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Spartacast 08

Spartacast 08

The social contract has been torn up

Hey everyone, Spartacus here for an eighth Spartacast.

Within the past few days, officials in the US, particularly the Department of Energy and the FBI’s Chris Wray, have pivoted towards the lab leak being the more likely scenario than natural zoonosis. Also, the Senate just passed a bill to declassify all US intelligence on the origins of COVID-19. We have yet to see it pass the House. Should be interesting. Also, I bet they’re scrambling in Langley right now to cover up all the juicier bits, which would reveal that it was not a lab leak, but an intentionally engineered, intentionally released pathogen, meant to act as an excuse for the vaccines and the perpetual mandates, which, in turn, are intended to allow for population culling and for technocratic tyranny to be forced on the survivors.

Do they still think that people are stupid enough to accept the answer that this was all an accident?

Let’s presume it was all an accident from the very beginning. A scientist at a US government lab accidentally gave anthrax to terrorists, who accidentally mailed it to US politicians and journalists. Then, at the behest of Robert Kadlec and other germ warfare alarmists, the US government accidentally spent billions of dollars on building biolabs, and when people started questioning it, they accidentally gave millions more of our tax dollars to Peter Dazsak, the son of a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator, and Nathan Wolfe, a friend and business associate of convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, to subcontract grants to foreign biolabs and avoid scrutiny and public disclosure of DTRA and USAID’s activities. When there was a moratorium on federal funding for gain-of-function work in the US, our government accidentally gave millions more of our tax dollars to Ralph Baric and his friends overseas to conduct gain-of-function research. Alain Mérieux accidentally helped China build the P4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, for which Xi Jinping accidentally pinned a giant medal to his chest right next to Klaus Schwab.

Various NGOs accidentally did tabletop exercises attended by national security goons which matched real-world events that occurred months later almost exactly, purely by accident. Peter Daszak accidentally told Ralph Baric to conceal his conflict of interest by not signing the Lab Leak letter. Our governments accidentally collaborated with science fraudsters to suppress Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine use by accidentally giving it to inpatients for whom the late treatment was a futile intervention with no therapeutic benefit. They also accidentally stuffed COVID-19 positive patients in nursing homes, which accidentally killed thousands of elderly people. They also accidentally gave huge doses of midazolam to elderly people, which accidentally killed thousands more of them.

Klaus Schwab accidentally published a book entitled COVID-19: The Great Reset, where he accidentally laid out a plan to capitalize on the crisis by implementing UN Agenda 2030 SDG-style sustainability initiatives aimed at destroying the wealth and influence of the middle class and reducing us all to serfdom. Our leaders accidentally locked people down in their homes, and they accidentally mandated a toxic vaccine produced under a biodefense partnership between think tanks of the US DOD and upstart pharmaceutical companies like Moderna, which, purely by accident, happens to have Stéphane Bancel as its CEO, the same guy who used to be the CEO of BioMérieux, the company founded by the same guy who helped China build the P4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The SARS-CoV-2 Spike contains, entirely by accident, a gene sequence found in a proprietary Moderna-patented MSH3 mutant cancer cell line.

It is also an accident that SARS-CoV-2 Spike, the protein produced by these gene-encoded mRNA and viral vector vaccines, is a deadly toxin with cardiotoxic, amyloidogenic, and prionogenic properties, which causes severe inflammation wherever it is found in the body, and which compromises the blood-brain barrier and opens the tight endothelial junctions there. It is an accident that the FDA did not refuse to grant EUAs for an obviously toxic drug that is obviously giving people, including young children, heart problems, neurological issues, and autoimmune diseases.

It is an accident that our regulatory agencies are ignoring the massive safety signals coming out of adverse event databases, and that they are also ignoring the massive increases in all-cause mortality over the past two years. They are hiding data on COVID-19 vaccine deaths and responding to Freedom of Information Act requests with completely redacted documents purely by accident. Pfizer accidentally had Ventavia use fraudulent methods at their trial sites, and when brought to court over this by a whistleblower, they accidentally claimed that they committed the fraud that the government wanted them to.

In order for someone to believe that COVID-19 was an accident, they must also be willing to believe that the past three years of coverups, stonewalling, gaslighting, psychological abuse, propaganda, and mass torture campaigns conducted by our governments were the result of incompetence rather than willful malice. Come on. Who actually believes that, at this point?

We don’t even need to know where the virus came from, or what the genetic evidence for its origins was. The response to the pandemic was, in itself, a separate set of criminal actions that collectively overshadow the release of the virus, and revealed the shocking degree of contempt that our governments hold their own citizens in. Our leaders are responsible for malfeasance, and they continue to engage in malfeasance right in front of us while everyone is distracted by claims of a lab leak.

Tomorrow, some scientists, somewhere, will pull evidence out of their asses that the virus came from a wild animal. Then, the day after that, another group of scientists will pull even more evidence out of their asses that the virus was engineered in a laboratory. They’ll have the public seesawing back and forth between two epistemic irrelevancies. See, it doesn’t really matter where the virus came from. It’s useful to know, on the one hand, because it establishes the underlying facts of the case. On the other hand, it’s a wild goose chase. Something scandalous for the media to talk about, to cool off public anger while sidestepping the conversation about the other two huge elephants in the room of vaccine deaths and technocratic tyranny.

The problem, right now, is the ongoing campaign of criminal malfeasance, psychological abuse, and mass murder being conducted by our governments against their own citizens. While this is happening, our governments are running censorship campaigns, trying to maintain a stranglehold on social media, and to maintain the respectability of public institutions, while those institutions also happen to be murdering innocent people.

The part that infuriates me the most about all of this is the multi-pronged approach they’ve taken to smothering humanity, like holding a pillow over an infant’s head. Not only are you not allowed to ask why they’re killing us, you’re not allowed to tell other people about the deliberate genocide. They expect silent compliance with an obvious agenda of mass torture and mass murder.

The people perpetrating these criminal acts do not deserve our obedience. They deserve whatever the exact opposite of obedience is, and for every stumbling block imaginable to be placed in their path by the citizenry. We’re well past the point of merely investigating the people responsible. We have to be proactively interfering with their plans, using whatever means of mass civil disobedience we can muster. We must start building parallel systems, parallel educational networks, parallel financial transaction networks, distributed internet protocols, and censorship-proof communications channels. We don’t need a Great Reset. We need a Great Refusal.

If we allow the New World Order to sink its fangs into humanity, then Huxley’s Brave New World will become reality. A century or two from now, there won’t be a humanity. We will cease to exist as a species. The world will be “peopled” by engineered human-substitutes, very likely in the form of a two-caste system of wealthy and powerful Overclass members who have augmented themselves with technology to such a degree as to be practically superhuman, and a few hundred million perpetual slaves who have no mental capacity for rebellion, having been purged of all ambition, aggression, and intellect, to the point where any disagreement they have with the Overclass may as well be an uprising of chimpanzees. Their role will be to maintain the automated systems that produce a cornucopia of free wealth for an indolent and decadent class of rentiers.

If you don’t think that this is possible, or you don’t think that an Underclass of utterly helpless congenital morons could ever be relied on to maintain the computers and infrastructure required for the New World Order’s “Smart Megacities”, then you haven’t seriously contemplated what a brain-computer interface actually is. In the future, it will be possible to grant people the required intelligence to perform these tasks on a temporary basis, and also to withdraw it. You go to work, you put on a helmet, and now you’re linked into the machine, which is augmenting your intellect and essentially turning you into a node on the network. If you think about rebelling, then you get “quarantined”. You don’t get to wear the BCI helmet, and now you’re stuck with the pitiful intelligence provided by your precision-engineered slave genetics. The intellectual capacity required to rebel against the system will be something that the Overclass will be able to grant and revoke at will.

As outrageous and science-fictional as this sounds, this is the logical endpoint of the rhetoric that the mouthpieces of the Overclass are using. Humans are hackable animals. Free will isn’t a real thing. Emotions are biological phenomena. We just don’t need so many people on this planet. There is a growing useless class who will be replaced by artificial intelligence. We have to conserve natural resources and get rid of the excess population. This is not the language of philanthropy. This is the exact opposite. It is a program of genocidal misanthropy which seeks to stamp out the human spirit and to strangle our civilization in the crib, while brooking absolutely no argument.

Consider the effects that artificial intelligence will have on society. People can already ask AI language models to program viruses for them. With tools that are already publicly available, one could use voice and image synthesis for impersonation, to frame people for crimes or to steal their identities. In the near future, AIs will be used to write enormous amounts of fabricated copy, including for the purposes of political campaigning, psychological warfare, and influence operations. Within this decade or the next, it will be possible to ask an AI to utterly destroy an innocent man’s life by spreading rumors about him, making phone calls that sound like him, fabricating compromising pornography of him, and so on.

To forestall this eventuality, world leaders will begin demanding implanted, cryptographically secure identification as a prerequisite of participating in society. And then, the real nightmare will begin. This implanted ID will be tied to banking. Literally every single thing that you do will be watched. Who you communicate with and for how long and about what. The things that you buy will be scrutinized, on the one hand, for their carbon footprint, and on the other, for their potential to be used in various terroristic acts like bomb-making, manufacture of weaponized drones, 3D-printing firearms, and so on. If you do anything against the wishes of the New World Order, they simply turn off your ability to access your bank account and pay your bills, forcing you into default and homelessness.

The goal and the purpose of the New World Order is to remove you from the competition of life entirely. Only the Overclass are allowed to compete with one another, and only in a half-hearted manner. You are expected to do nothing but cooperate and obey. Essentially, it represents the formation of a monopolistic cartel that forbids any use of force except ones explicitly prescribed by the cartel, which reserves the right to use various forms of force and fraud against a helpless, plebeian mass of moldable humanity. Your civil liberties and human rights aren’t important to the Overclass at all. They’re an expensive, complicated luxury that can be revoked.

The Overclass today are caught in a bit of a bind. Literally all of our luxuries that we take for granted are products of a seemingly unending cycle of economic growth. That growth is, in turn, strictly dependent on the rate of technological innovation. We do live in a very complex, highly industrialized society, where a lot of things are computerized and stuffed in data centers, and so on. Amazon wouldn’t even be able to keep track of their massive inventory if they were forced to use paper records for everything.

Technology, as far as the economy goes, is the art of doing more with the same resources. It’s about taking resources and stretching them, adding more value to them than existed previously in the value chain, and so on. People and the labor they can provide are also a resource that can be stretched, according to this line of thinking. Modern tech companies have market caps that rival or exceed what major automakers had in the past, while employing a fraction the number of people. Through continuous innovation and technological improvement, human civilization has been able to maintain a relatively high standard of living, particularly for the few who live in the wealthiest nations.

Jeremy Rifkin takes this idea a step further, with his notion of a “Zero Marginal Cost Society”. What he believes is that capitalism can be, effectively, “broken” by new technology which will enable any individual to enter the market and produce wealth comparable to what large corporations used to make. We can already see some parallels to this with the rise of AI art, for instance. One person can jam prompts into Midjourney or Stable Diffusion and spew out hundreds of images in a day that would have required the work of dozens of artists putting in hundreds or even thousands of man-hours, in the past.

Now, here’s the problem. The rate of innovation is slowing. New knowledge is becoming more and more difficult and expensive to obtain. Various fields of science are becoming extremely specialized and breakthroughs are rare. This is basic common sense, if you stop and think about it. There are only so many things you can do with various kinds of matter in a finite physical universe with inviolable physical laws. You are not going to wake up one day and find out that someone has figured out how to build a pogo stick that will allow them to reach the moon in a single leap. That just doesn’t happen.

This is where the Neo-Malthusians come in. Their assertion, at its most basic, is that Thomas Malthus was correct about overpopulation, and that scientific stagnation proves it. They believe that, shortly, we will run out of the resources necessary to maintain a high-tech society, after which the human population will collapse and we will all return to a preindustrial condition of subsistence farming to stay alive. In order to prevent this eventuality, the Overclass, who guard their own luxuries jealously, believe that certain things like food, clothing, and technological baubles ought to be rationed through the judicious use of central planning. What they’re after is a hybrid system, with neither fully free markets, nor full-fledged communism, but a synthesis of both under a veil of corporatism. In short, capitalism for the rich and socialism for the poor.

The way they plan to avoid the pitfalls of Soviet Russia is to make use of Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies technology to enable technocratic, “digitally enlightened” central planning. In other words, they plan to sidestep the economic calculation issue outlined by Ludwig von Mises by simply tracking and tracing every resource in the system by running the digital correlates of those objects (and people) through AI algorithms in the cloud. Technocracy would, eventually, give way to algocracy, or algorithmic governance, where human decision-making is rendered utterly obsolete by automated expert systems.

I highly recommend reading Patrick Wood’s books on this, like Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation. He’s one of the few people who have been tracking the technocracy and their ongoing assault on humanity.

This was never about a virus. It was always about the domination and subjugation of innocent people, by a predatory Overclass who view us as little more than resources to be exploited, or as members of a “useless class” that is soon to be replaced by machines. As outrageous as it might sound, these are their honestly professed, explicit beliefs. See, you can’t be a Neo-Malthusian anti-humanist and still say that you’re a philanthropist. Those things are mutually exclusive. A lot of people out there still assume that sane human beings are in charge, and that there’s no way their own governments could betray or hurt them in such a fundamental way, or violate the social contract so profoundly.

If you still think that these people have your wellbeing in the forefront of their minds, as they pocket your dead parents and grandparents’ social security money and inject small children with poison, I’m sorry to say it, but you’re categorically wrong. The people in power view you as expendable. Bill Gates thinks you’re a tumorous growth. A bit of excess meat on the surface of this planet that ought to be scoured off with a flamethrower to make room for his forthcoming genetically modified slave harem. He’d do it himself if he wasn’t a cowardly chickenshit in a purple sweater. Is that vitriolic enough? Does that get the point across?

I think the other part, the part that really gets to me, is how many people are going along with this. Not the people who chose to get vaccinated; that’s a separate issue. I mean the ones who are running cover for the institutions responsible for all of this. Consider how many scientists, how many doctors, how many regulators, how many policymakers went along with this murderous agenda. Even now, there are groups of psychoanalysts that are being paid vast sums to determine the underlying cognitive characteristics of vaccine refusers, and to come up with strategies to short-circuit their cognition and force them to comply.

The technocratic system doesn’t try to persuade people of its correctness, because the people behind it know full well that it’s a repugnant and inhuman system that arouses visceral disgust when described in any detail. They’re not interested in persuading you and obtaining your consent, because they know that they cannot formulate a persuasive argument that will make you comply. Instead, they want to “nudge” you towards compliance, by reshaping your environment, the media you’re exposed to, your education, and your belief systems, until your mindset aligns with a predetermined outcome.

This technocratic system wears the skin of liberal democracy, and pretends to be an unchanged, undiluted form of it, but it is strikingly illiberal and undemocratic in its basic formulation. John Locke is rolling in his grave at the notion of being associated with these people. They’ve taken the scientific method and replaced it with scientism, or science-worship. They’ve replaced rational discourse with critical theory, which elevates irrationality, superstition, and folk wisdom over logical thought. They’ve enforced an academic orthodoxy so rigid it would make a fifteenth-century Catholic bishop blush. All the social, technological, and political advancements of the past few centuries are being slowly dismantled and sold off to money-grubbing, resource-hungry, utterly amoral psychopaths, who are using military-grade psywar tactics to keep you from seeing it.

Open a browser tab with a search engine, and type in “cognitive warfare”. Read all of the links until you understand. You are being targeted. There is no longer any distinction between civilians and uniformed combatants. We’re right back to the Hobbesian war of all-against-all, where those who use force stay their hand from no one.

A lot of people these days don’t even know what it means to have a social contract. It means that you give up some liberties, like the ability to use force to compel others to give you things, and the right not to be taxed, in order to acquire the protection of the state and its laws, and the shared use of its various public goods. But if the state is actively destroying your mental and physical health, confiscating your property and giving it to oligarchs, and robbing your children of a future, then no contract exists. It has been torn up right in front of you.

You no longer have any reason to obey.


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

P.S. I asked Midjourney what the phrase “obedience is not necessary any longer, the social contract has been torn up, and Hobbes' war of all against all is now in effect, so say your prayers and beg for society to return to normal, before it swallows up your life as well --v 4” should look like, and it spat out four images. One of them was Thomas Hobbes and his weird dog-tiger hybrid thing. Another was a quietly seething anthropomorphic tiger. It’s time to be tigers.

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