Thanks Spartacus. Good work.

I have been tracking this closely, reading all those papers, and treating with vitamin-d and antivirals since the beginning, before the Chinese government admitted it existed.

I was fired in October 2021 for non-vaccination.

This is a well presented overview of the vast knowledge we have accumulated about this virus.

It's the mRNA "vaccines" that may already be set to do the greater and ongoing damage , including to future generations.

John Day MD https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/

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Great article. I remember your original article published (among other places) on zerohedge and I am hooked. I did personally work on getting healthier prior to catching Covid.

Do you think that Covid-19 is a live vaccine, that is deattenuating to a much deadlier form?

The great pushback against early treatment is extremely frightening.

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You didn't discuss the earliest phases of infection through the epithelial cells. What do you think of nasal/mouth/throat rinses to lessen the replication after known exposure of earliest of symptoms? My husband and I are in our mid 50s, but active and lean. I have JRA (45 years) and take Enbrel and NDAID. When my daughter was symptomatic and with positive test and NOT isolated in our house (how cruel!), we upped vitamins and gargled and sinus rinsed with salted purified water and small amount iodine 3x a day for 3 days. Husband no symptoms. I had a scratchy throat and nose a couple of days.

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Absolutely - anyone were following the REAL science of COVID-19 should ultimately end up round about here on this page. Amazing work!

Thanks to you all, and if not part of ICENI - Jikky Kjj, Walter M Chesnut, Clucky and all the other passionate researchers recently looking at this objectively for us all.

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Great article thanks!

So what do you do if you get flu like symptoms (but haven't tested for COVID). Most people wouldn't go into hospital at this point, they would just stay in bed. So what would the advice for this situation be and what medication/supplements to take? High dosages of Vit D and C?

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I cannot thank you enough. There was no one willing to speak with me at the hospital I am at. (Internists , Infectious disease) to discuss mechanisms of disease process. Interestingly, a few general surgeons, talked with me and they understood and wanted to talk more. Nobody was willing to have grand rounds to get better educated. Spartacus, when you have completed these topics , I will go to the medical education department and ask if I can do a lecture to the staff. Thanks again and anxiously awaiting part 2.

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terrific summary!!

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from 2004 SARS vaccine research: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15742624/

Such immunity is often short-lived, requires frequent boosting and may not prevent re-infection, all factors complicating CoV vaccine design.

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This is brilliant!

Large chunks of are over my head..but..2 quick questions.

1/"MERS is a lethal disease, with a case fatality rate in the area of 30%, but it is thankfully quite rare, and this mortality figure may be an overestimate due to under-surveillance."

If its under-surveillance why couldn`t the case fatality rate be possibly higher?

2/What is your science background?


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Thank you for getting all this important information down on paper. I think this will end up being very useful to lots of people. 👍🏽❤️

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I talked to a bomber pilot a couple of years ago


4 min ago

A very interesting gentleman, affected by the war ww2.

The great backpeddle is starting along with the great retrenching and refortifying. Luckily for the planet there are honourable scientist doctor researchers in the world. people that stood against the corporate profiteers. We are greatful.

As we know now the machine of distraction is spinning up and I think working well.

We must not be distracted with all the superfluous studies the if / ands /or whats.

Does Ivermectin work, does Hydroxy work, were there protocols available to treat. When were the WHO/CDC/FDA made aware.

If the answer is yes. If those treatments/ prophylaxis were suppressed then murder has been committed. Nothing else matters right now. We must prove our case. Period.

Who committed those murders

Who participated in the great lie, news media of course, doctors, legislators etc…

How do we make people accountable, there is a way that won’t destroy society. I will offer my suggestion in another posting.

I asked that bomber pilot about flak, he said it was somewhat effective. A plane would fly into a cloud of flak which led to the occasional mission failure. The most common thing flak did was to distract and force the plane of course.

Lets not let the flak distract or force us off course.

Is Ivermectin effective, does Hydroxy work, where their treatment options, when did they know.


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Can you provide any proof of the existence of this entity callled vírus?

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