Jonathan Moreno, Isobel Butorac, James Giordano, Charles Morgan, Armin Krishnan, and other bioethicists are right to be concerned. Why aren't more people talking about this? Why are they letting maniacs obtain the technology to literally abolish mankind?



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Spartacus, excellent analysis and review. We are beautifully made by God. Sorry if I insult anyone with religion, but the depth and intricacies of the human body is mind boggling. Good luck with AI and biomedical advances….. you can only go so far with technology without harming another bodily process. Thank you , as always Spartacus.

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🌎Fantastic write up. Most people would basically be able to realize exactly what's going on after reading this. Sincerely thank you. You've done a wonderful job, describing in sort of laymen's terms, a narrative that is truely digestable by even the average untrained or unspecialized human being. Again, thank you. Saving and sharing this one for sure 🫂.

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I have to say that I have seen the mind change in people who had the jabs, not in people who had the flue. Some of my friends are different people after the jabs. They think in such a different way that I barely recognize them. It' scary.

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Please watch This video as it illustrates how much further along they are in implementing the new “digital prison” for which humanity can’t escape!!! They are QUIETLY setting it all up!!! Skip the first 10 minutes if you are not a practicing Christian to her VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE GUEST who has a zillion degrees in related fields. Dr. Madej has been an advocate for humanity & outspoken for years re Nanotech etc. dangers etc. She was recently in an (some believe suspicious) airplane accident days after revealing “Fourth Industrial Revolution” & WEF plans!!!! She is recovering well thank GOD!

Please pass this on to others. We are really in a time crunch to stop this asap!


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God bless you, Spartacus. Shared with an investigative reporter I know.

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I would say that the conspirators were not exceptionally cruel, but, rather, were following the first phase of PSYOP-19 which did not even require the slow kill bioweapon injection.

Easily discharging pensions, social security liabilities and sending inheritances to the indebted heirs that would blow through it quickly (house always wins) was a no-brainer to start instantly satisfying the greater advancement of the accelerated agenda.

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Everything you need to know is at these links:

a) Gideon Interview Q & A Part 1: https://oculumlabs.com/interview-with-gideon-csrq-sm/

b) Gideon Interview Q & A Part 2: https://oculumlabs.com/interview-with-gideon-part-2-financial-reset/

c) Sovereign classes of rich and powerful exposed: https://oculumlabs.com/the-sovereign-accounts-of-the-rich-and-powerful-exposed/

d) Sovereign classes exposed Part 2: https://oculumlabs.com/csrq-accounts-of-phil-godlewski-jordan-peterson-james-okeefe-david-wilcock/

e) Bill's Intel Drops: https://oculumlabs.com/bills-blog/

f) FAQ: https://oculumlabs.com/financial-reset-csrq-sm-faq/

They're definitely agreeing with you, though focusing more on the economic reset.

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"I’ll be frank. The human body is a terrible place to host electronics of any kind. It is a corrosive environment. Electrodes shoved into it break down, become fouled, and/or are enclosed in scar tissue. This outlines the first challenge of any serious transhumanist project; the components for any “upgrades” must be biocompatible."

It's very possible it missed my notice but the issue of post jab magnetism seems to have a lot to look for in this regard and the whole issue seems to have made a small ripple and vanished. It was still somewhat suspicious with online accounts but I saw for myself with Juliette. It would be awesome if a few brainiacs out there would take a look at the science reasons for this bizarre fact.


"Our genes are stored as DNA, encoding thousands of different proteins that work with our somatic cells to perform all of the crucial functions of our bodies and the different types of tissue found in them."

Every gmo ingredient in the food supply has novel proteins and there are thousands of varieties allowed around the world. All of them land in the gut where immune activity occurs & we know nothing about them individually or in combination beyond industry studies for weight gain in livestock etc. After 25 years swallowing the sh*t we have the sickest children in human history and it gets worse by the year. Old fashioned, you are what you eat idea may triumph here but the same Gates funded choir sings about gmo & jab safety as if their role is protecting profits.


Who know what Rx interactions could be or even if all the lab rats are compromised by feed that is assumed to be a constant when in fact the variables are limitless. Wanna be horrified start w Abbott Labs product line from hospital TPN to retail drinks it's pure gmo, pesticide soaked ingredients and rBGH dairy.

"Ensure® Original for Balanced Nutrition | Abbott Nutrition - Water, Corn Maltodextrin, Sugar, Milk Protein Concentrate, Blend of Vegetable Oils (Canola, Corn), Soy Protein Isolate, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Nonfat Milk." https://abbottnutrition.com/ensure-original-shake

Globally nations were bullied to accept the FDA rubber stamp as default gold standard. Hillary was Monsanto - Gates best muscle at State Dept but reality is all FDA required is Monsanto believes.


While Rockefeller medical cartel lead "Race for the Cure" embrace illness as a social group and bury causes & those who expose them. Susan B Komen the Neiman Marcus wiz Nancy Brinker exploiting her sister's death one of the worst pink-washers.. Good news is tables are turning big time w disaster too enormous to hide & legions of challengers w fab hearts and minds. :~)



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👏👏❤Excellent piece as always. I would add that all the nanotech aficionado's never seem to consider the symbiosis possibility- one can reduce the protein mechanisims to IFTTT statements all they like and will still never reliably execute the chosen fold- for what reasons we dont always understand. As you said blackbox and all that. But we also never set up our research to consider the symbiosis factor. We have no idea which, what microbes and as yet undiscovered species play within our holobiont. Not to forget the quantum effects of their interaction or even just presence or non-presence have. So we continue to buffoon our way, with no real understanding of the damage we inflict, so how can we possibly predict the outcomes?!

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I can't afford a paid subscription. As an author/publisher I do average 330 online-page reads a day, have published over 85 books in the last 10 years, with as many as 75,000+ downloads with page counts from 100-2000, the vast majority of which are based on aggregated peer review on a wide variety of subjects. I reach over 500 educational and research institutions in over 140 countries including all the top organizations. Based on my analytics frequent visitors are from Cornell, Oxford, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, NASA, EPA, etc., and they are Department Heads, University Professors, Emeritus, Grad and Undergrads and lately, Litigation Consultants. I'm rated, among 175+ million members, in the top 0.1% of author publishers in manufacturing biologics, autism spectrum disorder, autoimmunity, nuclear physics, propaganda, visual propaganda and the history of propaganda and several other related subjects. I'd like to use Spartacast 1-3 as an introduction for a book I'd like to put together using some of the relevant peer review and documentation in the area discussed, particularly in 3, which I have decades of experience locating, organizing and publishing. With full attribution of course and moreover all of my books are free downloads at my web site although several are also in a number of countries on Amazon. I prefer the free PDFs because the many 10s of 1000s of references across my books are clickable hyperlinks. I no longer have a Facebook page with 5000 friends and almost 5000 followers (I sued them and won but the fallout was unbearable), Twitter, LinkIn or anything else other than my web site where my books are stored. You can contact me there and we can exchange emails/phone numbers privately if you'd like. Your contribution to the book would be, is, unmatched and unmatchable. Thank you, Sincerely, JP. I have a Substack but I haven't done much with it and don't need to monetize anything.


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Great article.

“ We are a very long way from fully analyzing the human body and every single thing that happens inside it, and yet, we are hubristic enough to believe we can surpass the brilliance of its engineering.”

Evolve that! Surely Darwin should be considered father of ‘The Science’…

And then Cognitive Warfare. Indeed. Tower of Babel V2 anyone???

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With these geniuses in power the best we can hope for is that there is another Carrington event and that the sun throws an Earth directed CME which puts a big monkey wrench in the best laid plans of mice and men. At least a natural evolution of sorts will go on until the next civilization reaches this stage once again.

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Brilliant and comprehensive summary, but what's missing are the Outer-Space-Aliens. Not kidding, they're the Overclass behind the WEF et al.

Let's use logic as simple as one plus one equals two to practically prove the above.

We've now had 75 years of UFO visits. Throw out the weather balloons and the swamp gas and you're left with 3000 core sightings by reputable civilian, military, and scientific individuals who go on the record and destroy their reputations and careers and families without getting paid with sighting reports that are multimodal: visual, photos, movies, radar, infrared, residual radiation, broken branches, burn marks - plus, tens of thousands of abductees with consistent stories and often with inexplicable bruises, scars, and trauma, and who were physically missing for a couple of hours according to non-abductees present at the time. (So this is a physical and not a mental phenomena.) They've also been evaluated as lacking pathology.

Additionally, on June 25th, 2021, the US government stated that UFOs are real and they're not us.

Now the obvious logic, which completely destroys the Fermi paradox: 1) UFOs are real, see above. 2) They were designed, built, and piloted by someone non-human. 3) Therefore, outer space aliens are real - and they are here now. Not on vacation either, they are working a plan.

Since few people are capable of seeing the obvious one has to wonder if the aliens, reported by abductees to be strongly telepathic, are jamming our thinking with technologically amplified telepathy. We don't lack the information - it's right there - what we lack is imagination (exponential thought), or the ability to free ourselves from mass psychosis (linear thought).

This planet has great value with it's water, mineral, and biological resources. It's an oasis in a barren universe. Cellulose is rare in the universe, as are soft robots.

Outer-Space-Aliens are in the process of acquiring us lock, stock, and barrel.

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Spartacus, do you have an email contact? Or simply please mail me at public_interest_mail@protonmail.com. Because there are a few questions related to Sars-Cov-2 pathophysiology that I'd like to ask your informed opinion on privately if that's okay with you?

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Hi, I believe your subscribers would be very interested to learn about your views on the topics covered in this podcast in relation to the reports of vaccinated persons emitting bluetooth MAC addresses as displayed on mobile phones etc. I have seen a number of videos demonstrating this, and have noticed it on my own phone. You summarise the overall situation and future scenarios very well, however there is no direct reference to the current situation and recent reports of undisclosed nano-devices etc. and bluetooth technologies being deployed in the Covid vaccines. Could you please clarify on this point?

This is the best example I have found of more controlled testing done by a doctor working at a hospital.



I have also found these reports which outlines many of the capabilities regarding bluetooth and nano-devices:




Though I have not yet found absolute conclusive proof to verify beyond any doubt if this is happening. Maybe the claims are somehow mistaken, or misinformation, or maybe it is actually real? Certainty on this issue is very much needed as quickly as possible as the implications would be vast.

So I ask you, your team at ICENI, and related networks to please focus your scientific and medical research skills on this important question to then publish a report that ultimately provides a decisive conclusion.

Or perhaps you can refer me and your readers to credible sources that have already fully investigated this subject area regarding the possible application of nano-devices etc. and bluetooth technology used for Covid vaccines? Can you please summarise the work and views of your peers about whether this is really being done? It seems bluetooth and wireless networks would be the most suitable and distributed platform at present to achieve the various monitoring, surveillance, IOB etc. plans? Have the first early stages of these plans already been introduced via the Covid vaccines?

Considering how widespread it has been reported across numerous countries, and how relatively simple in terms of scientific research I estimate it would be to properly test and verify the claims, I am surprised these observations have not received much more attention and debate in the media, more so in the alternative media. Especially, when it would be such a pivotal game-changer if proven to be the case and widely known about by the public.

If it were the case, then injection of a nano-device etc. via vaccination resulting with a person emitting a bluetooth MAC address for undisclosed purposes, would clearly be a violation of multiple medical, ethical and human rights laws, that could be proven in a court of law using clear-cut, scientific data as legal evidence. Seriously, Pfizer etc. cannot legally do such blatantly obvious things, contravening laws and without informed consent, even with the liability shield they do have. 'I went to get my jab, not to get turned into a #@* bluetooth device!' The massive amount of legal action would sink Pfizer and co.

Your research and analysis for bringing clarity to this unresolved question would be much appreciated, and your thoughts on practical legal actions to prevent the medical experimentation you outline are also welcome.

Big thanks for all your very interesting work!

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