, it is reliant on obscurantism. The technocracy fosters ignorance, authoritarianism, and knee-jerk obedience in the population through a sabotaged educational system that creates intellectually stunted, conformist, half-wit adults who have been rendered intellectually incapable of challenging authority figures in any meaningful manner. If they do challenge authority, it is only to further unseat local politicians and the bourgeoisie and hollow out more spaces for the gray, bland uniformity of technocracy and managerialism to infest like a fungus.

For the past century, the answer to every conceivable social problem has been more bureaucracy, not less. Governments have adopted language from private industry. The modern welfare state uses the same performance metrics and market testing techniques that were developed in the private sector. The private sector, for their part, have adopted inanities like ESG investing to try and whitewash their negative externalities—like the environmental impacts of their businesses—by lumping everything under a single score and pretending that politically-correct language and diverse employment offsets their pollution. ESG scores say that it’s fine to fill the environment with microplastics, polychlorinated biphenyls, and polyfluoroalkyl substances, so long as you hire a BIPOC lesbian with a bum leg and have her replace the hot supermodels in your marketing with noodle-limbed pastel caricatures whipped up in Adobe Illustrator.

If managerialism is good at one thing, it is evading real responsibility or accountability, putting bowties and wrapping paper on social ills, and kicking the can of genuine social and environmental problems down the road. In David Graeber’s The Utopia of Rules, he articulated how the modern-day Left have no real critique of bureaucracy without resorting to a watered-down version of the Right-wing argument against it. Indeed, this has been my own anecdotal observation, as well. Basically, if you want a cogent critique of managerialism and the largely unopposed march of bureaucracy, you need to resort to reading James Burnham or Samuel T. Francis.

I have friends and enemies on all parts of the political spectrum. I’ve tried broaching the topic of excess bureaucracy with Left-wing and Liberal friends, and the wild accusations I received in turn were shocking. There are people out there who seriously think that bureaucracy and managerialism are creating a, quote unquote, “safer world”, and that if you’re opposed to tiny, liability-proof playground swing sets and the compulsive need of hand-wringers to label everything with Proposition 65 warnings that they contain cancer-causing substances and may cut your otherwise eternal life very short, you must be some horrifying Social Darwinist who wants people to be exposed to unnecessary risks so that they die prematurely and gruesomely.

These types of people, who are obsessed with collective safety over civil liberties and personal responsibility, are the sort who would fit right into a New World Order. They have allowed themselves to be ruled by fear, and as a result, they have made themselves into moral and spiritual cripples. Democracy is only possible if the majority of the population is composed of strong-willed and well-informed people, who have the capacity to elect leaders. These people don’t want leaders. They want babysitters for their extended childhoods. Managerialism is only so happy to provide such babysitters, with its leveling, homogenizing influence and its promise of a risk-free playground of a world where every thornbush is meticulously stripped of its prickly protuberances.

By now, you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with COVID-19. Well, managerialism and technocracy are the ideals that gave us Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Rochelle Walensky, Ardern, Macron, Trudeau, and so on. We allow ourselves to be ruled by these, and other megalomaniacs, because most people are cowards who don’t want to experience the very real existential terror entailed in taking responsibility for their own lives.

In Ludwig von Mises’ 1949 book Human Action, he stated that, and I quote, “There is no means by which anyone can evade his responsibility. Whoever neglects to examine to the best of his abilities all the problems involved voluntarily surrenders his birthright to a self-appointed elite of supermen.”

This is even more problematic when the self-appointed elite of supermen to which vast swaths of the population yield their responsibility over their lives consists of mass-murdering psychos who wouldn’t think twice about injecting millions of people with poison. When a society yields control over their lives to a faceless and unaccountable bureaucracy of unelected experts, they take the millions of individual and redundant failure points of a civilization—its citizens—and reduce those failure points to a select few. In engineering, you want as few single points of failure as possible. In bureaucracy, it’s perfectly fine to place the fate of an entire country directly into the hands of a sneering sociopath.

Now that it’s quickly becoming apparent that these mRNA vaccines do, in fact, kill people, Congress and the media in the US are trying to shift the blame onto Donald Trump, saying that he rushed the vaccine through, with Operation Warp Speed. What? By Moderna’s own admission, mRNA-1273 took them less than 48 hours to develop. They bragged about this, about how we “had the vaccine all along”. Pundits who declared that they’d “never take the Trump vaccine” in late 2020 pulled a 180 the following year and demanded that everyone take it. The gaslighting and duplicity is shocking and infuriating. These people honestly believe that we have the attention span of a Border Collie and won’t hold them accountable for things they said over a month ago.

Whitney Webb is saying that the mRNA for Moderna’s Omicron booster shots are manufactured by a CIA-linked company called National Resilience. And, indeed, the entire concept of a rapid-deployed nucleic acid vaccine appears to be a creation of the Biodefense Mafia. These are not ordinary inoculations. They were developed with DARPA and BARDA funding and are essentially military biodefense products. It’s almost like they’re testing the waters, expecting releases of deadlier bioweapons down the road. Which, honestly, brings us to the real problem, which is that governments worldwide are disregarding very reasonable treaties that forbid the creation and use of bioweapons.

Bioweapons are the weapon of choice for use by the rich against the poor. The wealthy can afford to insulate themselves from the effects. You can’t get sick with a communicable disease if you hide in a mansion or bunker. The poor use public transport and congregate in bars and music venues. Ultimately, the main advantage of bioweapons over nuclear weapons or conventional ordnance is that you get to eradicate a population while leaving infrastructure intact. The wealthy aristocrats behind the Committee of 300 see you as worker bees at best, or termites at worst. You build the hive, and then they fumigate you and move in. The “Great Reset” is a massive rent-seeking enterprise. After murdering you, the Overclass intend to lay claim to your property and collect rents from it.

They’re actually quite explicit about this. “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” is tantamount to saying, “you will be a helpless serf and rent everything you need to live”. Private property is the foundation of human rights. If you have no property, then you have no rights. If you rent everything and own nothing, then the authorities can simply cut you off, whenever they like. They want the power to ground you for disobedience, like a child. Really, that’s what the New World Order fundamentally is. One globe-spanning adult daycare for the few that the uber-wealthy need to keep alive, for their own pleasure.

There are people out there who are honestly delusional enough to think that this system is looking out for their best interests. What, are they insane? The uber-rich see you and your kids as some combination of slave labor, sex toys, and a pile of spare transplant organs for when their hearts, lungs, and livers are blackened and clogged by overindulgence. And some people actually believe, what, that these rich psychopaths—and the armies of bureaucrats, spy agencies, and experts who answer to them—are interested in the wellbeing of average people?

It just goes to show that people don’t know their history. They can look at Unit 731, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, MKULTRA, the Phoenix Program, COINTELPRO, Iran-Contra, and the CIA torture reports out of Gitmo, all the decades of human experimentation and wanton murder and mutilation of innocent people, and they can say to themselves and others, with a straight face, “Sure, governments did bad things in the past, but they’re okay now”.

Democide is a leading cause of death. According to the late Professor Rudolph Rummel, governments murdered 262 million people throughout the 20th Century. Why do people even care about ideological purity tests? Left-wing, right-wing, it doesn’t matter. To the predatory Overclass, you’re all meat. You could walk straight into a blast furnace and be incinerated for all they care. We have ample proof of this disposition of theirs. And yet, through some combination of denial, existential dread, and ideological brainwashing, people have conditioned themselves to ignore violations of the social contract, and to assume that it is in force when it is not. If they gave the matter much thought, they’d soon realize that there never really was such a thing as a social contract. It was more of a social suggestion than anything else.

I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but there is an article, doing the rounds on Twitter right now, where a twelve-year-old girl had forty percent of the skin on her body start falling off due to a rare autoimmune reaction after a dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. There are undoubtedly thousands of small children walking around, on this planet, right now, with subclinical myopericarditis caused by the mRNA vaccines, whose parents don’t realize that their kids may drop dead within four years. So brutal and all-encompassing is this genocide, the so-called authorities have forbidden us to speak of it, characterizing those who do as bloodthirsty malcontents sowing the seeds of doubt and dissent, or as agents of foreign powers.

According to Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, Peter Daszak was already colluding with the US Department of Homeland Security to form a “Ground Truth Network” of experts and technocrats, years before the pandemic. If you follow up on these claims, you can find the exact proposals and funding streams, and the dates, and the people who were involved. It’s not a secret, buried in a box of documents somewhere. It’s a matter of public record. That’s premeditation.

During the pandemic, millions of people were put out of work, small businesses were forced to close, and all that commerce was redirected right into the pockets of e-commerce giants, pharmaceutical companies, and big box retailers. The virus gave already quite powerful corporations and hedge funds the opportunity to consolidate their power and steal trillions of dollars from working-class Americans and entrepreneurs. In other words, it was used as a way to consolidate even more power into the hands of the managerial, technocratic system while attacking and dismantling the bourgeoisie. This, of course, is a necessary step before the takeover of the New World Order, who plan to build their globe-spanning empire on a foundation of materialist and savagely anti-human ideals.

They have spent years normalizing mass surveillance culture. It’s a slippery slope. Just a few cameras are never enough. They want to know exactly where you are, what you’re doing, and what your vital signs are, 24/7. It’s getting to the point where farmers honestly give their animals more privacy and respect than our leaders afford to ordinary people. The only people who are spared this ridiculous level of scrutiny are, of course, the unaccountable Overclass and their minions.

Not even children are spared. The World Economic Forum and the Wellcome Trust’s transhumanist arm known as Wellcome Leap literally want small children to be implanted with tracking and identification chips like animals. Militaries worldwide are investigating transhuman tech as a means of augmenting soldiers and spies. This is leading to a new arms race, one where people will be left behind and unable to contribute meaningfully to society unless they’re augmented. In all likelihood, it will lead to a caste system where augmented immortal demigods lord over mind-controlled serfs and use them as extensions of their own bodies. This is not hyperbole, and it’s not science fiction. It’s a very real and tangible threat to human autonomy. Rafael Yuste did not found the Neurorights Foundation for nothing. The unethical use of cutting-edge neurotechnology—such as optogenetics, magnetogenetics, and RF-responsive nanoparticles—to enforce tyranny is a real-world problem, not a hypothetical one.

Suppose a method was devised where some portion of the processing capacity of the human brain could be harnessed as part of a global cloud network, using brain-computer interfaces. Even if it only used one hundredth of the power of each brain that contributed to it, this network would be the most powerful distributed supercomputer in existence, capable of hosting machine learning algorithms and solving problems far more complex than even the most advanced manmade neuromorphic computers today. Supercomputers that cost a billion dollars and consume many megawatts of electricity struggle to equal the performance of one brain that draws twenty watts. We’ve got a whole lot of super-high-efficiency, multi-billion-dollar supercomputers walking around, and they’re inside people’s heads. It’s much easier and cheaper to hijack a brain than it is to build one. Human brain data has the potential to be a far more valuable commodity in the hands of the Overclass than our social media profiles or any other human-derived metric that is traded on the market. Compulsory BCIs could be used to pacify populist unrest and render dissenters effectively braindead, enabling tyranny the likes of which have never been seen before on this planet.

People absolutely have a right to address this and to bring it under the floodlights of public scrutiny, without being harassed and targeted by our own governments for doing so. If a criminal Overclass want to bring about the menticide of billions of people for their own pleasure and benefit, then they should have no expectation of insulation from reasonable criticism being leveled at this monstrous endeavor of theirs. It’s frankly galling, how they think they can just wave a magic wand and say “you didn’t see that”, and the public are expected not to trust our own senses and our faculties of reason. This all ties back to technocracy, managerialism, scientism, and credentialism. If someone engages in critical thinking these days, the authorities want you to demonstrate that you have a license to think critically.

The unspoken flipside of this is that if you don’t have such a license, you are little more than a subject of their whims, and not a free agent at all. The general assumption of managerialism is that the average person is too stupid to be allowed to control their own fate. That’s why they’ve employed what Alexei Yurchak and Adam Curtis called hypernormalization; the manager caste, on behalf of the Overclass, have crafted wholly fictional worlds for people to live in, depending on their creed, to create in them a sense of satisfaction that their ideals have sufficient representation. That is to say, the managers have given up on allowing people to participate in an actual democracy, so they gave us the 18-hole mini golf version of democracy while reserving all the important decision-making powers for themselves.

The more I glimpse of the true shape of all of this, the angrier I get. How are people not furious? The people in power are treating us like we’re less than children. Less than animals, even. And we’re expected to just sit here and take it. Why? Why have we allowed this madness to continue unopposed for so long?

My advice is, get mad, but temper it with reason. This isn’t over. The forces of evil have made it clear that they are not going down without a struggle.


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