Are you brave enough to take a deep dive into the solutions and strategies that humanity should try to employ to avoid that kind of future? =) I hope you are working on it. More people should. We still have time. Unfortunately, all the proposed solutions I have seen so far, from protests, voting, living off-grid, running away, and growing own food to reliance on the law, judiciary, or the idea of creating a parallel society, are exactly what The Party wants people to pursue and rely on. This is The Ultimate Trap, but people in our camp cannot see it. Hope you are not falling for the same trap most people in our camp/dissent movement have fallen into. If people really want to understand the long game of The Party, they need to research the psychological phenomena of self-deception, self-delusion, and self-sabotage. These are the invisible and self-inflicted chains of humanity that prevent them from understanding what is really happening. Without realizing that, we have no chance of winning.

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"This is why it’s so laughable to hear people talk of protecting democracy in this day and age. Democracy is utterly meaningless under these conditions of life. It doesn’t matter who you vote for if nothing fundamentally changes."

Maybe too much Pollyanna in me but it seems globalist efforts to make a technocratic leap under the guise of Covid emergency has alerted & engaged enough of the global population to derail their Orwellian plan.

While all the nefarious planning is undeniable it also relies on the participation of underlings to build and maintain the surveillance systems. Massive resistance to compliance and efforts to re-imagine another way must have some possibility to succeed, if only because human hearts inherently crave freedom and we as humans find our best selves when we are faced with disaster and fight together to save ourselves.

It may seem like a stretch but for me 9-11 not only showed the hand of the globalists but also the hearts of the masses who can do more spontaneously than military planners, once we recognize it's up to us to save ourselves. Let's keep waking the heroes within; it's in there. :~)

Boatlift -NYC 9-11 Rescue Op https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDOrzF7B2Kg

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​ The last part of this article deals with neo-Malthusianism, with a brief comparison to "cornucopianism", which is the opposing belief system that technological

advancement (like using coal, oil and gas to create industry, fertilizers, electricity and infrastructure)​ will provide more and more support for humanity without limits.

Thomas Malthus (employed by the British East India Company) wrote in 1799 that human population growth was exponential, whereas growth of support systems was linear at best, so population would always tend to outstrip resources, except as mitigated by war, pestilence, famine and death. He did not account for the industrialization of agriculture, which was about to shift the baseline of support much higher with fertilizers, irrigation and big machines to plant, harvest, process, transport and store.

That appears to be a one-time event. Limits to fossil fuels, mined resources and well water are real, as are pollution and climate change. He briefly disparages The Limits To Growth, published in 1972, and goes on to the advance of global capitalism and offshoring of American industry, to weaken the US, and to weaken the position of American workers.

Personally, I do believe that we are seeing the downturn of growth, already. I personally see the pandemic control-narrative and WAR! control-narrative as being reactions to the inflection point of global-real-economy into a downtrend, which appears to have happened in late 2018 or early 2019.

The "repo-crisis" in August-September 2019 is thought to reflect that by some. The biggest banks could no longer trust each other overnight for loans based on T-bills, so the Fed had to take over the operation.

Therefore, I do see the enemy as global financial capitalist neo-feudalism (Own Nothing: Be Happy), but this article does not present a sustainable or low-carbon path into the future.

Real-adaptation-to-less-energy is a hard-sell, and not really worked out yet. The end of growth, going into "de-growth" is very complicated. 90% of the energy going into our food calories (including fertilizers, planting, harvesting, storage and transport) comes from inputs of fuel and electricity, not from sunshine, as in the past.

We do not see that. It is invisible to most of us. We cannot rapidly change that, but we can eat more local produce, grow vegetables, and learn from this process, so as to work the problem together going forward.

We are at a certain disadvantage to financial and power elites in the near term, in our lifetimes. Their control-narrative is weakening. They have had to go from climate-change (financialized solutions) to pandemic-response, to WAR! All of these are dishonest and manipulative, but the truth is difficult. It is not clear what the timeline of the next 20 years might hold. Elite measures to covertly reduce our population numbers appear to include pestilence, now advancing into famine, which usually proceeds to war.

We are able to improve our positions going forward if we become less reliant on centralized systems for our food, water, electricity, fuel and other necessities. That is a tall order, and we will be more vulnerable where climates are harsher, food comes from farther away, water is hard to get independently, and human populations are very high and dense.

None of these preparations are "the solution", but they buy time and freedom to work on smaller, more local, more efficient economic support systems for us and our descendants.

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This is the best newsletter on Substack right now.

As Spartacus says in the comments below, medieval serfs were much freer than inhabitants of a 21st century smart city would be. Custom strictly limited their duties to their lord; the rest of their time was their own. They had their own courts which established village regulations and adjudicated breaches thereof. The isolation of their villages protected them from outside interference. Above all, they shared a faith with their lord—Catholic Christianity—which constrained his powers over them. When abuses occurred, the Church stood as an alternate authority they could appeal to by virtue of that shared faith.

Catholic Christianity saved us from the last era of global slavery (late antiquity). I believe it can save us again. Sure don’t see any other salvation on the horizon, anyway.

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A minor point but worth correcting: what globalists want has nothing to do with the social order of the Middle Ages. The chief reason, among many others, being that the Middle Ages were religious times where people were Christians with a faith so deep that we can barely imagine it today. Even the most powerful kings were devout Christians and lived in mortal fear of God's judgment. Plus, the Middle Ages was structured by unbreakable bonds of loyalty between all parts of society, a bond that implied privileges but also responsibilities. As I have shown in my own work, what globalists want is actually technocracy + a return to the primitive pre-Christian state characterized by: matriarchy, indifferentiation, earth/cosmic religion/ collective over the individual and where the elite can rule over the people like cattle. The Middle Ages are actually the opposite of this nightmare and can be regarded, in France at least, as the apex of Western Christian civilization. It's in French but I have written a popular essay on the subject with some references for those wo would like to dig deeper. http://stanislasberton.com/index.php/2019/10/30/du-moyen-age/

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A magisterial synopsis of what the private jet parasitical elite are planning for us... all those post war dystopian novels and films coming true like some kind of Bill Gates wet dream. I don't really know what I can do about it, but that won't stop me fighting it every inch of the way.

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Spartacus, I hate to swell your head. But I read many, many Substacks and an endless amount of other material. This is some of the most well thought through, deep, incisive material out there and you are to be commended. Each piece expands my mind...sometimes to the point of pain, but that is the point.

Maybe there are none, but some pieces dealing with potential solutions for some of this, coming from your deep well of knowledge, would be more-than-interesting.

In any case, thanks for doing this.

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"...What the Elites aim to bring into being is a system of full-spectrum control and naked tyranny never before seen on this planet.........//.........They believe this will result in a more resilient society, more capable of absorbing unexpected shocks and surprises...."

The last sentence, from "They believe" is a mischaracterisation of the truth. This should read: "...They PURPORT TO believe this will result in a more resilient society, more capable of absorbing unexpected shocks and surprises...."

They 'believe' no such thing! They want US to believe that this is their benign view, so that we can be persuaded to follow their lead into tyranny and slavery, disguised as a 'better future'...

'Better' - not for us - but better for those who would now own OUR property, and be happy doing so...

We are not that easily fooled - but are enough of us aware of this sculduggery of those (among our our 'leaders') making their annual pilgrimage to DAVOS 'on our behalf'

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You are very very unfair with feudal lords and medieval times. They do not compare at all with the smart cities template our Power that be dream of.

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Where is the Spartacus? These slaves aren't going to free themselves...

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I'm subscribing. Which means someone on my list has to get cut. I am at maximum substack reading. It wont be el gato malo or Dr John, but you have put me in a real pickle as this writing is good enough to make me let one precious soldier go.

Here's my hip hop rant if anyone likes politi-hop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmAhPm8deMs

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This is a big hug for humanity.

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Congratulations on such an amazing series. I have read 1 - 4… and now VII. I seem to have missed 5 & 6 - are you able to send me the links to my email please? berylsellick@icloud.com

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“It has been my observation that this collapse has actually been engineered on purpose, over many decades.” Re the Club of Rome Limits to Growth chart...I recently came to the same conclusion. It wasn’t a prediction. It was a plan.


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You made a mistake using the term peasant as you did. The Free Tenant Peasants of France, for instance, back in their day did the opposite of what the modern day nobles wanted. Those lifestyles had people who knew how to take care of themselves. They didn't pay homage to anyone.

That's why the Bolsheviks were sicked on the peasants of *gasp* Ukraine, to kill them off. Then the World Wars to break apart the small holders so the fascists could consolidate land production. And now they have food control over you and your readers.

You are only dissing what perhaps is the lifestyle that would avoid smart cities.

You are so locked in you can't wait to buy the next smart phone upgrade I'm sure.

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Brilliant article. From the early understanding of these deceptions I thought of writing on self-sabotage. Those who have criticised our society as a “culture of death” are not so far off. We’ve collectively (the operative word) like a colony of insects fearing death are blindly driven by this fear to pursue destruction. Quite obviously this is wrong headed and a comparison to lemmings isn’t far off.

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