As I recall, Brussels has forbidden 5G towers.

Maybe the people in parts of Switzerland and in Brussels know what's up because they are in on it.

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5g towers went up everywhere during lockdown.. I find that a huge red flag.

Secondly the tests conducted in order to qualify for licence was run for a very short time at a low amplitude.. not at the maximum 60 gigahertz it is capable of.. one test run at 30 gigahertz saw birds drop out of the sky.

We are naturally magnetic creatures due to being on a planet surrounded by magnetic forces.. 7.8 htz... when we stand on Earth barefooted or take a dip in the sea.. we discharge all the positive ions because in health .. we should be negatively charged.. who is willing to bet that 5G messes up our natural balance of magnetism and replaces it with a disruptive force?

I use a PEMF device.. it has the earth frequencies set in to it.. do you not suppose these controlling elites already know the likely outcome of 5g on the masses.. in order to get a faster download we are willing to destroy our health.. that’s beyond stupid.

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πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Martin Pall's work has been excellent in the EMF. As has many others as Frances Leader has pointed out many times before. I personally like Garieve's pioneering work and Beverly Rubik's work.

Taking the calcium ion channels further- in relation to the effects of SARS Cov2 on the elderly originally, it's assumed that this is because the immune system is thought to get worn out during the aging process (along with organs and additional comorbities), making them succeptible. Which, given that this "degenerative aging process" is the general assumption that both allopathic and alternative medicine have been operating under for decades (regardless of evidence to the contrary and research showing otherwise), hence both systems, advise the elderly to heavily dose calcium tablets to prevent bone deminerisation, which by the way, is far more impacted by vitamin D3 and copper (iron recycling), and their interactions with selenium and iodine, than with calcium levels....πŸ˜πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Side note, Musk's Starlink programme is accelerating, with the most satalites launched so far and on target to have a "satalites grid" interwoven across the entire globe, by 2030. Now that all the "conspiracy theories" have essentially been confirmed, can we actually get on with shutting this $#!@ down before 10G gets released to the public!!!???? Because that affects a whole lot more than ion channels.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‘

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I have yet to see a study on the biological effects of EM energy that is worth the paper it is written on. The studies always use excessively high field strengths. Spartacus shows the penetration depth attenuation vs. frequency chart. The studies use cell cultures in Petri dishes directly under an antenna with unrealistic transmit power. The entire field of study can be filed under BAD SCIENCE.

5G uses the same frequency bands as 4G and 3G and some of 2G. 5G also can use much higher frequency bands, but these are not widely used because of the problems with propagation distance. For example, these higher frequencies may be useful in a football stadium but are not very good for any other environment. As the penetration depth chart shows, these higher frequencies can't penetrate the skin more than 0.5mm. 5G also uses the same frequencies as WiFi, Bluetooth and cordless phones (not much used any longer). If 5G poses a health risk, these other communication standards also do. People walk around all day with Bluetooth earbuds in their ears, transmitting 2.4GHz microwave energy (the exact frequency used by microwave ovens) directly into their brains. But we must fear 5G? 5G uses smaller cell sizes, so there will be more antennas, but they will broadcast with much lower transmit power, which is good. The phased-array beam steering is not something to fear. It is something to be thankful for if you want less exposure to EM energy. By beam steering, you only get exposed to EM energy from the base station when it needs to talk to your device, not when transmitting to other devices located away from you.

Every person is bathed in a sea of EM energy. Take a look at this Frequency Allocation Chart for the US.


5G is but one tiny sliver on the chart. Someone needs to explain why all of the other sources of EM energy we are exposed to are not a problem. I can't prove that EM energy is harmless, but most of the world is bathed in it 24/7, and this has been going on for decades without correlation to any particular diseases. Our bodies operate on electric current but at very low frequencies. The electricity in our homes is much closer in frequency to what the body uses. Whenever current flows in a wire, an EM field is radiated. The higher the current, the stronger the EM field. As our ovens, clothes dryers, hair dryers and air conditioners run, we are exposed to very strong EM fields. Every electronic device utilizes a switching power supply to convert the AC power to lower voltage DC. These power supplies emit a tremendous amount of EM energy. An automobile is also an environment that exposes you to strong EM fields, from the electronic ignition to the radars that are built into most modern cars. Every car with backup sensors and collision sensors utilizes radar at 77GHz. A driver is exposed to this EM energy from their vehicle and every car driving near them.

Spartacus did a better job than most on this subject, but it still does the disservice of propagating the unsupportable claims about 5G harming people. The linkage between 5G and COVID is even more egregious. The spike protein in the virus and the injections is shown to have over 40 mechanisms of injury, using quality science. We now know that a murderous standard of care likely killed most people labeled as being killed by COVID: no early treatment with safe drug protocols, the use of Remdesivir (destroying organs) and forced ventilation. Those following the quality research know about the tremendous injury and death associated with the Spike Protein Injections. It is speculated that many diseases and deaths will follow over time due to the effects of the Spike Protein in the body. With this very large and obvious target, why are people focusing on the fantasy of "self-assembling nanobots" and 5G? If we focus our energy on phantom threats, then real threats proceed unmolested.

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No 5g is a different frequency to 4g .. it is used on the battlefield to target enemy positions and confuse and disrupt thinking strategies... developed by Military for a reason.. so everyone trying to tell you it’s okay.. it’s safe .. are not telling you the whole truth...

Already people are experiencing health issues .. sleeping issues when they leave phones and routers on.... try switching even 4g off at night and notice how much better you sleep.. this technology is in its infancy.. and even children developing brain tumours because their bedrooms sit inside and electric pylons magnetic field took years to prove.. yet even now .. with that knowledge.. nothing gets done changed or stopped.. join the dots.

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not sure about all the papers on covid. Remember all the papers on Alzheimer and not one step closer to knowing what it is, what triggers it, let alone a treatment. Has been going on for 100 or so years. Just started reading the book 'crooked' about damage by heavy metals and jabs. Going on for almost 200 years. I have the idea that the medical world is in a topsy tervy jar, or should we say, a money cookie jar?

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Magnesium is nature's calcium channel blocker, and many are deficient.

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nahhh ... swiss are known as cheese makers .... if there was anything trump would have told us ...

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What I find as interesting is your discussion of calcium chanels and that as it turns out, coronaviruses love calcium and that SARS-CoV-2 envelope structural protein found to form voltage-activated and calcium-activated calcium channels.

According to this article published by the NIH. Given the crucial role of calcium channels in the cardiac conduction system, mutations and dysfunctions of these channels are known to cause several diseases and disorders. - ( Calcium Channels in the Heart: Disease States and Drugs: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35326393/ )

The combination of the virus and it also being voltage activated also shines a light on the heart issues associated with Covid from a calcium channel perspective and not just the blood-clot aspect.

Linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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emfhelpcenter.com, this guy rocks, appropriate anger and well informed.

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Your article is deliberately constructed to deceive your readers.

In the first paragraph you mislead by asserting that airborne 'viruses' exist. Please provide evidence for that sweeping and inaccurate claim.

In the final paragraph you concede that EMFs from 5G may be something to worry about!

You have the NERVE to refer to a Professor as a 'fellow' as if he is alone in his deliberations and conclusions!

Please note the work of Prof Yuri Grigoriev, Arthur Firstenberg, Dr Magda Havas and many others.

We have discussed this matter before and I have provided an archive of related studies, articles and books here:


It would seem that you have neglected to visit that archive.

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Many tools can be used as a weapon.

Should we outlaw the shovel ?

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there is a lot of information and discussion concerning terrain vs germ theory and that a virus is not what we have been taught.

this seems to go along with the idea that much of what we are taught is, in fact, incorrect or only partially correct.

i saw yesterday a testimonial by a NYC cop who developed blindness as a result of diabetes and was told his condition was irreversible and required a number of pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms. He didn't accept this, and through diet was able to reverse the cause and thus healed himself. His mother, taking 12 pills daily, did likewise.

There is also much offered about the virus never having been sequenced.

There appears to be a deeper agenda and that "science" is less settled than appears.

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Great Leap Forward!

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β€œFor another thing, there are hundreds of thousands of papers that have been published on SARS-CoV-2 itself. It is pretty much a statistical impossibility, at this point, that the entire body of research on COVID-19 describes a hoax. The no-virus theories simply don’t hold up to the most basic of scrutiny.β€œ

These are ridiculous statements. Just because a self-serving, profligately funded industry is writing about something, does not make it a statistical certainty to exist.

Additionally, there are no β€œno virus theories”. What we have are virus theories which don’t stand up to the most basic of scrutiny from the No Virus crowd.

Why are you being so deliberate to establish that SARS-COV-2 is a real thing? That seems like the whole point of this article. The rest is window dressing.

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You're supposed to be smart. Do you seriously believe there is an invisible "virus"floating in the air? Maybe you believe in witches and goblins too. 🀑

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