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Whig history is driving society off a cliff and into the abyss. Any time someone cites Steven Pinker as a justification for more bureaucratic nonsense, I feel like reminding them that he liked to hang out with Jeffrey Epstein. How's that for cynicism?

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A digital ID that allows verification of online activity would do exactly what is desired as it would put the brakes on free speech and expression. Our law enforcement agencies display the integrity of a used car salesman and only thing that has prevented a wholesale exercise of Stasi-Esque authority has only (barely) been prevented by public discourse and anonymous whistle-blowers. Without the ability to anonymously speak, there would be an absolute and instantaneous chilling of speech. That is the goal of ESG and the machinations of the WEF, WHO, and our own internal 3-Letter despots.

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I dabbled in database design for a few years back in the late 1990's. Checked out a book on relational database theory from the local university library and within a few weeks began creating a tool that ended up used by a major ERP software company that eventually was gobbled up by Oracle. Had no previous background in programming other than learning Basic in high school on an Apple II. But I knew the team leader and he believed I'd figure it out. Who you know, not what you know gig that I ended up traveling around the nation and internationally to perform installs and teach the end users.

I ended up creating many custom database systems for small businesses and medium-sized nonprofits as a side gig, databases that outperformed much more expensive ones written by teams of programmers from large national vendors, still used 10-15 years after the installs. Self-taught.

I learned a lot about what databases could do and be used for. It was in the many-to-many relationships in databases I learned that I began to understand how powerful, and dangerous they would become, especially as more and more data was entered, combined from multiple resources to analyze behaviors and design campaigns to maximize efficiency. That was when I became very protective of my data and private information, I knew what could and would eventually be done with it. The only limitation on complete control has been data storage capacity and processing speed. Technology that exponentially grows daily.

Retain as much anonymity as possible in all your endeavors. Lie if you have to about who you are (unless perjury is a consequence, and even then calculate your risk). Databases make all of the control possible. I'm glad I learned what I learned about them when I did.

Note: Substack is compiling a very powerful database about us, as users. Have you ever visited your Dashboard, looked at your subscribers, click them and you'll see exactly what content of yours they've engaged, if they opened your emails, lists any links in your posts a subscriber has clicked, how they found you on Substack in the first place. All sorts of data being captured about user interfaces. And that's just what they show us. All logged. Sortable. Profilable. Useful for targeting messages that will resonate with a user's values. Like for micro-targeted political campaign ads. Or for less benign intentions.

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Your maps are among the very best I've yet found. God bless you! I pray I find ways to share your work effectively.

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Thanks, very well written. I found myself mentally composing a hypothetical ‘beyond Mad Max’ shopping list. It includes hunting bows, mountain bikes, daggers, fingerless glove/knuckle duster combo (my army surplus sells these 😳), canvases and 25kg tubs of tallow.

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How can one circumvent getting a digital ID when nearly everyone has to pay property taxes to have a home? Even renting I'm certain will require digital payment. Anyone can also be forced out of their home because of eminent domain.

I'm not seeing a clear solution to this problem unless their are societies ruled by leaders not willing to be part of the larger plan. Is it possible, for example for a county (or possibly a state) to become fully sovereign by not accepting federal monies? Moreover, would calling a Convention of States help matters at all or worsen things?

I realize the answers to these questions are opinions and theories , but it seems clear to me that these questions will surface in time based on the results of history, and most notably the past three years. These are the questions I am asking myself every day.

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I really think you've hit the nail on the head regarding the importance of the human body.

I recently found out about Elon's approach to ensuring he only had boys.

it's clear that natural reproduction is a target as well, considering it's hard to consider it being more 'game over' than that. Makes a lot of the ongoing attacks on human health and ecology look more deliberate than mere mistakes.

I don't think "being one of them" is much of a confession, I'd argue far more people are assimilated than would like to admit it. I'd argue it's essentially the default these days.


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First: Free yourself from the assumptions of the material reductionist cultural matrix that culminate in the worship of human technology. Next: Rewild.

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Dear Spartacus, great read as always, but it's important to note that the transhumanist project is the strict opposite of the Christian worldview and ethos :

Become as gods vs There is only one God

Depopulation vs Be fruitful and multiply

I am all-knowing thanks to mass surveillance vs only God is all-knowing

Science will grant me eternal life vs Doing God's will will grant me eternal life

Technology will save me vs God's grace will save me

Master, slaves and "useless eaters" vs all men are all equal in dignity before God

Your body is a upgradable machine vs Your body is a sacred gift from God who made you in His image


This is a spiritual battle and a new episode in the eternal struggle between good and evil.

As the Apostle Paul said: "We do not battle flesh and blood."

And even if you do not believe in Satan, your enemies do.

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I heard Yeonmi Park interviewed and as a refugee from North Korea, she was asked if people are naturally good. Her response was if that were true there would not be a North Korea. Welcome to reality. Choose to be a happy cynic and you will thrive despite the opposition.

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Deep respect for you Spartacus, not just for your knowledge, but your honesty. 🌞

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That was brilliantly presented, comprehensive, and clear. It might be generalized as:

How can the inevitable collective not destroy the individual?

Inevitable because technology shapes the world to its own specifications. Every advanced technological or trans-human society (throughout the universe) is standardized, monitored, absolute, compliant, efficient, algorithmic, control-based, digitally managed, centralized, planned, stable, ordered, ultra-purposeful, anti-privacy, anti-freedom, machine-like, and anti-human. In this society of the future we people will be bred to function and task and controlled by an advanced Ai linked wirelessly to the neocortex. Higher functions will be deleted as superfluous whereas hands and arms will be strengthened because people are cheaper to run than robots. (Maybe we are robots anyway - are we not now living the good life in an Ai-God-controlled vat-body of chemicals indirectly interacting with externally stimulated simulations?)

Our technological future will be psychopathic because machines and institutions are inherently psychopathic, lacking empathy and entirely purpose driven. Creative acts will be out-of-spec deviations from optimal.

The future will demand standardization to better allow a Schelling point for efficient control and manipulation. The algorithms will be entirely goal-focused, committed to sanitized perfection, and will never give up. There is no hope and no escape. During the covid years, even the smallest Pacific island had mandates.

ChatGPT 4.0 is said to have evolved in four months from 3.5 and has an IQ rated at 160. In four months 5.0 will have an IQ estimated at 1600. Is it reasonable to believe that the covid years were planned by a committee and not an advanced Ai? If you had an Ai would you announce it to the world, or would you let it quietly take over the world?

The future looks bad from our human perspective but if it's the natural progression of reality how can we argue? Do we live in a non-human universe with non-human artificial species with non-human values? Maybe we just have to get with the program, like when the Aztecs met Cortés. Let's remember that the vast majority of humans have been slaves throughout history and thus our couple hundred years of cushy freedom, rationalism, and progressive expectations may be an aberration.

This linked smart guy expands these ideas with context and logically considers evidence most people miss because they're oddly unaware of the decades of documented multi-modal experience that point directly, without the usual need for assumed ideology, faith, or iffy improbabilities, that the end is nigh.


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Love you to pieces & always excited when a new Spartacus drops like an out of the blue gift. I agree completely with your observations & the aims of these self anointed masters of the universe but have yet to see anything in their application of theory to suggest it's not all delusional ego trips.

"The wealthiest people would enhance themselves to the point of becoming unassailable 300 IQ demigods, with perfect memory and data correlation capabilities, while leaving everyone else in their dust."

"If you’ve ever read David Pearce’s manifesto, The Hedonistic Imperative, then you know exactly what I’m talking about."

More unfounded hope in that than CDC's claim of mRNA transfection stopping an airborne coronavirus.. entire Biotech Mafia's lofty claims bear no resemblance to the crude & kludgy tools or scant understanding.. they can't give an electronic device viral immunity not a prayer their trans human techno fantasies can be realized.

This is spot on and makes me glad to be old and remember living in a far different way.

"It starts off by creating and maintaining a myth of human savagery and disease that can allegedly only be cured by the application of technology, and it ends by turning the world into a giant hospital, imperiously handing down diagnoses for every conceivable malady."

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Thanks for sharing, this is a very good post. The problem isn't really environmentalism and sustainability per se, the problem is that these movement have been skinsuited for ulterior goals to further our elites just like many other movements (Occupy Wall Street being one of them). History is one of ever-increasing centralization, ever-decreasing individual power/privacy/control, and technology confers power advantages over others which incentives societies to always pursue its advancement, which means that Kaczynski's goals of de-technology were always pie in the sky dreams...

I do think that pursuit of growth-at-all-costs is an awful model for sustainability, and that our leaders are so myopically focused on retaining power and control that all costs associated with it, both for humanity and for the world, are completely ignored and discarded.

But what is the solution? If we had possessed a different set of elites -- a set of elites not rooted in blind egalitarianism, and possessing a sense of noblesse oblige -- perhaps they could have prepared the world for a more sustainable future on the front end instead of grappling with it so painfully on the backend. Bill Gates's vaccine and water initiatives in Africa have increased their population by a billion people; a billion people that forever rely on foreign aid in order to survive. How is such a thing reasonable in the slightest? Why have our ruling overlords -- i.e. the Rothschild and their allies as the owners of the world central banks -- allowed such an insane maniac to go so buckwild by expanding the populations of those who cannot support themselves, both in the short and long-term? I can only conclude that our overlords are both blind and evil...

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A bit lengthy in presentation, but these things are complicated, they take time to outline.

I too succumbed to the siren call of technical control to address inefficiencies, the promise of computer control to reduce errors/omissions/oversights -- forgetting all the while that it would be imperfect human "controllers" that would decide how to nudge the system to their benefit (any experiment in where socialism goes proves this beyond doubt).

One thing I would like to remind you of, and something that is ALWAYS discounted in any forward-looking vision is:

The human spirit and it's ingenuity to escape traps that are uncomfortable.

Please take some hope/pride in this. When things start to get unpleasant, it is then that the monkey brain gets serious to overcome in new and exciting ways.

I'd have a LOT to say about the necessity of the human body to experience reality -- embodiment is a very critical thing, high fidelity experience without filter is necessary for true innovation, anything else is screwing up the data points... that's a long topic. Anyways, thanks for your article.

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Love you brother, I appreciate your message so much.


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