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Spartacast 11

Spartacast 11

Hopping mad

Hey everyone, Spartacus here for the eleventh Spartacast.

I’ve just redone the transcript for the Biodefense Mafia documentary, with inline citations and some much-needed notes and corrections. It has 455 references, now. I’ve also been reorganizing things around the home these past few weeks. I’ve been boxing up a lot of old junk to clear my workspace a bit and make everything neat and orderly.

A couple weeks ago, while I was redoing the transcript, I started looking around for references for the supposed Jose Delgado quote at the beginning, and though I found the quote reprinted on a lot of conspiracy blogs and AZQuotes, I couldn’t find a transcript with the original source. The quote is supposedly from Jose Delgado’s statements to Congress, in number 26, volume 118, 1974. Just one problem with this. There is no such record. Volume 118 of the Congressional Record dates to 1972. As I continued digging, I found an essay entitled Jose Delgado: A Case Study – Science, Hubris, Nemesis and Redemption, by Barry Blackwell. In this essay, the egregious quote attributed to Delgado is claimed to have come from a statement to Congress by Peter R. Breggin, two years before. In fact, the actual record is Volume 118, Part 5, 1972, 92nd Congress, 2nd Session, Extensions of Remarks, where New Jersey representative Cornelius Gallagher entered an article by Peter Breggin into the record which summarized and excoriated Jose Delgado’s work. The quote is plausibly a fabrication made by paraphrasing statements made in this article.

On the one hand, I was quite upset that the quote was likely fabricated. However, this new line of investigation raised questions of its own. First off, Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger Breggin wrote COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, an excellent book that I highly recommend.

Secondly, as I started reading up on Cornelius Gallagher’s life and exploits, I took note of a couple things.

Cornelius Gallagher was a staunch privacy advocate and was chair of a Congressional subcommittee established in the sixties to investigate invasion of privacy, to which the author Vance Packard was called upon as an expert witness. See, even back then, at the dawn of the Information Age, there were some rather prescient concerns that computer databases could be used to form detailed dossiers on unwitting Americans, constituting a permanent record of the most asinine, microscopic minutiae of our lives. Of course, with the ubiquity of big data and social media, that nightmare has, in the intervening years, become our reality.

He also opposed the efforts of the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover to transform America into a surveillance state, for which he was blackmailed, censured, and persecuted with tax evasion charges.

The Deep State have been moving their pawns into position for fifty years. What we are seeing today is an echo of plans laid down in the seventies. The technology wasn’t good enough yet, back then, for them to establish the sort of comprehensive surveillance they’d planned. It’s more than good enough now. In fact, it’s all around us.

It’s in our phones, with their cameras, both visible and infrared, GPS modules, accelerometers, and MEMS gyroscopes. It’s on our wrists, in the form of Smart Watches that know our vital signs and record and analyze physiological data. It’s in our houses, with smart home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home managing our lights, thermostats, door cameras, and so on. It’s on our streets, with CCTV cameras and small-cell access points on every corner. It’s in our grocery stores with contactless payment systems.

Smart Cities take all of this, and they turn it up to eleven, with every single thing tracked and digitized and internet-enabled. There are a few places where Smart City tech is largely normalized. The Songdo International Business District in South Korea, Singapore, and Tel Aviv are a few examples. To many Americans, the concept of a Smart City is completely alien and a disgusting invasion of privacy, and yet, with the help of Silicon Valley, our leaders are trying to move things in this direction without caring how the public feels about it. Right now, people like Josep Jornet, Ian Akyildiz, and Sakhrat Khizroev are involved in research into how to integrate smart tech directly into the human body. There are publicly available research papers that describe how 6G networks should be integrated with implantable nanotechnology to turn people’s bodies into smart devices, such that they can pay for things with a swipe of a hand and never bother carrying a wallet around ever again because their debit cards and driver’s licenses are all digital and integrated into their implants, but also so that their health can be monitored and their physiological data sent over the internet to their doctors 24/7.

I’m not going to mince words. Smart Cities, wearables, smart home devices, IOT, the Internet of Bodies, the Internet of Everything, whatever they want to call it, all of it has one main purpose in mind, and that is to collect and analyze human behavioral and physiological data, with the aim of turning our cities into AI-administrated open-air prisons. If you can pull physiological data out of people’s bodies, such as their heart rate and rhythm, skin galvanic response, O2 saturation, the activation of different facial muscle groups, et cetera, it’s like having everyone hooked up to lie detectors all the time.

With just a little AI analysis of the data, you can determine someone’s emotional state and their opinion about anything from moment to moment. With this data, you can create predictive models of people’s behavior. People act like this is science fiction when you spell it out plainly to them like that, but it isn’t. They’ve been slaves to the almighty algorithm for years and they don’t even realize it. Every time they use YouTube or Netflix, predictive algorithms are already feeding them content based on their prior consumption patterns. These algorithms know more about your personality and your preferences than you know about yourself.

With the right analysis applied to data about people’s media consumption habits, it’s possible to make assumptions about what sort of person a user is and what their personality is like. All you need is to associate certain kinds of media consumption with certain personality metrics. All around us, there is a sort of creeping, insidious cyber-authoritarianism, blending behavioral psychology, classical cybernetics, and a ubiquitous surveillance panopticon. This system is subtly obliterating human agentic behavior and reducing people to mere subjects of mathematical processes. The goal, obviously, is to strip human beings of creative power and reduce us to mere consumers of artificial stimuli. Vance Packard wrote numerous books about this back in the day, such as The Hidden Persuaders, The Naked Society, The People Shapers, and so on.

In a normal post-Enlightenment democracy, the purpose of the State is to defend people’s rights to liberty and property. The individual and their desires are centered; people act as agents, determining the course of civilization by expressing their rational self-interest.

For the behaviorists of the 20th century, this is all basically a feel-good fiction. They just assume that people collect their behaviors from other people conditioning them and do nothing of their own originality, therefore, there should be nothing wrong with turning society into a great big Skinner box that conditions people to be better citizens, even to the extent of taking away individual choices and replacing them with a mere illusion of choice.

Let me give you an example. It used to be, in America, that people voted for politicians that represented their interests. This hasn’t really been the case for decades. No one ever actually gets what is promised on the campaign trail. Barack Obama campaigned on closing Guantanamo Bay and ending the Forever Wars in the Middle East, but he did neither, and actually started more wars. So, like in Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope, regardless of who you vote for, the foreign policy and economic policy of the country never actually changes. They just shuffle a few inconsequential domestic policies around to keep working-class people divided and at each other’s throats.

The next evolution of State power is the Automatic State, the Algorithmic State, a mathematical form of government that needs no human intervention at all. All of this mass surveillance business is aimed primarily at cybernetic control of human behavior, and again, by cybernetics, I don’t necessarily mean bionic implants, although those do factor in. Rather, I refer again to classical cybernetics and control theory. You see, from the perspective of the behaviorists and materialists, human beings are not conscious agents with free will, but rather, are simply living algorithms. That is to say, humans are machines. Our impulses are driven by conditioned behaviors and a neuroendocrine system, and our brain generates an illusion of free will, and we don’t actually do anything original of our own volition; we just imitate things around us. This is what decades of behavioral psychology research have tried to model human beings as; a robot, and not a person. The dream of the Deep State, or the Administrative State, is to make governance largely automatic, and for that, they need to simplify people and make them into predictable, obedient, and unimaginative drones.

This is the most fundamental, most important thing to recognize, out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdown measures, the masking, the digital ID, and so on. None of these things have anything to do with epidemic control at all. They are direct and deliberate assaults on human personhood and agentic behavior. They are a form of psychological conditioning and emotional manipulation to accept a materialistic system of governance that regards humans as mere soulless meat machines, to replace individual choices with top-down rationing, and to present mindless consumption and base hedonism as alternatives to the higher pleasures which require personal commitment and a sense of duty to others. In the future, with the way things are going, humans will create nothing, only consume. It is as if our leaders looked at the denizens of the ship in WALL-E or the shanty towns of Ready Player One and decided that would be a great way for mankind to end up, as the helpless captives of braindead hedonism, grunting and eating from their feed troughs and then putting their Apple Vision Pro blinders back on their heads so they can tune out their depressing surroundings.

You know how, in my last podcast, I said I was an ex-technocrat and ex-transhumanist? I already wargamed all of this, years and years before the Davos cult nutcases made themselves into household names. I used to debate people about this. My answer to the supposed problems of climate change, peak oil, peak metals, et cetera, was simple. Pack people into densely populated arcologies with indoor farms and every service within walking distance. Replace commuting with telecommuting, and get rid of the now-useless office space and replace them with more apartments. Monitor everything with AI, and if people get upset and start acting out like the rats in John B. Calhoun’s rat utopias, lobotomize them into compliance. Sound familiar?

These were all my ideas. I mean, most people who saw me write all this out told me to go get stuffed, but honestly, this is what a realistic vision of the future looks like if you take the greens’ statements about the environment and resource depletion at face value. What do the greens believe? If you actually read up on what the people promoting bug-eating and micro-apartment living actually think, it’s way more complex than a little extra CO2 in the atmosphere. What they’re actually claiming is that we’re going to run out of oil, and then we’re going to run out of iridium and silver and tantalum and various other strategic and technological minerals, and then we’re going to run out of topsoil and phosphorus, the oceans are going to acidify, fish stocks are going to disappear, and billions of people are going to gruesomely starve to death. All greens believe this exact gospel. This is what George Monbiot thinks. It’s what Jeremy Rifkin thinks. I call him Joel, now. I want it to be a thing, where people just randomly start addressing him in public as Joel Rifkin until he flips out.

It has nothing to do with CO2. That’s just how they present it to the public, as a pared-down, watered-down, simplified version of their actual argument. How do I know this? Because I was a green. Shocking, I know. But then, I actually started looking closer at the data, and I realized that a lot of these finite resources would last a whole lot longer than our leaders claimed, and that there were plenty of new technologies that could offset energy and materials shortages if we played our cards right. Therefore, pursuing green policies of degrowth and deindustrialization is just pointless murder. And besides, the oligarchs in charge aren’t going to give up their living standards and slum it with the rest of us in smart city arcologies and biking down to the local AI-run dispensary. Oh, no. They plan on turning cow pastures into their gigantic estates and living like kings.

But that’s not even the most egregious part. The worst part about all of this is how they’re treating billions of people like panicky little children. If you’re a part of the ruling class, and you honestly think there’s an impending Malthusian Catastrophe, why wouldn’t you, logically speaking, give people the straight scoop on it, outline clear objectives and goals for humanity, and utilize our vast cognitive and physical powers to solve the problem? Surely, if we had enough money and man-hours allocated toward the problem, we could develop room-temperature superconductors, fusion reactors, fusion torches, and so on, and never have to worry about energy or materials shortages ever again, right? That’s not what they’re doing. They’re foisting a CO2 red herring on everyone, implementing a top-down and transnational program of austerity and defeatism that leaves the wealthy with their wealth and billions of innocent, unsuspecting people holding the bag.

The shocking, mind-numbing cruelty of this arrangement should be obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. What they present as equality is anything but. It’s backsliding to the pre-industrial condition of serfdom. Unfortunately, there are still billions of people out there who are still asleep and who still think our institutions are protecting us from harm and not deliberately endangering all of our lives in service of a massive con.

People threw away their lives, working endlessly, pulling long shifts, forsaking time with their families, saving up for a house, or saving up for retirement, only for everything to evaporate at the last minute, like a mirage they could just barely brush with their fingertips, one financial bubble bursting after another. And on the other side of that insurmountable wall, trillionaires will sit on those golden fields just out of reach and dine on our congealed lifeblood. It’s repulsive.

There are some days where I just wake up in a complete daze, and I can’t get over how completely fake everything feels. People around me are marching to the arthritic drum-beat of senile octogenarians, and if Joe Biden isn’t busying himself making word salad in front of a camera, then Mitch McConnell’s hydraulic actuators are malfunctioning on live television. Everyone is just expected to go along with this naked emperor business, him just strutting along in his invisible threads with his ding-dong hanging out on full display. But between the Emperor’s New Clothes and the proverbial elephants in rooms and heads stuck in sand, and other trite idiomatic expressions, the fact of the matter remains that we’re obviously in deep trouble, but everyone would rather look at foot fetish videos on TikTok than acknowledge the sorry state of the world for one second.

You listen to most average people react to this stuff about the Davos Malthusian cult taking over, and half of them are like, “Why are you such a downer, bro? You been doomscrolling lately? Relax. I’ve got these nice edibles that will chill you out,” or else they’re totally in denial about whether or not we even have a functioning government anymore, when it’s obviously being run by drooling half-cadavers who belong in a nursing home, and whose continued participation in government could plausibly be construed as elder abuse.

If they aren’t calling the shots (which they are obviously physically incapable of doing), then it’s the CIA, or a bunch of contractors at Booz Allen Hamilton, or some other unelected goons in the managerial controller class, which is worse, because those people are not brain-dead puppets; they’re Machiavellian, amoral psychopaths who have no respect for democracy and the rule of law at all despite spewing nonstop propaganda about preserving both of those things, who are marshaling millions of dollars in behavioral science research from top universities to try and brainwash the public into a stupor with a cavalcade of arbitrary rewards and humiliating punishments.

People get angry with you for saying these things. I know how it is. I used to be part of the anti-war movement. I thought it was honestly ridiculous how people get bitten with the patriotism bug and are then carted off halfway around the globe on transport ships and C-5 Galaxies to murder people they don’t even know, on behalf of shady oligarchs, unaccountable spy agencies, and a defense industry cranking out bombs and missiles as fast as they can. We have problems at home. We have infrastructure that needs fixing. We don’t have infinite tax money to spend on pointless mayhem. If you give it all to Lockheed, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Teledyne, and BAE, guess what? You won’t have any money left over for things that actually help people and improve their lives rather than robbing life.

Some people actually kind of like war on a certain level, so long as they never actually have to mentally engage with the reality of broken families, rubbled homes, and waves of listless refugees being carted off to Europe by shady NGOs. They like the spectacle, the sense of violent competition. It’s like tuning in to a ball game for them. Then, years later, people start wondering why there are so many brown faces on the streets of Paris. “Where did all of these immigrants come from?” Well, uh, within the past two decades, your tax dollars were used to blow up their homes. More than once. We would put them back where they came from if we could, but their countries are rubble. It wasn’t a game show. It wasn’t just entertainment for you to gape at in-between shoving Cheerios into your face. Those were people’s houses.

The way politicians talk about this is even worse. Monumentally so. They act like the refugee crisis, with people streaming into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa, is just something that spontaneously happened out of the blue with no obvious explanation. Sometimes they admit these people were fleeing wars or violent unrest, but they never actually bother to highlight the clear and obvious culpability of our militaries and our intelligence agencies in deliberately collapsing multiple MENA countries at the same time, if not by direct military force, then by supplying boatloads of arms to jihadi nutcases, or instigating color revolutions with social media botnets.

When I saw what happened in Libya, back in 2011, with riots being organized facelessly over Facebook, I knew that it was only a matter of time before the exact same tactics were used on Americans. Sure enough, not even ten years later, in 2020, they pulled the same scheme, arranging violent protests in multiple cities in the US, and even exempting them from the COVID-19 lockdowns. If you Google this, the first thing you’ll run into is some fact-checker claiming that this is a “Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative”, despite the fact that we have US military brass, on record, years ago, seeking software to control multiple social media sock puppets for the purpose of rapidly disseminating propaganda, and we also have the Twitter Files that showed the sheer extent of government-led censorship and suppression of dissent, and we also have the Wikileaks files on private intelligence companies like Stratfor and how all the little DC think tanks busy themselves planting agents-provocateurs in foreign countries that the CIA has targeted for wanton and arbitrary destruction for some unexplained geopolitical advantage. It’s not a Kremlin narrative. Anyone with half a brain who bothers to look into any of this for a couple of hours, anyone who goes straight to the source, examining leaked diplomatic cables, emails, and memos, would come to the same exact conclusion, independently, which is that our governments spent years lying about everything and conducting “humanitarian wars” under false pretenses.

It's only now, years later, when we are the victims of this same exact monster that swallowed up millions of lives in the Middle East and North Africa, that we start to wonder if we are really the bad guys after all. Look at the braindead rhetoric that comes out of our leaders' mouths all the time. “NATO is good because we’re protecting democracy, and BRICS nations are bad because they’re evil autocracies and homophobes and opposed to individual freedoms.”

They say democracy like it’s a magic spell, like your chest is supposed to swell and flutter with rapture at the idea that you live in a thing called a democracy, because democracy is good and un-democracy is bad. They don’t expect you to critically engage with what the word democracy means, or what its dictionary definition is. It’s a base appeal to emotion. Pure Orwellian Newspeak. “Democracy! Democracy good, autocracy bad!”

Never mind that the surveillance and censorship regime established by our leaders would make the Stasi blush. Never mind that most normal people just want to be able to afford groceries and gas. We live in a Democracy, after all, and the feeling of living in a democracy—without any of the substance—should be good enough for you poor plebeians.

What if we actually lived in a democracy? What if people’s votes actually counted for something, and elected honest leaders who delivered upon their promises to their constituents? The country we live in would be completely unrecognizable to us. True statesmanship and duty to the people is a concept that has almost passed beyond living memory. For decades, it has been replaced with revolving-door cronyism from an army of unremarkable, selfish, incompetent half-wits. The people who are least politically involved, the kind like you and me who mostly just want to be left alone, are being lorded over by these self-interested and amoral vultures who think nothing about throwing your children’s lives away to slake their thirst for blood and filthy lucre.

When World War III comes around, humanity needs to collectively, as one, stand up and refuse. Just say no. No, I will not shoot another human being to line some rich man’s pockets. No, you will not coerce me into doing it, either.

Our governments—all governments, really—are amoral. They are run by psychopaths, slaughtering innocent people like lambs. They are criminal rackets. We have no obligation to participate.


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