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Because this technology is powerful, it can potentially tip the balance of power between mega-corporations and states. As such, militaries will have a vested interest in advancing and controlling this new power. Other governments will observe this and make necessary investments of their own. An unregulated bio-technology arms race is already underway, beyond sight, or understanding. I for one have zero confidence that this will be used for the betterment of humanity. Without checks, it will be used for the consolidation of power, wealth, influence, and the social/cultural values of those who wield it. Given how the powerful have governed in the uni-polar moment of the last 30 years, I am gravely concerned for how this power will be used in the next 30 years of great power competition.

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Congratulations, that just means that you've considered the implications of all of this and are still sane. Good job.

For my part, I'm not at all certain that the Earth of 2100 will not be a nuclear wasteland populated by the gray-skinned, long-limbed, bandage-wrapped denizens of a Zdzisław Beksiński painting, at the rate we're going.

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I have similar fears. As some of these technologies like CRISPR become cheaper, any billionaire can throw a few hundred million into a high-tech lab and start splicing away, weather it’s airborne Ebola, hyper-contagious MERSA, smallpox 2.0, or simply a blight that burns through the global wheat, rice, or soy crops. The computing power going into AI is doubling every six months, novel diseases for humans, plants, and animals (bird flu, swine flu, etc) are just a few months and a few trillion digital iterations away. We have no idea what we dealing with.

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Correct. AI and machine learning will vastly accelerate the development of novel biotechnologies. An AI can synthesize a protein and determine its potential interactions in a multitude of body systems and correlate all of that information with perfect precision, where a human would falter and fail to consider the system as a whole, or incompletely correlate data simply due to our limited memories. The incredibly risky and toxic COVID-19 mRNA "vaccines" are just one potential application of nucleic acid delivery to cells. It's not even things like synthesizing diseases, either. Imagine if you could create whole new organelles or biological pathways in cells and living organisms that do not exist in nature, and make them integrate themselves into the host organism and perpetuate themselves.

Let's say I wanted to make someone impervious to a certain range of toxins. I could inject their liver cells with a gene transfection drug that makes their cells assemble entire new structures inside them that evade immune detection. Once these structures are set up, they integrate into all the normal biological pathways and make use of cellular energy the same as any other structure inside a cell. These "super-lysosomes" internalize toxic molecules, and break them down very quickly using synthetic enzymes. That's just one example. Or, I could "cyborgify" a cell by assembling metal ions into novel nanostructures using proteins that grab and deposit them. Then, those structures could be controlled and used, recursively, to direct the biosynthesis of other molecules, et cetera, et cetera.

We are officially through the looking glass, here.

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Before we get too far through the looking glass what would be fun to see is a reality check on the egos wielding these tools and playing God.

Can we start w epic failure of gmo 'foods' and identify the impact of their novel proteins? Patents were granted based on 1 gene = 1 protein and modification being reversible. How's that reversal working out?

FDA has NEVER done any human health or safety testing nor required it. Tufts 2008 was running a Golden Rice clinical trial.. huge backlash from genetic ethics community for violating US laws prohibiting human medical experiments. If you can't do a human feeding trial just feed ^%$# to everyone.. kinda like the jab plan.. do everyone see what happens eh?

Our population wide experiment and National health profile is the result.

What happens when the gmo novel proteins appear in the body? We have the most intricate relationships with our natural world, wisdom in our genes acquired from the dawn of time.

Suddenly these "events" as the patents call them, that have never existed in nature, most impossible without serious violations of natural protections and make that into a diet for days, weeks, months, years these genetic aliens are thrown into our finely tuned bodies that do what with it?.

Super-weeds, super-pests and steady increases in chemical volumes and toxicity but more powerful killing is always the path to better lives for all.

These patent protected crops are feeding our children and mutating in the wild on the wind.. before we buy into another race for the cures maybe do some deep dives looking at possible causes..

Look at population wide rise of auto-immune illness, especially excema which is very much like the first red flag for graft vs host disease in a transplant patient compared to food supply.

My rough comparison is the USDA-ERS biotech adoption chart against any chart for the treatment market. It's one place where numbers do give an honest picture. Food for though where science brainiacs abound.. wishing for the questions to land in fruitful places and crossing my fingers!

USDA main gmo crops


Monsanto believes it's safe & effective


Golden Rice Dreams ~ The history of Golden Rice and credits the funding and support of the Rockefeller Foundation. Plant Physiol, March 2001, Vol. 125, pp. 1157-1161 ~ Ingo Potrykus


Tufts Golden Rice Clinical Trial




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Spot on.

I read once. All the FDA is for is to license for distribution across state lines. That’s it.

I’ve never heard it again.

Anyone know if that’s true?

It sure seems like it.

Like you stated

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Not true. FDA has no standing with respect to interstate commerce.. individual states do have the power to impose restrictions using their own public health & environmental concerns that extend to species of plants and pets.

There has never been any formal FDA approval they rubber stamp industry notice this patent protected event is something the maker believes is safe & we are adding it to the food supply. It works in much the same way we have perpetual war under post 9-11 AUMF that's used to bypass Congress voting for war as the Constitution requires. Industry wish by default and formal check erased along with any public debate.

With biotech foods Bush Sr. used Arthur Anderson plan for Monsanto that was designed to avoid the liabilities of PCB pollution. The solution was to have the government waive a regulatory role prior to release of the genetically engineered seeds. It was championed by Dan Quayle under the banner of De-regulatory Framework. Voila, there is a voluntary notification before variants join the food supply & land on store shelves.

Still the best deep dive on this is Jeffrey Smith ~ Seeds of Deception ~ groundbreaking 1999 book that was an underground classic found in the tiny print ads in the back pages of the granola munching newsletters.. flyers at 'health food' store counters with local dog sitter cards.. Jeff has continued as a leader in the space of advocacy and education.


First Notification -

Biotechnology Consultation Memorandum of Conference BNF No. 000001

September 19, 1994

(bottom half of page)

Compositional Analysis

Based on the nature of the genetic modification, it was not expected that glyphosate-tolerant soybeans would differ compositionally from other soybean varieties. To confirm this expectation, **Monsanto carried out** compositional analyses which focussed on analysis of whole beans but also included compositional analyses of major soy-derived products, including toasted soybean meal, soy oil, defatted soy flour, and soy protein isolate.

Based on their analysis of whole beans (and, for certain parameters, various soy products), **Monsanto has concluded** that glyphosate-tolerant soybeans are not significantly different from other soybean varieties in protein, fat, fiber, ash, carbohydrate, amino acid, fatty acid, trypsin inhibitor, lectin, isoflavone (genistein and daidzen), phospholipid (lecithin), phytate, stachyose, or raffinose content. **Monsanto's analysis** of some of these parameters in glyphosate-treated soybeans led them to similar conclusions.

In order to verify that glyphosate-tolerant varieties of soybeans express levels of soybean allergens no greater than traditional varieties, **Monsanto carried out** immunoblot analysis using pooled serum from individuals allergic to soybeans. **Monsanto reported** that there was no difference between glyphosate-tolerant and control lines of soybeans in the level of expression of immunoreactive material.

Wholesomeness Studies

**Monsanto described** the results of wholesomeness studies they carried out in rats, chickens, catfish, dairy cattle, and bobwhite quail. On the basis of their consideration of the totality of these studies, **Monsanto has concluded** that there is no significant difference in the wholesomeness of glyphosate-tolerant and traditional soybean varieties, as expected from their compositional analysis. These data are summarized on page 49 of Monsanto's September 2 submission.


**Monsanto has concluded**, in essence, that the glyphosate-tolerant soybean variety they have developed is not significantly altered within the meaning of 21 CFR 170.30(f)(2) when compared to soybean varieties with a history of safe use.

***At this time, based on Monsanto's description of its data and analysis, the agency considers Monsanto's consultation on this product to be complete.***

F. Owen Fields, Ph.D. - Page Last Updated: 06/18/2009


Key note ->> "the glyphosate-tolerant soybean variety they have developed is not significantly altered within the meaning of 21 CFR 170.30(f)(2) when compared to soybean varieties with a history of safe use."

This CFR cited is Code of Federal Regulations - this is the evil genius Michael Taylor loophole declaring a new category called "substantial equivalent" so the testing all new foods were required to have could be avoided by simply measuring some nutrients, fiber etc and declaring it as safe as traditional varieties.

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Y'all too smart. My head hurts. I just Invision SkyNet running things by 2035.

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Nice piece, but do think you far to kind to the "cutting edge" scientists and geneticists.

What's the quote, "Don't fear the best swordsman, a master knows what he will do, and the consequences. Fear the novice swordsman- nobody knows what he'll do, and neither does he."...something like that.

I feel that everyone and especially the 'expert's are giving them selves far too much credit for being so smart😐🙄

I mean a child can pull something apart, and a clock is right 2x a day. Neither of which are qualified to pull apart the intracasies of quantum biology/physics.

Mostly because egos won't let them.

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They really have absolutely no clue what they are doing and are like small children playing around with vials of radioactive cesium. There are so many pathways in biology that escape our understanding, it's ridiculous.

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And combine all that with hubris- they can't even understand the fact that they have no clue about how much they don't KNOW, what they don't know!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙄

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Yep, just devoting an entire rambling post to this topic soon. The dangers definitely outweigh the risks.

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It's like this recent study I wrote about. They created gene-edited hamsters and were surprised when the results turned out opposite to their predictions. They were shocked the biology behind social behaviour may be more complex than they previously thought!


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This is a really important point, "unintended consequences"

Most of us are programmed to accept the great power of such technological manipulations of life as fact, rather than as a potential , fraught with unintended consequences.

Life has internal checks and balances which have advantages to that life. When such an intricate system has a big change edited in, things happen which perturb the rest of the living system. We learn by messing things up and watching. Often things die when we mess them up. We talk less about that than our "successful" impressive discoveries.

We all get a mistaken view of how well all of this works.

mRNA technologies are potentially very promising for teaching cancer cells to make things that will kill cancer cells.

There are so many impediments that arose to this noble goal... We see how the changing of mRNA to become "immortal" has led to spike-protein production still ongoing 6 months after second injection.

Was that intentional? It seems that they wanted the mRNA to induce spike production for more than a half hour, but did not know how long the "fix" would work. That turns out to have been really important.

Spike protein is caustic to blood vessel linings, invades cells, creates immune inflammation and auto-immune response against tissue that looks slightly similar.

Spike protein in ongoing production builds up as debris clogs, like multi-ton fat blobs in a sewer system, "amyloid".

Now it appears that these spike proteins have sections of abnormal folding, "prion" sections, which give deeper meaning to the "amyloid" deposits. these may be the onset of a new form of "mad-cow" disease, a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease, which happens as abnormal proteins spread within the brain and nervous system, progressively short-circuiting it as the human becomes increasingly bizarre, less human, then very slowly dies.


Some might think this is the intention of the powerful elites, and it might be, but it looks like unintended-consequences to me.

Steer clear of "super powers" if you value life.

Things happen, unforeseen and unpleasant things happen...

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Yep in my experience with nature, unintended consequences are always magnified. X action does not equal y result, especially within the human body.

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Or food. Or our atmosphere.

Personally, I’d like to dial back technology.

It’s killing bees, birds, trees, us, animals, our planet.

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I would prefer they experimented on themselves, locked away for life on Epsteins island. Zero escape

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A few years ago while researching, I came across an medical internship quorum on which was posted the following question. "Does anyone know where to purchase thyroid hormone free bovine calf serum?" Bovine calf serum has been used as a growth agent for childhood vaccines since the 1950s. One has only to consider the near ubiquitus disorders of the thyroid in the population to see a big red flag.

Never inject anything into the body. Vaccines are contaminated biologics which may introduce into the body spirochetal infections (Lyme Disease), viruses, (Herpes), Prions (Jacob-Creuchfeldt Disease), Mycoplasma, etc. Serum used in vaccines from different species contain all the same constituents as human serum, just not human. If the body targets that constituent as other and launches an immune response, it may then launch an immune attact upon the human analog. This is then named auto-immunity.......

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Thank you, this is great and confirms where my thinking has gone over these past decades even if my short attention span and limits of patience would not follow to put a written shape to it. My mind is unable to fathom the minds of fellow humans who would accept such repeated abuse from their “healthcare” professionals except as allowed by my own epic human shortcomings.

With friends such as these who needs enemies? We’ve fallen into allowing serial abuse by our medical institutions, other institutions, governments and corporations. How do psychiatrists recommend getting out of a serially abusive relationship? Out - Now - with all due possible speed.

It would be further enlightening for many to put a timeline with the appearance of these events.

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I really appreciate the ability you have to communicate intricate processes to people like myself. As I have observed the changes in the world as technology has dominated wisdom, I recall two bible stories. One, as soon as the knowledge of good and evil was tasted the inevitable outcome was assured. Two think about the tower of Babel, once mankind was able to regain the power of communication with one another "they would be able to do anything". We live in a time where we can accomplish anything...but our knowledge of evil guarantees that we will not survive. Some may believe these are fables but prescient, yes?

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Here is something a friend sent me, worthy of deep consideration, not just casual consideration. Casual consideration will read, pause, read and decide that it cannot quickly be confirmed or refuted, and put it out of mind.


One might live with it awhile, but that will be an ongoing task.

It could be worth such ongoing considerate observation.

You have to judge that for yourself.

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Horrifying stuff, but I'm not too worried. All their fever dreams will die with the wheeze of an expiring refrigerator motor when shrinking global energy generation capacity, combined with rising living standards in the southern hemisphere, forces scarce resources to be reallocated away from these mad government-funded alchemists, to keeping the lights on in Peoria. Peak oil may yet save us from the consequences of Scientism!

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These idiots can not enhance human beings, it way too complex and interactive for anyone to figure it out. The energy these processes require is a magnitude more than what a human being actually needs, and will fail soon.

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I knew, as a society, something is wrong when I was an ob resident and the maternal fetal medicine specialist did an amniocentesis, put potassium chloride in the heart of one of the triplets because the patient wanted twins not triplets. Now look where science has gone and where it can go next. Thanks Spartacus for the information and awareness.

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biggest elephant in the room imo is the kill shot. stands to reason that most of those involved in these sinister projects have taken it, possibly that only the top tier psychotic brain trust have gotten the saline. how many will actually get treatment for the shots? not many, i think. only a matter of time before this industry dies of their own sick invention

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