I'm throwing my energy into surviving and helping others survive, and part of that is identifying and understanding the threats to survival.

Environments kill humans, true, but most often it's humans killing humans.

All this new technology is a Pandora's box, opened by our sociopathic owners and their expert consultants.

We will need food, water, fuel and a somewhat stable community to survive this decade.

I don't anticipate the internet and grid always being operational.

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Spartacus I must commend you; this is your best work yet. It truly tries to pull all the pieces together in a narrative. I needed this this morning! The breadth of your topics and the way you pulled the together are spot on.

Just want to update everyone while I have the chance on the work of coronaized.com:

1. Please watch the new coronaized.com videos:



2. Also, coronaized.com has new papers for download and some recent updates to the Why Covid section. Check it out here: www.coronaized.com

3. Also, everyone should be alerted and start watching very closely the work of Jia Lui, who has essentially taken over the work of one Charles M. Lieber. This author has identified some of the key technology that worked the best from the first round of nanotech injections, which Mr. Lui, has, thorough Harvard, gone and patented, all the fruit of Lieber and his work. I believe this to be the antenna and organoid system utilized in the Jannsen shots. Please see and compare the following:


and compare the images and patters to the optical microscopy pictures of Dr. Pablo Campra (pp. 35-40) here:


As usual most of this is being run out of Cambridge, MA, really a filthy hive of transhumanist/eugenist/ technocrats since the end of World War II. See Jia Liu's new group page here:


In closing:

Please be sure to look at the second video in the list above, where I break down the baton being handed over from Lieber to Liu and the patenting of COVID 19 tech. I will also be doing a video in the near future on Ralph Baric's recent patent filings which tie the development of SARS2 directly to its use as a molecular machine of synthetic biology, not just a VLP. Let me be clear, Lieber and Harvard University are heavily behind all the technology being injected into us to either kill or monitor us, one or the other. The ones that are killed are considered collateral damage to get to the Übermensch singularity stage in their transhumanist technocratic nightmare they want force on all of us, mostly out of a need to fill the vacuum of their own self-hatred. They genuinely believe they can hijack what they conceive to be evolution and reach godhood and a society that runs like a machine. These maniacs must be stopped. I call once again for a seizure of all lots of all the COVID-19 "vaccines" immediately and that serious scientific study, using micron and nano scale microscopy take place immediately. All politicians should be asked at every event what their position on transhumanism is and whether or not they support a full investigation into the composition of these "vaccines" using the most cutting-edge microscopic techniques with full disclosure of all ingredients and other materials in these shots. If they do not, they are nothing more than transhumanist-technocrat-controlled scum, whatever their rationale may be. Everyone is worried about symptoms of what is clearly a deadly shot but making no effort to fully examine any of these so-called vaccines in any empirical scientific manner and do the assiduous scientific study that was never undertaken by our captured governments. Essentially, most of the movement against this campaign to take over humanity attack symptoms of the problem and not the core. This needs to stop! We need samples of all these vaccines, taken from multititle lots, especially ones left from the initial roll out. and try to pick up on the work of Dr. Campra and at least verify some of his findings. Especially when it is clear there are patents with technology, with optical microscopy pictures appended as exhibits, which look almost exactly like what he uncovered using the same level of microscopy.

Please I urge anyone in this community with access to the highest tech. to please go get samples and do your examinations before it is too late. Release all your findings publicly so that no corrupt politician or bureaucrat can bury it. The only way to full expose this is with scientific evidence that has been verified by actual verifiable scientific study. The admissions of the WEF puppets like Harari cannot go unchecked. They are bragging about invading all of us "under the skin" for a reason. We need to get the evidence to put these people away for good. Nuremberg 1 failed to do this allowing most of the monsters behind Hitler (IG Farben Cartel) to go free, in addition to most radical and advanced Nazis in operations like Paperclip, and that is why we are here. Anyone who wants to assist in my efforts, please contact me at: www.coronaized.com. I will be doing what I can and filing FOIAs and the rest to trace the NIH funding and reporting, but we need real scientists with access to high tech. to crack this before we all are doomed to like in a completely controlled system where, if you are unfortunate enough to survive, your own mind will be controlled for your entire life by a form of AI. We cannot let this happen to humanity.

Thank you again Spartacus for your efforts and guidance. May God be with us all.

- Author and Creator of www.coronaized.com

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mRNA is the Bill Gates New Windows - The Aging Viking


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you're being asked to weigh in on the discussion: https://sagehana.substack.com/p/10-questions-for-mowrey-and-all-the

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Well-presented information. Thank you.

Strong cooperative communities is the only way to survive what’s coming. Mass non-cooperation is fundamental to stop the advance of this nightmare, but for it to work, people must be able to survive and thrive without the machine.

Find the like-hearted and get building. The time to stand is now.

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“They want to replace us with people they can easily control..” brings me back to The Great Replacement Theory. In Europe, it’s Muslims. In the U.S., it’s mostly Central Americans. Do they think these groups are easy to control? In my gut, I think not.

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"These people want to control you, and if they can’t control you, then they want to replace you with someone they can."

This is where the depopulation theory fails. Any megalomaniac with half a brain should have been able to foretell that the uncontrollable ones would be precisely who's left after the cull. If they're smart enough to come up with a depopulation plan, they're also smart enough to realize that they'd only be depopulating the useful idiot class, while leaving alive masses of ungovernables with guns, the brightest subset of the Western intelligentsia, and a billion and a half based Africans. If they're stupid enough NOT to realize this, they're too stupid to find their way out of a McDonalds parking lot, let alone plan and execute a depopulation agenda. So which is it?

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Are we so sure the Virus was lab created? Maybe neither lab created nor zoonotic. There's another possibility, this from a letter in The Lancet, June 2003:

"The injection from space of evolved microorganisms that have well-attested terrestrial affinities raises the possibility that pathogenic bacteria and viruses might also be introduced. The annals of medical history detail many examples of plagues and pestilences that can be attributed to space incident microbes in this way."

"...the influenza pandemic of 1917–19 bears all the hallmarks of a space incident component"

"With respect to the SARS outbreak, a prima facie case for a possible space incidence can already be made."


There is also research from a Cornell physics PhD, very thoroughly referenced with government documents, that will change your thinking in many many ways:

"Alien viruses are not only deadly, but are of key importance to biological warfare on Earth."


The US government has been secretly researching alien viruses since 1950. If you wanted to clear the planet of people in about a week - or if an Alien wanted to do that - since we'd have no defense, that's what you'd use.

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Same Rockefeller - Gates cabal saving the world's children w their genetically engineered events in the food supply. Limited understanding with hubris and indifference to unintended consequences

TIME Magazine - By J. Madeleine Nash/Zurich Monday, July 31, 2000

This Rice Could Save a Million Kids a Year

GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CROPS could revolutionize farming.

Protesters fear they could also destroy the ecosystem. You decide.


Philanthro-capitalism at its best..

2021 - GM golden rice must be vacuum packed to retain beta-carotene


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A very elegant and convincing analysis. Thank you.

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I have to say I'm a bit confused. I understood up to the point that DARPA was working on ways to rapidly develop and deliver immune generating agents for use in bio warfare and by extension (and some admission in a Canadian court) that everyone who has taken these mRNA shots is part of a huge experiment. That would lead me to believe however that these therapeutics would be distributed to save lives, not kill or control. Can someone please clarify? Is the former the intent but it's going badly wrong and the cabal could care less about the cost in terms of human suffering? Similar to what PamelaDrew pointed out with 'rice' that was supposed to feed millions?

PS: it's a great article with lots of insight. Thanks.

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I agree with you

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The hilarious thing about these evil motherfuckers (especially that jug-eared goblin Harari) is they are unbelievably un-self aware.

They are the truly useless eaters.


Covid 19 vaccine damage repair protocols:


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We have the absolute right to defend ourselves. What we currently lack is a broadly shared wisdom that this defense is absolutely necessary if we desire LIFE! We must demand our rights. If we don’t, we aren’t just going to lose our "rights" we will cease to be human, or in other words, we will be dead. We should note that these criminals do not ask us if we desire such future; they are telling us that is where they intend to take us. I scream HELL NO! And everyone who hears me, should do the same. We must stop being nice to people who wish us ill. We must love our fellow citizens, but we must tell them we do not intend to just go along; we are not going to allow their acquiescence and obsequiousness to determine our future.

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This is so very terrifying. I see no way out, and I am glad I'm in my late 50s and not a young person right now.. there will be little left to live for in the future. No dreams, no aspirations, no hopes and no individuals. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Hollyweird and the 'gov't' aka 'deep state' has already told you their plans.

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My only hope is that the ruling class honestly believes in their transhumanism GMO tech, that most of them (I know a few did not), took the working-as-designed clot shots.

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