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Spartacast 07
Spartacast 07
With every day that passes that we don't have justice, I get angrier, and so should you

Hey guys, Spartacus here, for a seventh Spartacast.

The documentary, COVID-19: The Biodefense Mafia, has been out for over a week. In that time, it has had over 13,000 hits on Rumble. That’s good, but honestly, I feel like it needs more. This information needs to be seen by as many people as possible. I’ve gone to the press with this, and except for ZeroHedge, and fellow alternative media bloggers, all I get is a wall of silence. That should tell you something.

People are stuck on the question of the Lab Leak. Did COVID come from an animal? Did it come from a laboratory? Nobody seems to have a definitive answer, a real smoking gun they can point to, aside from the fact that SARS-CoV-2 Spike has some very strange inserts in its sequence, such as the Furin cleavage site, the gp120-like insert, the superantigenic region, and the fact that it binds bacterial lipopolysaccharides and may boost the inflammatory effect of bacteria in a symbiotic way, and aside from how SARS-CoV-2 contains a sequence that’s found in a Moderna patent, and aside from the years of coverups, conflicts of interest, and gaslighting from all parties involved, nope, there’s no one piece of evidence that we can point to that says definitively that it came from a lab.

But that’s just it. We don’t need to.

I feel that people are getting bogged down with lingering questions about the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The actual picture of what happened here is much broader than that, and it involves decades of increased US DOD spending on biolabs and biodefense, absent any real oversight or scrutiny. In fact, the one watchdog group digging into these biolabs, the Sunshine Project, was forced to close because they ran out of money. In retrospect, of course they ran out of money. It’s not in the interest of wealthy donors to donate to causes that run counter to their psychopathic Neo-Malthusian dreams of depopulating the planet with viruses.

Information technology and biotechnology are merging into one thing. They actually have a name for it; biodigital convergence. If you Google that right now, it’ll take you to a Policy Horizons Canada page on the government of Canada’s website that lays it all out in detail. I’m sure they publish things like this openly because they know, in their heart of hearts, that nobody will read it. Frankly, nobody reads anything anymore. Most people can’t even recall the last time they read a novel, and, indeed, the captions on a TikTok video are probably too much for some people’s attention spans. The Overclass know they can discuss their plans in plain sight, with impunity, because only the tiny remaining portion of the population with any degree of intellectual curiosity will ever see it. If you read the last few paragraphs of the transcript of this podcast without getting bored and wandering off, then congratulations. You are a member of a teeny, tiny minority of the population whose reward networks in their brains are not so fried that they need constant, childlike, superhero-movie-slash-smartphone-game levels of flashing colors and stimulation to keep you interested and engaged. Well done.

All these different domains of the applied sciences are gradually melding together into a singular “science of all matter”. That’s where integrated circuit architectures become biomorphic, and biology is made to imitate computers and logic circuitry, and both of those things are used to make new classes of metamaterials and engineered objects that draw inspiration from biology, and so on. Take stress analysis, for example. The more researchers use generative design to come up with things like car chassis components, the more those components start to resemble bones, or the striations in leaves. Supercomputers and distributed computing platforms are already being used for protein-folding simulations today. Tomorrow, an AI will be able to design proteins from scratch based on little more than a description of their intended function. Computers themselves are increasingly making use of neuromorphic architecture, with compute and memory combined into a single component, like neurons and their synapses.

It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine that the computers of the future may be semi-organic in nature. Maybe in a few decades, when they want to add more compute capacity to artificial neural networks, they’ll grow a brain organoid in a petri dish, or print a pseudo-brain in a 3D printer, fill it with nanotransducers, stuff it in a jar full of nutrient soup, and link it in a giant brain-meat cloud. H.P. Lovecraft was right about the Mi-Go, except the morally, spiritually, and intellectually depraved brain-snatchers are right here among us, and they’re wearing the form of fellow human beings. Yes, I’ve been working on my Alex Jones impression. I find that such hyperbole doesn’t even cut it anymore. When you actually stop and think about the potential this technology has to utterly rewrite every aspect of human existence, the reality we are facing is much, much worse than anything I can conjure up.

I think the worst part about all of this is how many people out there are still completely indifferent to what’s happening. There are people out there who think pharma and big agribusinesses are their friends. They clearly haven’t read Marcia Angell, Gerald Posner, or Carey Gilliam. If people think huge multinational corporations that make up the vast majority of the value of our markets care one whit about them, then they haven’t read James Burnham or Samuel Francis. If people don’t think we’re in a class war, then they haven’t read Michael Lind. If people don’t think our democracy has been completely overturned and that we live in a state held captive by shady intelligence and financial interests, then they haven’t read Michael J. Glennon. If people don’t think that Jeffrey Epstein was an intelligence asset, then clearly, they haven’t read Whitney Webb.

It seems to me that the only people complaining about conspiracy theories and disinformation are the sort of people who don’t read books or even vaguely understand history.

The baddies are willing to drag us into World War III, right to the brink of nuclear war, to cover up what they’re doing. They’re using one manufactured phony crisis after another to terrorize the public. People must understand that this is a pattern of deliberate psychological abuse, perpetrated by extremely powerful and wealthy people who despise us and desire absolute, tyrannical control over all human activity on this planet. They use wokeism and anti-nationalism simply as a means of redirecting justifiable populist anger over economic stagnation and stalled upward mobility into other, irrelevant issues.

Let’s face it. All this rhetoric in the past decade about race, gender, sexuality, identity politics, it’s all divisive nonsense. There is only one fight, and it’s the fight around economic class, and that’s something that unites populists on the right and the left. There is no Left or Right anymore. It’s Us versus Them. And by Them, I mean the high-net-worth people. The human cattle ranchers. We can’t just be standing here in slack-jawed awe of the audacity of what they’re doing. We need to be building a coalition against them and enacting countermeasures to protect our fundamental rights and freedoms from these predators.

Instead, people are caught up in these petty squabbles. Look at the Left. Look at how ridiculous the Left have become over the past couple decades. When I was a kid, there were the WTO protests. People rallying against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. You had dreadlocked hippies telling you, straight up, Monsanto and Pfizer and Merck were all scum. Now look at them. They’re a bunch of simpering prudes. They have sensitivity readers to censor novels, and they flip out if a comic book character shows a bit of cleavage on a book cover. The modern Left is the domain of hypersensitive college kids who’ve embraced a weird Grundyism, and who clamor for a Post-World War II welfare state that doesn’t exist anymore, which died a lonely death decades ago. I saw people on an Anarchist board arguing that Pfizer and Moderna deserve a monetary reward because vaccines are “pro-social”. That’s how moronic and unprincipled these people are. Modern day communists can’t even be consistently communist without sparing a moment to bend down and suck Albert Bourla’s toes. What are they even good for, then?

The Right, for their part, are chasing a phantom. “We want more capitalism and deregulation!”, they say, but they already have it, and then some. They still honestly conceive of capitalism from the perspective of Roaring-Twenties-like entrepreneurial capitalism, which ceased to have any social influence a whole century ago. It has been replaced. Managerialism and Taylorism are wearing its skin, today. Look at how much capital it takes to start your own business. Look at how many permits you need, and how much insurance. You can’t do anything at all without being beholden to the managerial caste and playing by their foot-thick books of ridiculous, overbearing rules. Rules that, if you’re a large enough company, you don’t even need to follow, since you can afford the fines incurred by breaking them. Thin blue line? Look at how the cops dragged off January 6th protesters and practically tortured them with solitary confinement. Look at what happened in Canada with the truckers in Ottawa, with men in balaclavas and olive drab uniforms breaking their windows with riot sticks. Cops are “based” one minute, and the next, they’re working for your enemies, your occupiers. Get real.

There we go. I’ve surely offended everyone with that. But now that I have your undivided attention, let me tell you, working-class people can’t afford to be divided any longer. Not over such petty nonsense. All this hyper-polarization, all this pussyfooting around, all it does is serve the interests of our enemies while they turn the screws on us. The tyrants in charge don’t mind using lawlessness and polarization to keep average people at each other’s throats, so long as we’re under their control. The one thing they don’t like is when all eyes turn on them. They don’t like it when people start to notice that we’re being ruled by greedy psychopaths who control all the resources and own all the most valuable land. To some extent, that’s been the case throughout all of recorded history. The main thing that’s changed is the increasing awareness of it. The internet allows us all to compare notes, and to see how we’ve all been sold down the river.

The oligarchs know this, and their answer is to create “controlled instability”, or what Samuel Francis called “Anarcho-Tyranny”. That’s when the state allows mass, undirected lawlessness, like the rioting that occurred throughout 2020, but enforces pointless little rules for normal people. We see this everywhere, now. Governments criminalizing and attacking the innocent, while ignoring serious crimes and their perpetrators.

People still don’t understand how this could be the case. They’re still stuck in primitive modes of thinking about geopolitics. They still believe in the sanctity of our institutions, despite all the accumulating evidence that those institutions have been utterly defiled from the inside.

What we are in, right now, are the opening stages of a brutal, winner-takes-all war for the planet’s assets and resources. The bad guys are using bioweapons and the deathvax to kill people because nukes pollute the land and destroy valuable infrastructure. Bioweapons merely kill off “excess population”. You know, people that the rich and powerful would have to divide the loot with. Didn’t you hear Yuval Noah Harari? “We just don’t need so many people”. They’re open and explicit about their intentions. We’ve already built all the infrastructure that the wealthy, psychopathic Overclass need to satisfy their fantasies of living in an unpeopled and empty paradise. They don’t need to pay our wages and benefits anymore. These anti-humanist nutcases think they can simply toss us all in the garbage disposal, murdering us with some SARS and some injectable toxins ginned up in a lab somewhere. After they’re done with that, they plan on pacifying and stupefying the survivors and corralling them into Smart Cities where their movements and their most private thoughts will be tracked with implanted technology. Meanwhile, the authorities are trying to kill our parents and grandparents, so they can’t collect their pensions, which have already been looted and given to our leaders’ cronies on Wall Street.

Did you happen to watch Nita Farahany’s presentation at Davos about Brain Transparency? Did you ever wonder why she wasn’t booed off the stage? It’s because everyone there implicitly accepts this sort of heinous rhetoric. They’ve gone all-in on these technocratic fantasies of theirs. They don’t even hide it. They’re actively normalizing ideas that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. The Biodefense Mafia was created to service and facilitate the Abhuman Order, which uses anti-nationalism, economic and scientific domination, and military-grade psychological warfare in order to bully ordinary, everyday people into accepting its unconscionable mandates. The ruling class speak of diversity, equity, and inclusion, but what they really want are the exact opposites: homogeneity, extreme class stratification, and the total exclusion of people with a net worth under a hundred million dollars from any part of the political process.

And they’re persistent. They’re doing this with dogged determination, chipping away at our fundamental rights and our sovereignty one law, one act, and one treaty at a time, over the course of decades. Look at Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt’s stellar research. Look at how gruesomely, how slowly, and how deliberately the Overclass chipped away at our human rights and turned us into their playthings, their property. The Overclass think that if they go slowly and cautiously enough, then average people won’t notice that we’re being stolen from. Think of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones tries replacing the golden idol with the bag of sand. The Overclass think they can do the same thing to us, removing the golden idol of our fundamental rights and freedoms and replacing them with a worthless bag of sand. They are also hubristic enough to think they can avoid being rolled over by the boulder of populist, ultranationalist backlash, as they do this.

We are already at war. We’ve been at war for years, now. The perpetrators of this war against humanity are the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, and the World Economic Forum. The form of government they are trying to establish is a kleptocracy—or, less charitably, a kakistocracy—disguised as a technocracy. They will sell tyranny to people in the guise of convenience. Digital ID? Wonderful. Now you don’t need to carry so many cards in your wallet. You can just have a QR code stamped on your earlobe, like cattle. Cashless, all-digital currency? Brilliant. You can do away with the wallet entirely and pay for things with your phone, or your fingertip. Cameras everywhere? Terrific. Now you don’t have to worry about being mugged by all the down-on-their-luck riffraff our insane leaders’ policies left in the poor house. Smart Cities and wearable and implantable Internet of Bodies tech? Excellent. Your trash can be whisked away in a tube like the Jetsons, and you can keep closer track of your steps and count your calories better, and so can your healthcare provider, and your health insurance provider, who can see if you’ve been compliant with the pills they gave you because every single one of those pills phone home.

And just like that, your privacy, autonomy, and basic human dignity are all gone, and you’re reduced to slavery. It’s not enough for them to control you. They want you singing the system’s praises. They want true-believers for this new order.

People can’t act against the threat if they do not recognize it and aren’t educated about it. The New World Order is being built on a foundation of quasi-NGOs, private-public partnerships, and supranational organizations. The way they obtain power is by hollowing out the ability of local, elected representatives to actually represent people. This is why, no matter who you vote for, nothing about your material conditions ever seems to change in any tangible way. Your elected officials have already delegated their responsibilities to supranationals. They don’t represent you anymore. They’re puppets. This is why it’s so laughable when you hear these figures on TV or on Twitter going on about how we have to “protect our democracy”. They don’t mean protecting representative democracy at all. What they mean is protecting the ability of Western oligarchs to dictate policy to the rest of us little people, with a thin veneer of democracy over their dealings.

There are people out there who still think that Jeffrey Epstein was just some random billionaire con man who happened to run a sex trafficking ring. Jeffrey Epstein was not a billionaire. He was a spook. His money came from Les Wexner and Charles Bronfman’s Mega Group, which is an intelligence slush fund masquerading as a philanthropic organization. Epstein was a pawn. A bagman. Blackmailing dignitaries and putting them under the thumb of intelligence by filming them having sex with teen girls was the entirety of his job. One of the hazards of that job is that when you get caught, they assassinate you in prison to keep you quiet.

Furthermore, Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s accomplice, had close ties to Nathan Wolfe, who, in turn, had close ties to Peter Daszak and Karen Saylors. So, all of these NGOs funding gain-of-function research in foreign biolabs are part of the same network of individuals as Jeffrey Epstein. How could this be, you ask? It’s very simple, really. Intelligence agencies are acting as another branch of government. The CIA, for instance, have gotten to be so powerful, they basically dictate foreign policy in America. You don’t seriously think that Joseph Robinette Biden, in his stark senility, is making decisions of any import, do you? The man can barely walk straight. That’s a puppet. His script comes straight from Langley. The neocons and neoliberals in the Uniparty don’t work for the average American citizen. They work for the multinationals. They work for spy agencies. They work for Raytheon, and they work for DuPont, and they don’t work for you.

We need to remind these people who they’re supposed to work for. If they think they can stall us in the courts, then a general strike would show them how badly they need our labor to line their pockets, in spite of their rancid flirtation with replacing us all with AI.


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